San Joaquin Valley Transparency

epic-angry-man-gets-put-in-check-say-s-he-ll-take-my-camera-1st-amendment-audit-must-see 15:57

Epic: Angry man gets put in check! Say's he'l...

1 week ago     36,180 Views    
watch-this-blue-line-block-party-gets-the-surprise-philly-first-amendment 14:40

Watch This. Blue Line Block Party Gets The Su...

3 weeks ago     29,668 Views    
awesome-first-responders-first-amendment-audit-ventura-ca-administration-building 25:33

(Awesome) First Responders - First Amendment ...

4 weeks ago     165,293 Views    
officer-tries-to-block-photographer-first-amendment-audit-okla-baptist-university-police 10:12

Officer tries to block photographer. First Am...

1 month ago     27,820 Views    
best-lady-officer-on-the-internet-de-escalation-101-slo-county-observer-1st-amendment 12:44

Best Lady Officer on the Internet - De-escala...

2 months ago     331,251 Views    
you-won-t-believe-it-what-this-officer-says-you-heard-it-here-sacramento-1st-amendment 07:39

You won’t believe it what this officer says, ...

3 months ago     48,241 Views    
blue-line-hat-causes-an-uproar-this-is-america-the-colors-of-the-flag-are-red-white-and-blue 07:20

Blue Line Hat Causes an Uproar. This is Ameri...

5 months ago     23,264 Views    
crazy-dismissed-police-checked-walk-of-shame-private-property-vs-public-property 16:26

(Crazy) “Dismissed!” Police Checked Walk of S...

6 months ago     119,089 Views    
dash-cam-of-17-year-old-photographer-like-father-like-son-says-the-officer-kingsland-ga 11:30

Dash Cam of 17 year old photographer. “Like f...

7 months ago     122,438 Views    
real-my-crazy-neighbor-and-her-family-react-public-freakout-how-to-de-escalate 12:18

(REAL) My Crazy Neighbor and Her Family “Reac...

7 months ago     8,434 Views    
officer-speeds-through-school-zone-k9-s-bought-in-uk-for-9k-sold-to-officers-for-1 10:40


7 months ago     17,001 Views    
officers-ramirez-perez-like-to-intimidate-and-harass-me-first-amendment-audit-news-bulletin 19:50

Officers Ramirez & Perez like to intimidate a...

9 months ago     71 Views    
20-year-grudge-and-his-life-is-meh-sgt-lopez-shafter-p-d-not-doing-his-job 11:54

20 year grudge and his life is “Meh” Sgt. Lop...

9 months ago     93 Views    
scared-dude 01:21

Scared dude

9 months ago     42 Views    
here 04:46


9 months ago     92 Views    
pulled-over 01:21

Pulled over

9 months ago     15 Views    
copwatch 16:41


9 months ago     95 Views    
stabbing-at-jefferson-park 06:21

Stabbing at Jefferson Park

9 months ago     51 Views    
cops 23:56


9 months ago     274 Views    
downtown-with-granite-state-transparency 44:26

Downtown with Granite State Transparency

9 months ago     489 Views    


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