K'eyush The Stunt Dog

playing-hide-and-seek-with-my-dog-he-cheats-twice 02:19

Playing Hide And Seek With My Dog! He Cheats!...

1 day ago     144,800 Views    
my-dog-uses-a-tunnel-in-all-the-wrong-ways-exercise-fail 05:18

My Dog Uses A Tunnel In All The Wrong Ways! E...

3 days ago     136,786 Views    
telling-my-dog-he-s-going-on-a-diet-he-wants-to-get-fat 03:09

Telling My Dog He's Going On A Diet! He Wants...

5 days ago     85,570 Views    
my-dog-burping-snorting-and-dreaming-is-hilarious-and-cute 02:50

My Dog Burping Snorting and Dreaming Is Hilar...

1 week ago     84,724 Views    
15-times-my-husky-spoke-near-perfect-english 02:36

15 Times My HUSKY Spoke Near PERFECT English!

1 week ago     77,080 Views    
my-dog-hates-bubbles-touching-his-butt-bacon-flavour-bubbles 02:58

My Dog HATES Bubbles Touching His Butt! Bacon...

1 week ago     47,457 Views    
dog-embarrassed-by-his-puppy-videos-tries-to-sniff-his-own-butt 03:56

Dog Embarrassed By His Puppy Videos! Tries To...

2 weeks ago     42,224 Views    
husky-gives-his-opinion-on-squirrels-they-can-t-have-his-waffles 02:46

Husky Gives His Opinion On Squirrels! They Ca...

2 weeks ago     91,762 Views    
asking-for-my-dog-s-paw-too-many-times-he-moans-at-me 04:17

Asking For My Dog's Paw Too Many Times! He Mo...

2 weeks ago     122,630 Views    
why-i-never-need-to-bathe-my-husky-he-s-waterproof 03:45

Why I NEVER Need To Bathe My Husky! He's Wate...

3 weeks ago     108,116 Views    
husky-got-invisible-motorbike-upgrade-goes-super-fast 02:45

Husky Got Invisible Motorbike Upgrade! Goes S...

3 weeks ago     89,473 Views    
how-many-tricks-does-he-know-how-many-will-he-actually-do 04:36

How Many Tricks Does He Know? How Many Will H...

3 weeks ago     48,632 Views    
stubborn-husky-demands-many-biscuits-in-exchange-for-his-ball 03:41

Stubborn Husky Demands MANY Biscuits In Excha...

4 weeks ago     53,600 Views    
my-dog-tries-the-bottle-cap-challenge-and-does-it-his-way 01:38

My Dog Tries The Bottle Cap Challenge! And Do...

1 month ago     92,552 Views    
what-it-s-like-to-groom-and-cuddle-with-my-husky 03:28

What It's Like To Groom And Cuddle With My Hu...

1 month ago     55,656 Views    
trying-to-hold-my-dogs-tail-for-too-long-he-won-t-let-me-catch-it 02:19

Trying To Hold My Dogs Tail For Too Long! He ...

1 month ago     65,385 Views    
my-dog-throws-his-bowl-at-me-demanding-waffles-talking-husky 04:16

My Dog Throws His Bowl At Me Demanding Waffle...

1 month ago     86,550 Views    
my-dog-reacts-to-invisible-challenge-level-2 02:38

My Dog Reacts To Invisible Challenge LEVEL 2!

1 month ago     94,210 Views    
my-dog-takes-his-best-friend-to-the-beach-subtitled 03:12

My Dog Takes His BEST FRIEND To The BEACH! Su...

1 month ago     61,740 Views    
my-dogs-reaction-to-the-invisible-wall 02:13

My Dogs Reaction To The Invisible Wall

1 month ago     128,460 Views    


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