The Aguilars

we-got-botox-do-we-regret-it 15:44

We Got Botox!!! Do We Regret It???

2 days ago     146,143 Views    
ethan-made-the-team-proud-parents 14:22

Ethan Made The Team!!! (Proud Parents)

6 days ago     66,140 Views    
husband-speaks-like-a-girl-for-24-hours 15:57

Husband Speaks Like A Girl For 24 Hours!!!

2 weeks ago     161,081 Views    
a-day-at-6-flags-magic-mountain 14:57

A Day At 6 Flags Magic Mountain!!!

2 weeks ago     83,318 Views    
nestor-got-a-piercing 11:02

Nestor Got A Piercing!!!

3 weeks ago     188,101 Views    
the-aguilars-christmas-special-2019 29:50

The Aguilars Christmas Special 2019!!!

3 weeks ago     171,921 Views    
last-minute-christmas-shopping 11:50

Last Minute Christmas Shopping!!!

4 weeks ago     60,300 Views    
can-t-believe-what-nestor-did-to-his-truck 11:23

Can't Believe What Nestor Did To His Truck!!!

4 weeks ago     85,238 Views    
new-member-in-our-family 12:25

New Member In Our Family!!!

1 month ago     72,903 Views    
dad-reacts-to-daughters-camera-roll-unexpectedly-vlogmas-day-20 16:46

Dad Reacts To Daughters Camera Roll!! ***Unex...

1 month ago     173,282 Views    
surprising-them-with-really-bad-christmas-gifts 15:58

Surprising Them With Really Bad Christmas Gif...

1 month ago     226,623 Views    
i-was-humiliated-last-day-in-montana 13:55

*** I Was Humiliated!!! Last Day In Montana!!!

1 month ago     233,624 Views    
we-got-stuck-in-the-snow-vlogmas-day-15 11:26

We Got Stuck In The Snow!!! Vlogmas Day 15

1 month ago     152,919 Views    
making-tiktok-videos-with-youtubers-in-the-snow-vlogmas-day-14 12:59

Making TikTok Videos With Youtubers In The Sn...

1 month ago     247,977 Views    
we-made-it-to-montana-vlogmas-day-13 15:43

We Made It To Montana!!! Vlogmas Day 13

1 month ago     201,571 Views    
he-got-rid-of-his-3-hairs-vlogmas-day-12 17:32

He Got Rid Of His 3 Hairs!!! Vlogmas Day 12

1 month ago     183,057 Views    
anything-ethan-can-carry-we-ll-buy-it-vlogmas-day-11 12:24

Anything Ethan Can Carry WE'LL BUY IT!!! Vlog...

1 month ago     180,399 Views    
finally-doing-this-vlogmas-day-10 13:42

Finally Doing This!!! Vlogmas Day 10

1 month ago     204,997 Views    
we-had-to-rush-ethan-to-the-doctor-vlogmas-day-9 13:36

We Had To Rush Ethan To The Doctor!!! Vlogmas...

1 month ago     193,541 Views    
ethan-nikki-are-sick-vlogmas-day-8 13:37

Ethan & Nikki Are Sick!!! Vlogmas Day 8

1 month ago     173,733 Views    


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