Fact Fiend

the-most-powerful-patronus-ever-was-a-mouse-try-not-to-laugh-challenge-doggoforce-edition 15:36

The Most Powerful Patronus Ever Was a Mouse (...

3 days ago     64,284 Views    
fact-fiend-focus-extremely-unlucky-extras-in-movies 09:58

Fact Fiend Focus | Extremely Unlucky Extras i...

4 days ago     69,607 Views    
star-trek-the-next-generation-had-the-most-fabulous-extras-when-people-get-easily-offended 14:09

Star Trek: The Next Generation Had the Most F...

5 days ago     46,681 Views    
superman-almost-had-a-beard-in-justice-league-actors-who-should-return-to-the-superhero-genre 15:07

Superman Almost Had a Beard in Justice League...

1 week ago     54,688 Views    
tomb-raider-s-lara-croft-discovered-bigfoot-unrealistically-weak-video-game-bosses 15:49

Tomb Raider's Lara Croft Discovered Bigfoot (...

1 week ago     79,638 Views    
fact-fiend-focus-why-the-force-awakens-sucks 13:15

Fact Fiend Focus | Why The Force Awakens Sucks

1 week ago     85,230 Views    
the-cast-of-the-raid-2-trained-for-over-a-year-so-they-wouldn-t-fight-bring-back-dumb-wrestling 13:28

The Cast of The Raid 2 Trained For Over a Yea...

1 week ago     57,029 Views    
the-crab-that-s-too-scary-to-be-delicious-pronouncing-british-place-names 12:02

The Crab That's Too Scary To Be Delicious (Pr...

2 weeks ago     98,991 Views    
why-you-need-to-watch-warrior-king-fact-fiend-focus 14:14

Why You Need To Watch Warrior King | Fact Fie...

2 weeks ago     55,548 Views    
that-time-fox-killed-off-marvel-s-unkillable-mutant-adapting-to-survive 14:22

That Time Fox Killed Off Marvel's Unkillable ...

2 weeks ago     124,126 Views    
tivo-waited-over-a-decade-to-screw-over-advertisers-amazing-commercials 14:57

TiVo Waited Over a Decade to Screw Over Adver...

3 weeks ago     27,097 Views    
that-time-people-thought-iron-maiden-s-plane-was-haunted-diva-demands-and-the-fact-wagon 14:37

That Time People Thought Iron Maiden's Plane ...

3 weeks ago     110,275 Views    
orson-welles-didn-t-give-a-crap-interacting-with-people-online 13:03

Orson Welles Didn't Give a Crap (Interacting ...

3 weeks ago     76,336 Views    
j-r-r-tolkien-had-a-massive-man-crush-on-legolas-upgrading-our-equipment 13:30

J. R. R. Tolkien Had a Massive Man-Crush on L...

4 weeks ago     48,464 Views    
that-time-samuel-l-jackson-was-tactically-killed-with-a-shark-movies-that-need-ridiculous-sequels 13:41

That Time Samuel L. Jackson Was Tactically Ki...

1 month ago     49,492 Views    
r-j-macready-hero-survivor-sheep-murderer-repeatedly-unfortunate-characters 14:25

R. J. MacReady - Hero, Survivor, Sheep-Murder...

1 month ago     45,202 Views    
nickelback-s-how-you-remind-me-was-recorded-in-ten-minutes-reissue 14:58

Nickelback's 'How You Remind Me' Was Recorded...

1 month ago     30,838 Views    
the-zombies-in-shaun-of-the-dead-earned-one-pound-per-day-what-comes-after-fact-fiend 16:05

The Zombies In Shaun Of The Dead Earned One P...

1 month ago     71,241 Views    
vultures-are-the-piranhas-of-the-sky-who-would-win-the-skeleton-war 13:41

Vultures Are The Piranhas Of The Sky (Who Wou...

1 month ago     48,799 Views    
the-creators-of-baywatch-bought-the-rights-to-it-for-ten-dollars-best-celebrity-cameos 13:29

The Creators of Baywatch Bought the Rights To...

1 month ago     87,726 Views    


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