drew phillips

living-in-a-tesla-model-3-van-life 15:51

living in a tesla model 3 (van life)

4 months ago     89,221 Views    
i-got-a-mullet-installed 12:19

i got a mullet installed

5 months ago     74,793 Views    
i-became-a-local-for-a-day-ewwwwww 12:20

I became a LOCAL for a day EWWWWWW?!?

6 months ago     58,731 Views    
giving-a-homeless-man-a-home 13:44

Giving a homeless man a home

8 months ago     47,042 Views    
buying-a-tesla-model-3-w-enya-and-josh 11:57

Buying a Tesla model 3 w/ Enya and Josh

11 months ago     37,401 Views    
tinder-date-chooses-my-first-tattoo-why-did-i-do-this 12:48

Tinder date chooses my first tattoo (why did ...

11 months ago     37,131 Views    
shopping-at-the-lowest-rated-thrift-store-in-my-town 12:18

shopping at the lowest rated THRIFT STORE in ...

1 year ago     34,042 Views    
following-a-bob-ross-tutorial-tripping-on-mushrooms-w-my-twin-sister 14:42

following a bob ross tutorial tripping on mus...

1 year ago     47 Views    
my-girlfriend-cheated-on-me 10:38

my girlfriend cheated on me

1 year ago     27,110 Views    
we-are-no-longer-roommates-heres-why 15:36

we are no longer roommates... heres why

1 year ago     31,335 Views    
the-cutest-boy-on-tik-tok 12:27

the cutest boy on tik tok

1 year ago     17,329 Views    
i-ate-my-family-asmr 10:59

i ate my family *asmr*

1 year ago     1,090 Views    
buying-my-best-friend-enya-a-2-000-000-outfit-im-the-better-friend 13:12

Buying my best friend (enya) a $2,000,000 out...

1 year ago     60,374 Views    
60-000-pedicure-disaster-w-enjajaja-only-7-toes 13:09

$60,000 PEDICURE DISASTER w/ Enjajaja (only 7...

1 year ago     117,596 Views    
why-i-ve-been-gone-i-am-pregnant 13:24

why I've been gone... (I am pregnant)

1 year ago     777 Views    
my-favorite-songs-right-now-makes-me-drop-that-thing-down-low 11:28

My favorite songs right now (makes me drop th...

1 year ago     675 Views    
i-should-have-been-arrested-for-this 14:23

I should have been arrested for this...

1 year ago     0 Views    
meeting-my-internet-bestfriend-a-duck-for-first-time-i-can-t-believe-this-happened 06:55


1 year ago     49 Views    
eating-meat-for-the-first-time-in-3-years 06:50

Eating meat for the first time in 3 years

2 years ago     43,558 Views    
we-went-fishing-w-madeline-phillips-gone-right-so-much-fun 05:43

WE WENT FISHING!!!! w/ Madeline Phillips (GON...

3 years ago     22,824 Views    


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