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trump-holds-campaign-rally-amid-public-impeachment-hearings 1:10:05

Trump holds campaign rally amid public impeac...

2 days ago     408,692 Views    
gutfeld-on-the-impeachment-circus 10:10

Gutfeld on the impeachment circus

3 days ago     661,277 Views    
fox-news-live-first-public-hearing-in-trump-impeachment-probe 6:22:27

Fox News Live: First public hearing in Trump ...

3 days ago     490,736 Views    
jim-jordan-grills-dems-star-witness-taylor-in-impeachment-hearing 07:46

Jim Jordan grills Dems’ ‘star witness’ Taylor...

4 days ago     551,916 Views    
fox-news-attends-kanye-west-s-sunday-church-service 07:07

Fox News attends Kanye West's Sunday church s...

5 days ago     183,999 Views    
gutfeld-impeachment-is-dems-shatter-in-case-of-emergency-glass 08:44

Gutfeld: Impeachment is Dems' 'shatter in cas...

1 week ago     276,933 Views    
the-five-reacts-to-donald-trump-jr-s-viral-appearance-on-the-view 05:33

'The Five' reacts to Donald Trump Jr.'s viral...

1 week ago     238,670 Views    
trump-holds-keep-america-great-rally-in-louisiana 1:14:23

Trump holds 'Keep America Great' rally in Lou...

1 week ago     403,863 Views    
gutfeld-on-hillary-s-late-night-comedy-routine 06:04

Gutfeld on Hillary's late night comedy routine

1 week ago     170,322 Views    
rand-paul-no-law-stops-me-from-saying-whistleblower-s-name 06:31

Rand Paul: No law stops me from saying whistl...

1 week ago     488,539 Views    
gutfeld-on-being-exactly-one-year-from-the-election 09:39

Gutfeld on being exactly one year from the el...

1 week ago     135,147 Views    
steve-bannon-predicts-trump-impeachment-fallout-in-fox-news-exclusive 15:50

Steve Bannon predicts Trump impeachment fallo...

2 weeks ago     637,189 Views    
trump-holds-keep-america-great-rally-in-mississippi 1:28:46

Trump holds 'Keep America Great' rally in Mis...

2 weeks ago     503,933 Views    
top-gop-lawmakers-speak-after-house-passes-impeachment-inquiry-resolution 25:55

Top GOP lawmakers speak after House passes im...

2 weeks ago     341,683 Views    
famed-medical-examiner-makes-explosive-claim-regarding-epstein-s-death 10:34

Famed medical examiner makes explosive claim ...

2 weeks ago     649,246 Views    
mccarthy-to-pelosi-you-can-t-put-the-genie-back-in-the-bottle 19:04

McCarthy to Pelosi: You can't put the genie b...

2 weeks ago     504,538 Views    
house-republicans-who-forced-into-closed-door-impeachment-hearing-explain-why 11:24

House Republicans who forced into closed-door...

3 weeks ago     457,371 Views    
trump-talks-impeachment-fallout-on-hannity-full-interview 41:47

Trump talks impeachment fallout on 'Hannity' ...

3 weeks ago     626,267 Views    
gutfeld-on-the-tulsi-and-hillary-battle-for-america 09:54

Gutfeld on the Tulsi and Hillary battle for A...

3 weeks ago     240,338 Views    
mccarthy-pelosi-answered-only-two-of-10-questions-on-impeachment 13:22

McCarthy: Pelosi answered only two of 10 ques...

4 weeks ago     312,185 Views    


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