divorce-was-never-an-option-answering-your-questions-and-a-scary-toy 32:56

Divorce Was Never An Option, Answering Your Q...

2 months ago     13,685 Views    
she-ran-out-of-the-elevator 14:31

She Ran Out Of The Elevator

3 months ago     16,256 Views    
halloween-sensory-pumpkin-carving-q 1:17:12

Halloween Sensory Pumpkin Carving Q

5 months ago     1,687 Views    
hungover-tanktop-friends-teenagers-podcast 27:17

Hungover, Tanktop, Friends, Teenagers...Podcast

6 months ago     224 Views    
hungover-poop-and-making-friends-also-tanktop 27:17

Hungover, poop, and making friends. Also, tan...

6 months ago     48 Views    
she-stopped-a-meltdown-with-slime 13:14

She Stopped A Meltdown With Slime

6 months ago     52 Views    
brothering-autism-s-special-day 21:02

Brothering Autism's Special Day

6 months ago     50 Views    
that-s-inappropriate-talking-parenting-with-meredith 31:46

That's Inappropriate - Talking Parenting With...

6 months ago     50 Views    
we-re-stopping-daily-vlogging 12:53

We're Stopping Daily Vlogging

6 months ago     18,498 Views    
ask-us-anything-live 1:14:10

Ask Us Anything LIVE

6 months ago     1,824 Views    
who-would-do-this 21:58

Who Would Do This?!

6 months ago     48 Views    
live-mail-time-and-q 1:33:53

LIVE Mail Time and Q

7 months ago     3,264 Views    
she-told-us-what-she-wanted-nonverbal-autism-effective-communication 21:02

She Told Us What She Wanted ~ Nonverbal Autis...

7 months ago     47 Views    
did-we-make-a-bad-decision 14:24

Did We Make A Bad Decision?

7 months ago     19,541 Views    
giving-her-control 14:23

Giving Her Control

8 months ago     18,124 Views    
first-day-of-school-and-we-got-a-new-car 22:04

First Day Of School (and we got a new car)

8 months ago     11,216 Views    
epic-art-project-the-maass-squad-couch 21:08

Epic Art Project! The Maass Squad Couch

8 months ago     160 Views    
huge-po-box-haul-mail-time 13:36

HUGE PO Box Haul ~ Mail Time!

8 months ago     132 Views    
they-were-waiting-for-us 13:41

They Were Waiting For Us

9 months ago     51 Views    
ferris-wheel-freakout 12:20

Ferris Wheel Freakout

9 months ago     12,788 Views    


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