K'eyush The Stunt Dog

dog-facetimes-cat-funny-conversation 01:52

Dog FaceTimes Cat! Funny Conversation!

2 days ago     55,512 Views    
husky-sees-mirror-for-the-first-time-has-staring-match-with-himself 02:34

Husky Sees Mirror for the First Time! Has Sta...

4 days ago     80,335 Views    
husky-attacks-lion-man-with-kisses-tries-to-steal-ears 02:18

Husky Attacks Lion Man... With Kisses! Tries ...

6 days ago     63,207 Views    
he-didn-t-know-where-i-was-giant-bear-prank-on-my-dog-he-s-shook 03:58

He Didn't Know Where I Was! Giant Bear Prank ...

1 week ago     60,840 Views    
husky-gives-opinion-on-5-dog-breeds-says-cutest-hellos-ever 02:53

Husky Gives Opinion On 5 Dog Breeds! Says Cut...

1 week ago     70,910 Views    
husky-argues-with-my-mum-about-his-butt-smelling-he-gagged-after-sniffing-it 02:32

Husky Argues With My Mum About His Butt Smell...

1 week ago     64,512 Views    
husky-surprises-best-friend-with-birthday-gift-he-wrapped-himself 05:31

Husky Surprises Best Friend With Birthday Gif...

2 weeks ago     49,945 Views    
husky-denies-being-a-robot-he-has-a-terminator-eye 04:11

Husky Denies Being A Robot! He Has A Terminat...

2 weeks ago     77,130 Views    
husky-washes-his-own-paws-and-face-slips-over-in-the-mud 02:15

Husky Washes His Own Paws And Face! Slips Ove...

2 weeks ago     97,540 Views    
waking-my-dog-up-with-the-best-news-ever-he-s-surprised 02:21

Waking My Dog Up With The BEST News Ever! He'...

3 weeks ago     96,930 Views    
i-became-my-dog-s-favourite-toy-he-was-shook-tried-to-steal-my-nose 03:33

I Became My Dog's Favourite Toy! He Was Shook...

3 weeks ago     84,672 Views    
husky-yells-at-best-friend-about-wanting-food 02:19

Husky Yells At Best Friend About Wanting Food!

4 weeks ago     113,388 Views    
my-husky-speaks-near-perfect-english-part-3-perfect-hello 03:36

My HUSKY Speaks Near Perfect ENGLISH Part 3! ...

1 month ago     65,712 Views    
husky-hates-being-called-lazy-throws-a-tantrum-and-tries-to-trip-me 03:45

Husky Hates Being Called Lazy! Throws A Tantr...

1 month ago     64,210 Views    
husky-says-throw-it-perfectly-in-english-and-argues-with-me 03:12

Husky Says 'THROW IT' PERFECTLY In English! A...

1 month ago     57,480 Views    
grooming-my-husky-he-wont-let-me-take-the-fluff 05:05

Grooming My Husky! He Wont Let Me Take The Fl...

1 month ago     65,984 Views    
what-the-fluff-fail-husky-stares-at-the-camera-attempt-2 02:47

What The Fluff FAIL! Husky STARES At The CAME...

1 month ago     50,355 Views    
my-dog-s-shock-at-finding-out-his-best-friend-is-visiting-proof-dogs-have-feelings 03:24

My Dog's SHOCK At Finding Out His Best Friend...

1 month ago     90,108 Views    
husky-invites-best-friend-over-for-waffles-to-celebrate-1m-subscribers 05:05

Husky Invites Best friend Over For Waffles To...

1 month ago     117,240 Views    
genius-husky-outsmarts-his-human-k-eyush-rescues-his-lunch 02:37

Genius Husky Outsmarts His Human! K'eyush Res...

1 month ago     59,697 Views    


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