who-s-more-patient-dog-vs-1-year-old 02:44

Who's More Patient? Dog vs. 1 Year Old

3 days ago     27,219 Views    
scaring-my-sleeping-dog 01:54

scaring my sleeping dog.

2 months ago     41,665 Views    
when-there-is-only-one-cookie-left 02:43

when there is only one cookie left...

2 months ago     205,163 Views    
dog-reacts-to-hate-comments 01:11

Dog Reacts to Hate Comments.

2 months ago     76,440 Views    
dog-makes-a-vlog-channel 00:39

Dog Makes a Vlog Channel?!

3 months ago     117 Views    
how-my-dog-wakes-me-up 02:44

How My Dog Wakes Me Up.

3 months ago     49 Views    
can-dogs-get-food-coma-too 01:44

Can dogs get food coma too?

4 months ago     292 Views    
shiba-inu-reacts-to-owner-crying 01:05

Shiba Inu Reacts to Owner Crying.

4 months ago     41,948 Views    
playing-with-my-dogs-whiskers 01:30

playing with my dogs whiskers.

4 months ago     42,602 Views    
surprising-my-dog-for-her-birthday 02:03

Surprising my Dog for Her Birthday!

4 months ago     47 Views    
dog-becomes-evil-bunny-for-halloween 00:54

Dog Becomes Evil Bunny for Halloween.

5 months ago     50 Views    
hugging-my-dog-a-little-too-long 01:17

hugging my dog a little too long.

5 months ago     870 Views    
i-think-my-dog-might-be-depressed 02:27

I Think My Dog Might Be Depressed..

5 months ago     50 Views    
dog-vs-nerf-gun 01:31


5 months ago     50 Views    
dog-faces-300-clone-dolls-of-herself 01:08

Dog Faces 300 Clone Dolls of Herself!

5 months ago     357 Views    
my-dog-s-secret-bunny-ears 00:56

My Dog's Secret Bunny Ears.

5 months ago     47 Views    
dog-teaches-how-to-eat-lucky-charms-asmr 03:21

Dog Teaches How to eat Lucky Charms. [ASMR]

6 months ago     56 Views    
holding-my-dog-s-paw-for-a-little-too-long 01:13

holding my dog's paw for a little too long.

6 months ago     49 Views    
shiba-inu-tries-the-snoot-challenge 01:06

Shiba Inu Tries the SNOOT CHALLENGE!

6 months ago     28,501 Views    
scaring-dog-and-baby-with-confetti-poppers-ep-5 01:25

Scaring Dog and Baby with Confetti Poppers. [...

6 months ago     34,585 Views    


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