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people-who-prove-you-can-always-be-dumber 10:47

People Who PROVE You Can ALWAYS Be Dumber..

4 days ago     95,690 Views    
if-you-say-wow-you-lose-worlds-hardest 17:29

If You Say WOW, You LOSE! (Worlds Hardest)

5 days ago     275,097 Views    
the-worst-haircuts-of-all-time-way-too-far 10:04

The WORST Haircuts Of ALL TIME.. (WAY Too Far)

6 days ago     113,610 Views    
the-funniest-kid-test-answers 12:06

The FUNNIEST Kid Test Answers..

1 week ago     125,613 Views    
try-not-to-say-ow-challenge-super-hard 10:45

Try Not To Say OW Challenge.. (SUPER HARD)

1 week ago     809,621 Views    
roller-coaster-accidents-that-will-shock-you 11:57

Roller Coaster ACCIDENTS That Will SHOCK YOU..

1 week ago     372,638 Views    
you-had-one-job 10:32

You Had ONE JOB!

1 week ago     415,064 Views    
things-that-will-happen-once-in-a-lifetime 12:17

Things That Will Happen ONCE In a Lifetime..

1 week ago     231,512 Views    
people-having-the-luckiest-day-of-their-life 10:11

People Having The LUCKIEST Day Of Their Life..

2 weeks ago     188,523 Views    
creepiest-videos-that-should-never-exist 15:32

CREEPIEST Videos That Should NEVER Exist..

2 weeks ago     295,246 Views    
strange-things-that-only-exist-in-japan 11:34

STRANGE Things That ONLY EXIST In Japan!

2 weeks ago     207,214 Views    
kid-builds-massive-custom-water-slide-in-backyard 14:42

Kid Builds MASSIVE Custom Water Slide In Back...

2 weeks ago     302,204 Views    
fake-viral-photos-you-won-t-believe-are-not-real 13:08

FAKE Viral Photos You WON'T Believe Are NOT R...

2 weeks ago     208,820 Views    
try-not-to-say-wow-challenge-asmr-slime-and-more 15:12

Try Not To Say WOW Challenge.. (ASMR, Slime, ...

2 weeks ago     348,668 Views    
the-funniest-pranks-that-you-won-t-believe-are-real 12:57

The FUNNIEST PRANKS That You WON'T Believe Ar...

2 weeks ago     136,327 Views    
people-who-beat-the-system-iq-1000 14:01

People Who BEAT THE SYSTEM (IQ 1000)

3 weeks ago     435,880 Views    
you-had-1-job 17:14


3 weeks ago     303,746 Views    
funniest-gender-reveal-fails 15:33

Funniest GENDER REVEAL Fails..

3 weeks ago     365,968 Views    
the-worst-knock-off-brands-you-won-t-believe-exist 12:45

The WORST Knock Off Brands You WON'T BELIEVE ...

3 weeks ago     585,760 Views    
creepiest-things-spotted-on-dashcam-terrifying 14:14


3 weeks ago     396,792 Views    


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