Austin Evans

we-wasted-1527-on-mystery-tech 14:13

We Wasted $1527 on Mystery Tech...

6 days ago     146,215 Views    
our-biggest-setup-yet 10:02

Our BIGGEST Setup Yet

1 week ago     119,646 Views    
i-m-over-smartphones 12:56

I'm OVER Smartphones...

1 week ago     203,840 Views    
nintendo-s-secret-new-switch 11:13

Nintendo's SECRET New Switch

2 weeks ago     379,111 Views    
broke-vs-pro-gaming 14:12

BROKE vs PRO Gaming

2 weeks ago     211,475 Views    
i-can-t-believe-this-killed-my-pc 14:20

I can't believe THIS killed my PC...

3 weeks ago     77,850 Views    
should-you-buy-a-ps4-in-2019 08:37

Should You Buy a PS4 in 2019?

1 month ago     207,004 Views    
are-the-2019-macbooks-worth-it 09:01

Are the 2019 MacBooks Worth It?

1 month ago     73,782 Views    
building-the-ps5 10:19

Building the PS5

1 month ago     84,375 Views    
oculus-quest-is-next-level-vr 06:10

Oculus Quest is Next Level VR

1 month ago     604,448 Views    
why-does-the-ipod-touch-still-exist 06:53

Why Does the iPod touch Still Exist?

1 month ago     63,956 Views    
the-120-phone-challenge 12:01

The $120 Phone Challenge

2 months ago     89,411 Views    
do-you-need-a-dual-screen-laptop 06:51

Do You Need a Dual Screen Laptop?

2 months ago     61,978 Views    
can-this-tv-replace-your-gaming-monitor 04:55

Can This TV Replace Your Gaming Monitor?

2 months ago     154,505 Views    
the-biggest-gaming-monitor-yet 08:21

The Biggest Gaming Monitor Yet...

2 months ago     113,400 Views    
inside-the-ps5-and-xbox-scarlett 06:05

Inside the PS5 and Xbox Scarlett

2 months ago     453,796 Views    
should-you-buy-a-cheap-graphics-card 10:38

Should You Buy a Cheap Graphics Card?

2 months ago     51,373 Views    
the-infinite-possibilities-of-oled 04:38

The Infinite Possibilities of OLED

2 months ago     469,457 Views    
the-new-mac-pro-is-expensive 06:39

The new Mac Pro is EXPENSIVE

2 months ago     121,433 Views    
the-biggest-intel-update-in-years 08:08

The Biggest Intel Update in YEARS

2 months ago     54,439 Views    


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