women-that-take-compliments-too-far 01:04

Women that take compliments too far

2 days ago     285,672 Views    
when-you-re-on-the-aux 00:57

When you're on the Aux

1 week ago     268,975 Views    
teach-your-children-about-manscaped 02:21

Teach your children about "Manscaped"

2 weeks ago     213,107 Views    
when-your-homegirl-argues-with-her-boyfriend 01:33

When your homegirl argues with her boyfriend

2 weeks ago     312,168 Views    
when-scientists-started-naming-animals 02:20

When scientists started naming animals

3 weeks ago     278,796 Views    
when-they-mention-people-you-don-t-know 00:47

When they mention people you don't know

3 weeks ago     257,235 Views    
trying-to-get-the-last-word-in-an-argument-with-bae-part-2 01:17

Trying to get the last word in an argument wi...

4 weeks ago     282,864 Views    
the-new-iphone-part-2-iphone-11 02:00

The New iPhone Part 2: iPhone 11

1 month ago     259,872 Views    
when-they-find-out-that-one-friend-might-be-gay-part-7 01:49

When they find out that one friend might be g...

1 month ago     380,900 Views    
ani-from-13-reasons-why-is-so-annoying 01:54

Ani from 13 Reasons Why is so annoying

1 month ago     500,491 Views    
when-chick-fil-a-found-out-about-popeyes 01:13

When Chick-fil-A found out about Popeyes

1 month ago     422,941 Views    
get-groomed-with-manscaped 01:42

Get Groomed with "Manscaped"

1 month ago     206,887 Views    
when-she-tries-to-friendzone-you 01:12

When she tries to friendzone you

1 month ago     220,457 Views    
uber-drivers-that-talk-too-much 01:45

Uber drivers that talk too much

2 months ago     310,303 Views    
how-mass-shootings-happen 01:31

How mass shootings happen

2 months ago     437,508 Views    
buying-condoms-as-a-teenager-vs-as-an-adult 01:02

Buying condoms as a teenager VS. as an adult

2 months ago     224,483 Views    
storming-the-wrong-area-51-facility 01:47

Storming the wrong Area 51 facility

2 months ago     1,091,284 Views    
disney-making-the-little-mermaid-black 02:08

Disney making The Little Mermaid black

3 months ago     328,814 Views    
when-retail-employees-see-a-customer-buying-ice-cream 01:13

When retail employees see a customer buying i...

3 months ago     244,454 Views    
when-dudes-dont-know-why-women-are-clingy 01:07

When dudes dont know why women are clingy

3 months ago     207,279 Views    


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