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tyler-perry-says-hollywood-ignores-him-good 08:29

Tyler Perry Says Hollywood Ignores Him: GOOD!!!

3 days ago     24,940 Views    
breaking-news-arrest-made-in-death-of-botham-jean-witness-joshua-brown 10:26

Breaking News!!!! Arrest made in death of Bot...

1 week ago     74,018 Views    
trump-mad-that-nobody-watch-his-speech-at-the-time-democratic-debate-was-on 04:48

Trump MAD that Nobody Watch His Speech At The...

4 weeks ago     14,518 Views    
michael-jackson-accusers-respond-after-getting-blasted-in-dave-chappelle-s-new-comedy-special 04:57

Michael Jackson Accusers Respond After Gettin...

1 month ago     93,689 Views    
top-news-tennessee-store-clerk-faces-up-to-60-years-for-murdering-a-black-teen-over-a-2-beer 04:44

TOP NEWS: Tennessee Store Clerk Faces Up to 6...

1 month ago     36,191 Views    
groom-s-side-chick-crashes-the-wedding-and-you-ll-never-guess-what-she-was-wearing 05:47

Groom's side-chick crashes the wedding and yo...

1 month ago     38,774 Views    
white-cops-on-horses-in-texas-parade-black-man-through-streets-by-rope-like-a-slave 07:33

White cops on horses in Texas parade Black ma...

2 months ago     38,259 Views    
top-news-the-feds-indict-cardi-b 05:50

TOP NEWS: The FEDS indict Cardi B

3 months ago     95,633 Views    
oj-simpson-breaks-code-tells-what-happened-between-him-and-khloe-kardashian-s-mom-kris-jenner 10:07

OJ Simpson breaks code: Tells what happened b...

4 months ago     234,018 Views    
got-em-devastated-steve-harvey-boohoos-show-cancelled-after-reckless-comments-about-poor-people 07:45

Got'em! Devastated Steve Harvey Boohoos, Show...

5 months ago     299,462 Views    
woman-panhandling-for-her-baby-had-500-purse-and-new-iphone-x 08:38

Woman panhandling for her baby had $500 purse...

7 months ago     8,851 Views    
michael-jackson-fans-viciously-attack-oprah-winfrey-over-leaving-neverland 06:07

Michael Jackson fans viciously attack Oprah W...

7 months ago     135,015 Views    
trump-will-really-lose-if-michael-cohen-crosses-this-big-red-line-says-omarosa 06:14

Trump will really lose if Michael Cohen cross...

7 months ago     7,330 Views    
colin-kaepernick-settles-lawsuit-with-nfl 05:57

Colin Kaepernick Settles Lawsuit With NFL $$$$

7 months ago     67,164 Views    
the-truth-about-how-martin-luther-king-was-killed-it-wasn-t-the-bullet 06:57

The Truth About How Martin Luther King Was Ki...

8 months ago     22,242 Views    
vigilante-nearly-shoots-officer-trying-to-help-stop-a-suspect 08:16

Vigilante Nearly Shoots Officer Trying To Hel...

8 months ago     7,824 Views    
couple-urged-their-dog-to-attack-their-son 05:44

Couple Urged Their Dog To Attack Their Son

1 year ago     242 Views    
should-drug-users-be-able-to-sue-dealers-new-law-on-the-way 04:34

Should drug users be able to sue dealers? New...

1 year ago     187 Views    
police-bust-in-and-arrest-hillbilly-who-sprayed-slurs-on-her-neighbors-house 05:44

Police Bust In and Arrest Hillbilly Who Spray...

1 year ago     120 Views    
college-student-walked-20-miles-first-day-on-the-job-and-ceo-gave-him-his-car 08:11

College student walked 20 miles first day on ...

1 year ago     127 Views    


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