tesla-keeps-giving-me-free-tires 07:45

Tesla Keeps Giving Me FREE Tires!

1 day ago     36,678 Views    
vegas-v3-tesla-supercharger-isn-t-worth-the-time 07:49

Vegas V3 Tesla Supercharger ISN'T Worth the T...

1 week ago     41,510 Views    
proof-short-game-is-most-important-swingless-golf-club-finale 18:20

PROOF: Short Game is MOST Important! | Swingl...

2 weeks ago     39,361 Views    
swingless-golf-club-vs-human 15:36

Swingless Golf Club vs. Human

2 weeks ago     17,024 Views    
surprising-my-100th-referral-with-a-tesla 15:44

Surprising My 100th Referral with a Tesla!

1 month ago     137,014 Views    
tesla-model-x-ticket-for-163-mph 07:03

Tesla Model X Ticket for 163 mph!

1 month ago     78,175 Views    
is-cheeseburger-sushi-good 12:37

Is Cheeseburger Sushi Good?

1 month ago     42,249 Views    
i-can-t-believe-this-happened-at-summer-camp 09:36

I Can't Believe THIS Happened at Summer Camp!

1 month ago     45,754 Views    
saying-goodbye-to-my-tesla-roadster-for-now 07:31

Saying Goodbye to My Tesla Roadster....for now

2 months ago     26,922 Views    
why-we-re-not-getting-tesla-solar 10:03

Why we're NOT Getting Tesla Solar

2 months ago     177,345 Views    
our-dream-home-framing-is-done 10:09

Our Dream Home Framing is DONE!

2 months ago     82,132 Views    
our-new-house-has-walls 07:57

Our New House Has Walls!

2 months ago     29,390 Views    
what-tesla-service-looks-like-in-2019 10:06

What Tesla Service Looks Like in 2019

2 months ago     49,280 Views    
we-re-building-a-new-house 07:45

We're Building a New House!

3 months ago     38,600 Views    
will-this-charge-my-tesla 09:32

Will THIS Charge My Tesla?

3 months ago     20,652 Views    
crazy-gift-from-youtube 03:41

Crazy gift from YouTube?!

3 months ago     25,948 Views    
best-way-to-watch-a-spacex-rocket-launch 14:19

Best Way to Watch a SpaceX Rocket Launch!

4 months ago     21,941 Views    
get-this-icon-on-your-tesla 06:31

Get THIS Icon on Your TESLA!

4 months ago     42,907 Views    
should-i-sell-my-tesla-model-x-for-the-model-y 10:58

Should I Sell My Tesla Model X for the Model Y?

5 months ago     62,778 Views    
what-is-a-rolex-made-of 05:56

What is a Rolex Made of?

6 months ago     23,750 Views    


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