Pebble The Crazy Cockatoo

happy-mothers-day 04:19

Happy mothers day

2 months ago     21,223 Views    
thank-you-everyone 03:53

Thank you everyone!!!

2 months ago     47,343 Views    
look-at-this-guys-hair-everyone 05:06

Look at this guys hair everyone!!!!

2 months ago     37,036 Views    
sometimes-she-forgets-we-don-t-have-a-dog 01:14

Sometimes she forgets we don't have a dog

9 months ago     189 Views    
wtf-is-the-camera-on-him-for-i-m-the-star-of-this-channel-he-has-no-right-to-be-on-here 02:58

Wtf is the camera on him for I'm the star of ...

9 months ago     50 Views    
pebble-isn-t-always-crazy-just-sometimes 01:28

Pebble isn't always crazy just sometimes

11 months ago     153 Views    
wait-for-it-he-s-just-so-sweet 00:30

Wait for it!!! He's just so sweet!!

11 months ago     50 Views    
is-this-the-turn-we-want 00:10

Is this the turn we want

11 months ago     54 Views    
well-that-didn-t-turn-out-like-i-m-sure-we-all-would-ve-thought 05:05

Well that didn't turn out like I'm sure we al...

1 year ago     51 Views    
havin-a-laugh 01:56

Havin a laugh

1 year ago     51 Views    
parrot-farting 01:08

Parrot farting

1 year ago     3,444 Views    
hard-to-get 02:06

Hard to get

1 year ago     4,411 Views    
a-little-visit-on-the-side-of-the-street 03:56

A little visit on the side of the street

1 year ago     176 Views    
from-the-cutting-room-floor 02:32

From the cutting room floor

1 year ago     86 Views    
easters-gone-now 01:10

Easters gone now!!!!

1 year ago     97 Views    
sammies-visit 03:27

Sammies visit

1 year ago     54 Views    
my-facebook-is-being-run-by-hackers-now-mar-2 43:29

My Facebook Is Being RUN By Hackers Now Mar 2

1 year ago     1,552 Views    
finally 12:21


1 year ago     1,157 Views    
what-why-oh-well 05:37

What Why Oh Well

1 year ago     448 Views    
cockatoo-epic-freakout-warning-fowl-language 04:54

Cockatoo epic freakout (warning fowl language)

1 year ago     6,066 Views    


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