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hannity-deep-state-in-deep-legal-jeaopardy 16:06

Hannity: Deep state in deep legal jeaopardy

22 hours ago     440,370 Views    
graham-reacts-to-ig-s-report-on-fbi-bias-this-is-a-sad-day 19:11

Graham reacts to IG's report on FBI bias: Thi...

1 day ago     659,803 Views    
trump-speaks-amid-doj-ig-report-release-impeachment-hearing 54:03

Trump speaks amid DOJ IG report release, impe...

1 day ago     440,994 Views    
impeachment-hearing-gets-heated-republicans-demand-a-minority-hearing-day 04:11

Impeachment hearing gets heated: Republicans ...

1 day ago     575,204 Views    
russia-probe-origins-report-to-be-released-today-by-inspector-general 06:01

Russia probe origins report to be released to...

1 day ago     750 Views    
defense-secretary-mark-esper-discusses-challenges-to-us-national-security 12:19

Defense Secretary Mark Esper discusses challe...

2 days ago     71,612 Views    
stephanie-grisham-dems-hate-trump-more-than-they-love-the-country 09:44

Stephanie Grisham: Dems hate Trump more than ...

2 days ago     169,621 Views    
rep-nunes-taking-legal-action-after-schiff-released-private-phone-records 10:01

Rep. Nunes taking legal action after Schiff r...

2 days ago     466,674 Views    
steve-bannon-trump-is-delivering-for-the-working-class-despite-impeachment 04:14

Steve Bannon: Trump is delivering for the wor...

2 days ago     122,576 Views    
lindsey-graham-adam-schiff-is-doing-a-lot-of-damage-to-our-country 05:46

Lindsey Graham: Adam Schiff is doing a lot of...

2 days ago     255,427 Views    
judge-jeanine-democrats-have-just-guaranteed-trump-s-reelection 10:18

Judge Jeanine: Democrats have just guaranteed...

2 days ago     466,311 Views    
gutfeld-impeachment-is-one-big-fat-prank-being-played-on-you-and-me 14:47

Gutfeld: Impeachment is one big, fat prank be...

2 days ago     232,950 Views    
vice-president-pence-sets-record-straight-on-ukraine-on-justice 09:05

Vice President Pence sets record straight on ...

2 days ago     227,617 Views    
trump-delivers-remarks-at-israeli-american-council-national-summit 1:06:57

Trump delivers remarks at Israeli American Co...

2 days ago     243,618 Views    
nunes-my-phone-records-don-t-match-what-schiff-dems-put-in-report 05:03

Nunes: My phone records don't match what Schi...

3 days ago     574,522 Views    
nunes-reacts-to-schiff-releasing-his-personal-phone-calls 07:52

Nunes reacts to Schiff releasing his personal...

5 days ago     615,028 Views    
kennedy-laughable-impeachment-is-not-about-politics 02:18

Kennedy: 'Laughable' impeachment is not about...

5 days ago     174,294 Views    
kellyanne-conway-slams-pamela-karlan-who-the-hell-are-you-lady 09:09

Kellyanne Conway slams Pamela Karlan: 'Who th...

5 days ago     515,561 Views    
gaetz-explodes-at-impeachment-witnesses-you-don-t-get-to-interrupt-me 05:28

Gaetz explodes at impeachment witnesses: You ...

6 days ago     823,741 Views    
trump-meets-with-canadian-pm-trudeau-at-nato-summit 30:26

Trump meets with Canadian PM Trudeau at NATO ...

1 week ago     98,551 Views    


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