The Aguilars

we-have-officially-started-house-hunting 11:41

We Have Officially Started House Hunting!!!

1 day ago     153,133 Views    
decorating-sebastians-grave-christmas-2019-vlogmas-day-4 12:48

Decorating Sebastians Grave| Christmas 2019 V...

2 days ago     190,971 Views    
we-got-kicked-out-doing-our-christmas-intro 17:52

We Got Kicked Out Doing Our Christmas Intro!!!

5 days ago     221,056 Views    
the-aguilars-thanksgiving-2019 14:28

The Aguilars Thanksgiving 2019!!!

1 week ago     186,392 Views    
first-time-at-disney-world 17:12

First Time At Disney World!!!

1 week ago     204,300 Views    
we-left-phoenix 14:50

We Left Phoenix!!!

2 weeks ago     136,137 Views    
we-told-nikki-her-dad-went-to-jail 14:51

We Told Nikki Her Dad Went To Jail!

2 weeks ago     247,660 Views    
telling-our-kids-we-are-moving 24:22

Telling Our Kids We Are Moving!!!

3 weeks ago     256,394 Views    
nestor-wanted-a-picture-with-the-princess 13:08

Nestor Wanted A Picture With The Princess!!!

1 month ago     152,888 Views    
what-happened-to-nikki-s-new-camaro 20:59

What Happened To Nikki's New Camaro!!!

1 month ago     280,257 Views    
i-wore-a-scandalous-outfit-to-see-how-my-husband-would-react-hilarious 14:31

I Wore A Scandalous Outfit To See How My Husb...

1 month ago     301,085 Views    
we-had-to-say-goodbye-forever 10:36

We Had To Say Goodbye Forever!!!

2 months ago     105,358 Views    
decorating-my-baby-sebastian-s-grave 22:10

Decorating My Baby Sebastian's Grave!!!

2 months ago     189,212 Views    
lit-weekend-with-influencers 13:59

Lit Weekend With Influencers!!!

2 months ago     60,489 Views    
buying-my-husband-his-dream-truck 19:27

Buying My Husband His Dream Truck!!!

2 months ago     101,186 Views    
candy-left-us 10:18

Candy Left Us!!!

2 months ago     86,402 Views    
we-are-back 17:02

We Are Back!!!

2 months ago     91,787 Views    
our-first-camping-trip-became-a-nightmare 34:54

Our First Camping Trip Became A Nightmare!!!

3 months ago     318,939 Views    
we-hosted-our-friends-gender-reveal 15:15

We Hosted Our Friends Gender Reveal!!!

3 months ago     224,364 Views    
birthday-week-in-las-vegas 17:19

Birthday Week In Las Vegas!!!

3 months ago     176,909 Views    


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