new-huge-update-in-fortnite-new-skins-weapons-more 10:25

*NEW* HUGE UPDATE in Fortnite! (New Skins, We...

2 days ago     267,432 Views    
playing-fortnite-season-1-in-2020-not-clickbait 11:03

playing Fortnite Season 1 in 2020! (Not Click...

3 days ago     204,312 Views    
using-a-new-unreleased-weapon-in-fortnite-how-to-use-it 11:18

Using a *NEW* UNRELEASED WEAPON in Fortnite! ...

6 days ago     244,332 Views    
new-never-seen-before-fortnite-skins-weapons-more 10:56

*NEW* NEVER SEEN BEFORE Fortnite skins, weapo...

1 week ago     391,634 Views    
time-to-say-goodbye 10:01

Time to say GOODBYE...

1 week ago     258,644 Views    
gifting-fortnite-skins-to-girlfriend-new 11:16


1 week ago     203,031 Views    
i-hosted-a-custom-lobby-1-elim-2-000-vbucks 11:06

I hosted a CUSTOM lobby 1 ELIM = 2,000 VBUCKS!

2 weeks ago     250,128 Views    
new-2020-live-event-in-fortnite 10:03

*NEW* 2020 LIVE EVENT in Fortnite!

2 weeks ago     345,622 Views    
fortnite-victory-royale-from-every-season-season-1-season-11 12:16

Fortnite Victory Royale from EVERY SEASON! (S...

2 weeks ago     306,544 Views    
open-the-final-present-early-in-fortnite 11:01

Open the *FINAL* present EARLY in Fortnite!

2 weeks ago     208,451 Views    
new-split-screen-in-fortnite-2-players-on-1-screen 12:02

*NEW* SPLIT SCREEN in Fortnite! (2 Players on...

3 weeks ago     324,171 Views    
early-christmas-present 11:42

*EARLY* Christmas Present!

3 weeks ago     390,010 Views    
ice-cube-only-challenge 10:04

ICE CUBE *ONLY* Challenge!

3 weeks ago     341,555 Views    
opening-the-last-present 10:01

Opening the LAST present!

3 weeks ago     519,955 Views    
all-presents-opened-in-fortnite-free-skins-glider-emotes-more 10:23

*ALL* PRESENTS OPENED in Fortnite! (FREE Skin...

4 weeks ago     366,560 Views    
free-skins-for-everyone-in-fortnite-new-winterfest-update 10:06

*FREE* SKINS for EVERYONE in Fortnite! (NEW W...

4 weeks ago     378,954 Views    
new-unvaulted-weapons-added-to-fortnite 11:59

*NEW* UNVAULTED WEAPONS added to Fortnite!

1 month ago     626,562 Views    
star-wars-x-fortnite-live-event 14:40

Star Wars X Fortnite *LIVE* EVENT!

1 month ago     1,260,374 Views    
new-xbox-is-crazy-first-look 10:38

*NEW* Xbox is CRAZY! (First Look)

1 month ago     424,512 Views    
new-christmas-update-arrives-to-fortnite-skins-map-changes-more 10:23

*NEW* CHRISTMAS UPDATE arrives to Fortnite! (...

1 month ago     167,790 Views    


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