Sailing La Vagabonde

boat-life-the-exhaustion-sets-in-5-days-at-sea-ep-223 15:13

BOAT LIFE: The Exhaustion sets in.. 5 Days at...

2 days ago     95,345 Views    
heavy-banter-on-the-high-seas-ep-222 15:25

Heavy Banter on the HIGH SEAS Ep. 222

1 week ago     205,847 Views    
boat-life-a-day-in-the-life-of-a-baby-onboard 12:45

BOAT LIFE: A Day in the Life of a BABY Onboard!

1 week ago     142,205 Views    
boat-life-evacuating-the-family-for-a-hurricane-ep-221 16:31

BOAT LIFE: Evacuating the Family for a HURRIC...

2 weeks ago     131,670 Views    
boat-life-elaynas-friend-comes-to-stay-ep-220 14:55

BOAT LIFE: Elaynas Friend comes to Stay! Ep. 220

3 weeks ago     148,951 Views    
boat-life-plane-wreck-diving-spearfishing-while-grandma-babysits-ep-219 15:26

BOAT LIFE: Plane Wreck Diving & Spearfishing,...

1 month ago     72,504 Views    
swimming-with-pigs-in-the-exumas-i-m-melting-ep-218 17:04

Swimming with PIGS in the EXUMAS! I'm Melting...

1 month ago     108,281 Views    
boat-life-living-a-life-away-from-it-all-ep-217 17:53

BOAT LIFE: Living a Life Away from it All. Ep...

1 month ago     152,295 Views    
boat-life-scared-stressed-anxious-ep-216 17:29

BOAT LIFE: Scared, Stressed, Anxious.. Ep.216

1 month ago     143,893 Views    
a-day-in-the-life-of-a-sailing-family-laundry-beach-bathing-day-sail-ep-215 15:33

A DAY IN THE LIFE of a Sailing Family! (Laund...

1 month ago     183,998 Views    
boat-life-dad-are-we-there-yet-ep-214 15:33

BOAT LIFE: "Dad, are we there yet?" Ep. 214

2 months ago     188,672 Views    
boat-life-spearfishing-with-a-baby-grouper-fish-head-soup 13:20

BOAT LIFE: Spearfishing with a BABY Grouper ...

2 months ago     61,192 Views    
boat-life-across-the-bluest-sand-bank-to-our-own-private-island-ep-213 15:37

BOAT LIFE: Across the BLUEST SAND BANK to our...

2 months ago     69,050 Views    
planning-on-a-sailing-trip-here-s-our-top-5-best-places-ever 15:58

Planning on a SAILING trip? Here's our TOP 5 ...

2 months ago     92,852 Views    
she-serenades-on-the-sea-boat-life-at-its-finest-ep-212 17:26

She Serenades on the Sea. BOAT LIFE at its Fi...

2 months ago     269,241 Views    
our-first-boat-race-as-a-family 10:03


2 months ago     84,100 Views    
really-tired-everything-s-funny-flying-to-france-for-the-regatta-with-a-baby-ep-211 16:57

Really tired. Everything’s funny. FLYING TO F...

2 months ago     168,705 Views    
boat-life-how-we-sleep 16:28

BOAT LIFE: How We Sleep.

2 months ago     69,728 Views    
island-life-we-sail-to-a-tiny-marina-explore-blue-hole-ft-sharks 16:47

ISLAND LIFE: We sail to a tiny MARINA! Explor...

3 months ago     168,810 Views    
we-freedive-the-deepest-blue-hole-in-the-world-ep-209 17:27

We Freedive the DEEPEST BLUE HOLE in the WORL...

3 months ago     161,782 Views    


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