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tucker-biden-s-cool-sunglasses-can-t-save-him-from-himself 13:04

Tucker: Biden's cool sunglasses can't save hi...

4 months ago     669,202 Views    
rudy-giuliani-lays-out-the-biden-s-corruption-in-ukraine 12:50

Rudy Giuliani lays out the Biden's corruption...

4 months ago     664,870 Views    
judge-jeanine-s-message-for-mitt-romney 09:09

Judge Jeanine's message for Mitt Romney

4 months ago     149,249 Views    
gutfeld-that-isn-t-the-wind-at-trump-s-back-it-s-a-category-5-hurricane 15:03

Gutfeld: That isn't the wind at Trump's back,...

4 months ago     181,225 Views    
gaetz-reacts-to-trump-firing-impeachment-witnesses-sondland-vindman 05:51

Gaetz reacts to Trump firing impeachment witn...

4 months ago     622,981 Views    
judge-jeanine-sounds-off-on-dems-ongoing-hatred-of-trump 08:03

Judge Jeanine sounds off on Dems' ongoing 'ha...

4 months ago     275,391 Views    
trump-delivers-remarks-at-national-prayer-breakfast 26:49

Trump delivers remarks at National Prayer Bre...

4 months ago     319,934 Views    
gaetz-announces-plan-to-file-ethics-probe-against-pelosi 05:43

Gaetz announces plan to file ethics probe aga...

4 months ago     746,171 Views    
gutfeld-on-the-acquittal 20:22

Gutfeld on the acquittal

4 months ago     1,104,491 Views    
pence-reacts-to-pelosi-s-new-low-at-the-state-of-the-union 16:22

Pence reacts to Pelosi's 'new low' at the Sta...

4 months ago     1,179,053 Views    
graham-on-aoc-s-sotu-boycott-pelosi-ripping-trump-s-speech 04:43

Graham on AOC's SOTU boycott, Pelosi ripping ...

4 months ago     507,616 Views    
trump-s-state-of-the-union-address 2:02:03

Trump's State of the Union Address

4 months ago     1,170,364 Views    
watch-trump-salutes-rush-limbaugh-at-the-state-of-the-union 03:28

Watch: Trump salutes Rush Limbaugh at the Sta...

4 months ago     217,611 Views    
donald-trump-jr-eric-trump-and-lara-trump-hold-a-news-conference 27:50

Donald Trump Jr, Eric Trump and Lara Trump ho...

4 months ago     295,250 Views    
trump-talks-impeachment-2020-dems-in-exclusive-super-bowl-interview 08:26

Trump talks impeachment, 2020 Dems in exclusi...

4 months ago     1,127,958 Views    
graham-impeachment-ends-when-trump-is-re-elected-and-pelosi-tlaib-are-fired 08:37

Graham: Impeachment ends when Trump is re-ele...

4 months ago     882,078 Views    
judge-jeanine-thank-you-democrats-for-guaranteeing-trump-s-reelection 07:04

Judge Jeanine: Thank you Democrats for guaran...

4 months ago     162,366 Views    
senate-votes-on-final-framework-for-impeachment-trial 6:43:50

Senate votes on final framework for impeachme...

5 months ago     981,059 Views    
live-stakeout-senators-expected-to-react-after-vote-to-call-witnesses-fails 2:39:39

Live Stakeout: Senators expected to react aft...

5 months ago     582,856 Views    
chris-wallace-everyone-is-coming-out-of-impeachment-as-a-winner 04:26

Chris Wallace: Everyone is coming out of impe...

5 months ago     1,017,552 Views    


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