K'eyush The Stunt Dog

husky-won-t-stop-talking-until-he-gets-his-waffles-demanding-dog 03:23

Husky Won't Stop TALKING Until He Gets His Wa...

14 hours ago     110,394 Views    
demanding-husky-won-t-look-at-me-until-i-get-his-lunch-also-shouts-at-me 03:43

Demanding Husky Won't Look At Me Until I Get ...

3 days ago     41,704 Views    
husky-nearly-knocks-me-over-and-flicks-mud-in-my-face-for-my-birthday 04:32

Husky Nearly Knocks Me Over And Flicks MUD in...

5 days ago     63,100 Views    
arguing-with-my-husky-about-my-birthday-he-google-searches-gift-ideas 03:28

Arguing With My Husky About My Birthday! He G...

1 week ago     46,872 Views    
telling-my-dog-he-s-internet-famous-he-s-shook-he-refuses-to-pose 03:48

Telling My Dog He's Internet Famous! He's SHO...

1 week ago     57,379 Views    
husky-greets-people-loudly-tells-whole-family-he-loves-them 04:54

Husky Greets People Loudly! Tells Whole Famil...

1 week ago     40,075 Views    
husky-argues-with-farting-poop-tells-me-to-grow-up-hilarious-reaction 03:41

Husky Argues with Farting Poop! Tells Me To G...

2 weeks ago     70,776 Views    
insulting-my-dog-in-his-own-language-apparently 03:09

Insulting My Dog In His Own Language! Apparen...

2 weeks ago     60,597 Views    
husky-makes-resolutions-and-says-happy-new-year 03:34

Husky Makes Resolutions and Says Happy New Year!

2 weeks ago     55,710 Views    
husky-arguing-about-taking-a-christmas-selfie 04:31

Husky Arguing About Taking A Christmas Selfie!

3 weeks ago     105,194 Views    
husky-shocked-he-s-reunited-with-best-friend-for-christmas 03:39

Husky Shocked He's Reunited With Best Friend ...

3 weeks ago     68,535 Views    
husky-thinks-he-sings-flash-better-than-queen 01:51

Husky Thinks He Sings Flash Better Than Queen!

3 weeks ago     44,472 Views    
he-throws-a-sprout-at-me-husky-reviews-christmas-dinner 03:41

He THROWS a SPROUT at ME! Husky Reviews Chris...

4 weeks ago     38,019 Views    
husky-actually-say-merry-christmas-and-argues-about-it 02:32

Husky Actually Say Merry Christmas! And Argue...

1 month ago     64,632 Views    
husky-hates-his-butt-being-brushed-he-farts-in-my-face 04:59

Husky HATES His Butt Being Brushed! He Farts ...

1 month ago     56,390 Views    
husky-annoyed-he-can-t-reach-the-biscuit-on-his-back 03:29

Husky Annoyed He Can't Reach The Biscuit on H...

1 month ago     31,432 Views    
fooling-my-dog-by-jumping-over-nothing-and-pretending-to-trip 03:08

Fooling My Dog By Jumping Over Nothing! And P...

1 month ago     45,963 Views    
husky-argues-over-which-toys-to-donate-to-rescue-dogs-at-christmas 04:30

Husky Argues Over Which Toys to Donate To Res...

1 month ago     46,984 Views    
my-dog-throws-a-ball-at-my-head-what-he-thinks-of-me-hiding-from-him 03:53

My Dog THROWS A BALL at My HEAD! What He Thin...

1 month ago     52,770 Views    
hiding-from-my-dog-he-smacks-me-in-the-head-and-runs-off 02:57

Hiding From My Dog! He SMACKS Me In The Head ...

1 month ago     66,860 Views    


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