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i-wasn-t-doing-black-magic-insists-mom-whose-daughter-claims-she-put-a-voodoo-fix-on-daughte 05:00

‘I Wasn’t Doing Black Magic,’ Insists Mom Who...

3 days ago     107,678 Views    
i-want-nothing-else-to-do-with-you-says-woman-who-claims-her-mother-cheated-on-dad-spread-rum 04:26

‘I Want Nothing Else To Do With You,’ Says Wo...

4 days ago     113,007 Views    
friend-says-bride-was-completely-humiliated-by-her-mother-s-behavior-at-wedding 05:04

Friend Says Bride Was ‘Completely Humiliated’...

4 days ago     26,381 Views    
i-wasn-t-trying-to-upstage-you-insists-mom-who-denies-ruining-daughter-s-wedding 03:53

‘I Wasn’t Trying To Upstage You,’ Insists Mom...

4 days ago     40,841 Views    
did-you-or-did-you-not-murder-your-wife-dr-phil-asks-guest 03:15

‘Did You Or Did You Not Murder Your Wife?’ Dr...

5 days ago     13,018 Views    
she-just-wants-attention-life-coach-mike-bayer-says-about-21-year-old-consumed-with-social-med 04:45

‘She Just Wants Attention,’ Life Coach Mike B...

1 week ago     49,044 Views    
why-a-mom-says-she-rented-her-teen-daughter-a-pregnancy-suit 05:04

Why A Mom Says She Rented Her Teen Daughter A...

1 week ago     100,262 Views    
woman-says-she-s-received-both-positive-responses-and-hate-mail-after-video-of-her-trying-to-get 03:28

Woman Says She’s Received Both Positive Respo...

1 week ago     53,129 Views    
bam-margera-to-wife-i-want-you-to-leave-me-alone 04:08

Bam Margera To Wife: ‘I Want You To Leave Me ...

1 week ago     63,146 Views    
woman-describes-how-she-claims-her-mother-knocked-out-her-two-front-teeth-and-made-her-put-the 04:42

Woman Describes How She Claims Her Mother Kno...

2 weeks ago     191,683 Views    
woman-claims-as-a-child-she-was-tied-to-highchair-and-thrown-down-stairs-had-her-hands-burned-in 04:34

Woman Claims As A Child She Was Tied To Highc...

2 weeks ago     101,450 Views    
man-says-he-was-led-to-believe-ex-wife-who-was-convicted-of-child-abuse-was-a-good-mother 04:58

Man Says He Was Led to Believe Ex-Wife Who Wa...

3 weeks ago     34,904 Views    
former-gang-member-gives-15-year-old-wannabe-gangster-a-reality-check 03:22

Former Gang Member Gives 15-Year-Old Wannabe ...

3 weeks ago     95,432 Views    
15-year-old-stole-aunt-s-car-drove-110-mph-posted-pictures-on-social-media 03:28

15-Year-Old Stole Aunt’s Car, Drove 110 MPH, ...

3 weeks ago     41,244 Views    
family-destroyed-by-sexual-abuse-secrets-and-lies 00:31

Family Destroyed By Sexual Abuse, Secrets and...

4 weeks ago     15,696 Views    
father-says-he-would-like-to-start-things-over-with-his-three-daughters 04:54

Father Says He Would Like To 'Start Things Ov...

1 month ago     20,811 Views    
woman-claims-husband-is-cheating-has-brought-21-year-old-into-their-bed-while-she-was-there 03:01

Woman Claims Husband Is Cheating, Has Brought...

1 month ago     33,767 Views    
unforgettable-teens-tessa-pt-1 04:43

Unforgettable Teens: Tessa Pt.1

1 month ago     21,251 Views    
unforgettable-teens-gabrielle-pt-2 05:10

Unforgettable Teens: Gabrielle - Pt.2

1 month ago     23,969 Views    
teen-says-she-s-sick-of-stepdad-calling-her-mom-a-gold-digger 04:40

Teen Says She’s Sick Of Stepdad Calling Her M...

1 month ago     27,758 Views    


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