Zak George's Dog Training rEvolution

watch-me-work-on-my-dog-s-reactive-behavior-this-just-got-real 17:46

Watch Me Work On My Dog’s REACTIVE Behavior. ...

1 month ago     20,207 Views    
i-let-my-dog-off-leash-and-she-ran-away-from-me 19:09

I Let My Dog Off Leash and She Ran Away From Me!

1 month ago     31,584 Views    
reacting-to-my-most-controversial-video-ever 15:49

Reacting to My Most Controversial Video Ever

2 months ago     36,235 Views    
my-dog-s-first-time-at-a-dog-park-didn-t-go-well-this-is-why-i-don-t-go-to-dog-parks 15:12

My Dog’s First Time at a Dog Park Didn’t Go W...

2 months ago     24,117 Views    
my-dog-freaks-out-every-time-someone-comes-over-what-i-m-doing-about-it 16:40

My Dog FREAKS OUT Every Time Someone Comes Ov...

2 months ago     24,128 Views    
stop-disobeying-practical-dog-training-in-public-that-will-work 17:50


2 months ago     40,876 Views    
the-most-realistic-leash-dog-training-lesson-ever-stop-pulling 26:43

The MOST REALISTIC Leash Dog Training Lesson ...

2 months ago     61,748 Views    
see-everything-i-do-in-our-most-intense-dog-training-session-yet 20:54

See everything I do in our most intense dog t...

3 months ago     30,735 Views    
real-training-for-anyone-with-a-dog-that-doesn-t-listen 18:50

REAL TRAINING For Anyone With A Dog That Does...

3 months ago     27,638 Views    
watch-what-i-train-my-dog-on-a-daily-basis-why-isn-t-she-trained-yet 34:36

Watch What I Train My Dog On a Daily Basis! W...

3 months ago     24,745 Views    
watch-what-i-do-when-my-training-isn-t-working 24:55

Watch What I Do When My Training Isn’t Working!

3 months ago     23,035 Views    
what-do-you-do-when-your-dog-tries-to-bite-you 29:36

What Do You Do When Your Dog Tries To Bite You?

3 months ago     27,214 Views    
trying-to-train-my-own-dog-to-stop-pulling-on-leash 20:40


4 months ago     22,981 Views    
my-dog-listens-at-home-but-definitely-not-here 30:48

My Dog Listens at Home, But Definitely Not Here!

4 months ago     41,448 Views    
my-own-puppy-won-t-listen-to-me 16:59

My Own Puppy Won't Listen To Me!

4 months ago     23,554 Views    
training-my-puppy-to-listen-around-22-guests 30:22

Training My Puppy To Listen Around 22 Guests!

5 months ago     21,850 Views    
new-episode-how-i-m-training-my-puppy-to-walk-on-leash-and-settle-down 20:13

New Episode! How I’m Training My Puppy To Wal...

5 months ago     25,832 Views    
how-i-m-training-my-puppy-to-listen-no-matter-what 19:01

How I’m Training My Puppy To Listen No Matter...

5 months ago     21,902 Views    
how-i-m-getting-my-crazy-puppy-under-control 32:29

How I'm Getting My Crazy Puppy Under Control!

5 months ago     24,558 Views    
my-daily-routine-with-my-new-puppy 08:49

My Daily Routine With My New Puppy!

6 months ago     22,655 Views    


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