K'eyush The Stunt Dog

husky-won-t-stop-talking-until-he-gets-waffles-with-chicken-he-s-hungreh 04:39

Husky Won’t Stop TALKING Until He Gets Waffle...

4 months ago     77,098 Views    
my-husky-talks-to-alexa-and-she-heard-him 03:57

My Husky Talks to ALEXA And She Heard Him!

4 months ago     70,162 Views    
husky-denies-eating-all-the-food-he-reviews-sushi 04:12

Husky Denies Eating All The Food! He Reviews ...

4 months ago     46,467 Views    
husky-s-funny-reaction-to-balloon-he-was-spooked-so-funny 02:21

Husky’s Funny Reaction to Balloon! He Was Spo...

4 months ago     47,616 Views    
eating-invisible-food-in-front-of-my-dog-he-bites-my-nose 04:16

Eating Invisible Food in Front of My Dog! He ...

5 months ago     95,832 Views    
husky-shocked-to-be-reunited-with-best-friend-he-can-t-believe-his-ears 03:41

Husky Shocked to be Reunited With Best Friend...

5 months ago     50,360 Views    
husky-won-t-stop-talking-until-everyone-loves-him 04:52

Husky Won't Stop TALKING Until Everyone LOVES...

5 months ago     58,500 Views    
husky-really-hates-his-head-brushed-he-tries-to-hide 04:32

Husky Really HATES His Head Brushed! He Tries...

5 months ago     83,853 Views    
husky-talks-over-me-and-flips-over-gold-playbutton-1-million-subscribers 04:19

Husky TALKS Over Me And FLIPS Over Gold Playb...

5 months ago     60,081 Views    
husky-says-hello-perfectly-and-reviews-waffle-flavours-plus-asmr 03:33

Husky Says HELLO Perfectly! And Reviews Waffl...

5 months ago     74,104 Views    
husky-won-t-stop-talking-until-he-gets-his-waffles-demanding-dog 03:23

Husky Won't Stop TALKING Until He Gets His Wa...

5 months ago     110,394 Views    
demanding-husky-won-t-look-at-me-until-i-get-his-lunch-also-shouts-at-me 03:43

Demanding Husky Won't Look At Me Until I Get ...

5 months ago     41,706 Views    
husky-nearly-knocks-me-over-and-flicks-mud-in-my-face-for-my-birthday 04:32

Husky Nearly Knocks Me Over And Flicks MUD in...

5 months ago     63,100 Views    
arguing-with-my-husky-about-my-birthday-he-google-searches-gift-ideas 03:28

Arguing With My Husky About My Birthday! He G...

5 months ago     46,872 Views    
telling-my-dog-he-s-internet-famous-he-s-shook-he-refuses-to-pose 03:48

Telling My Dog He's Internet Famous! He's SHO...

5 months ago     57,379 Views    
husky-greets-people-loudly-tells-whole-family-he-loves-them 04:54

Husky Greets People Loudly! Tells Whole Famil...

5 months ago     40,075 Views    
husky-argues-with-farting-poop-tells-me-to-grow-up-hilarious-reaction 03:41

Husky Argues with Farting Poop! Tells Me To G...

5 months ago     70,776 Views    
insulting-my-dog-in-his-own-language-apparently 03:09

Insulting My Dog In His Own Language! Apparen...

6 months ago     60,597 Views    
husky-makes-resolutions-and-says-happy-new-year 03:34

Husky Makes Resolutions and Says Happy New Year!

6 months ago     55,710 Views    
husky-arguing-about-taking-a-christmas-selfie 04:31

Husky Arguing About Taking A Christmas Selfie!

6 months ago     105,194 Views    


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