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gutfeld-alyssa-milano-vowing-not-to-have-sex-might-be-a-good-thing 14:54

Gutfeld: Alyssa Milano vowing not to have sex...

2 days ago     292,370 Views    
trump-to-send-thousands-of-migrants-to-florida-dem-strongholds-report 02:02

Trump to send thousands of migrants to Florid...

4 days ago     67,625 Views    
exclusive-barr-talks-to-fox-news-in-first-on-air-interview-as-trump-s-ag 15:04

Exclusive: Barr talks to Fox News in first on...

5 days ago     434,076 Views    
grumpy-cat-beloved-meme-sensation-dies-at-age-7 00:53

Grumpy Cat, beloved meme sensation, dies at a...

5 days ago     32,346 Views    
hannity-nadler-wants-barr-to-commit-a-crime 06:16

Hannity: Nadler wants Barr to commit a crime

5 days ago     77,889 Views    
tucker-investigates-california-homeless-living-on-makeshift-boats 05:40

Tucker investigates: California homeless livi...

5 days ago     168,341 Views    
gutfeld-on-the-worst-mayor-ever-entering-the-race 08:59

Gutfeld on the worst mayor ever entering the ...

5 days ago     229,928 Views    
did-aoc-take-a-shot-at-biden-during-a-bernie-sanders-event 04:55

Did AOC take a shot at Biden during a Bernie ...

6 days ago     23,465 Views    
digenova-comey-clapper-and-brennan-will-have-to-pay-the-barr-bill 09:53

DiGenova: Comey, Clapper and Brennan will hav...

1 week ago     398,853 Views    
tucker-beto-has-changed 07:58

Tucker: Beto has changed

1 week ago     477,919 Views    
hannity-barr-is-searching-for-truth-and-justice 15:37

Hannity: Barr is searching for truth and justice

1 week ago     113,609 Views    
gutfeld-stormy-daniels-is-now-doing-comedy 13:38

Gutfeld: Stormy Daniels is now doing comedy

1 week ago     310,301 Views    
gowdy-if-burr-is-sending-a-subpoena-private-negotiations-must-have-failed 05:06

Gowdy: If Burr is sending a subpoena, private...

1 week ago     458,946 Views    
giuliani-mueller-concluded-don-jr-did-nothing-wrong 12:44

Giuliani: Mueller concluded Don Jr. did nothi...

1 week ago     286,069 Views    
gutfeld-on-nyt-s-big-bombshell-about-trump-taxes 08:09

Gutfeld on NYT's big bombshell about Trump taxes

1 week ago     296,553 Views    
the-five-reacts-to-house-dems-threats-to-trump-officials 10:14

'The Five' reacts to House Dems' threats to T...

2 weeks ago     311,593 Views    
duck-dynasty-stars-on-dangers-of-the-liberal-left 05:43

'Duck Dynasty' stars on dangers of the 'liber...

2 weeks ago     34,196 Views    
hillary-clinton-claims-2016-election-was-stolen-from-her 06:36

Hillary Clinton claims 2016 election was 'sto...

2 weeks ago     325,128 Views    
barr-faces-sanctions-unless-he-releases-unredacted-mueller-report 11:05

Barr faces sanctions unless he releases unred...

2 weeks ago     297,786 Views    
gutfeld-the-mueller-report-turned-the-media-into-screaming-toddlers 12:53

Gutfeld: The Mueller report turned the media ...

2 weeks ago     95,421 Views    


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