what-happens-now-that-robert-mueller-submitted-his-report-the-last-word-msnbc 16:27

What Happens Now That Robert Mueller Submitte...

1 day ago     193,376 Views    
probe-of-donald-trump-s-moscow-business-secrets-raises-more-questions-rachel-maddow-msnbc 08:59

Probe Of Donald Trump's Moscow Business Secre...

2 days ago     75,481 Views    
insider-wh-staff-exasperated-by-jared-kushner-ivanka-trump-the-beat-with-ari-melber-msnbc 06:11

Insider: WH Staff 'Exasperated' By Jared Kush...

2 days ago     105,351 Views    
no-president-donald-trump-didn-t-give-the-funeral-to-senator-john-mccain-morning-joe-msnbc 11:24

No, President Donald Trump Didn't Give The Fu...

3 days ago     205,715 Views    
president-donald-trump-his-extensive-connections-to-deutsche-bank-velshi-ruhle-msnbc 07:53

President Donald Trump & His Extensive Connec...

5 days ago     106,910 Views    
investigations-multiply-as-president-donald-trump-scandals-spiral-wider-rachel-maddow-msnbc 23:46

Investigations Multiply As President Donald T...

5 days ago     78,291 Views    
mueller-makes-history-exposing-crime-spree-by-former-trump-aides-the-beat-with-ari-melber-msnbc 15:12

Mueller Makes History Exposing Crime Spree By...

5 days ago     412,538 Views    
president-donald-trump-lashes-out-on-twitter-going-after-mueller-mccain-morning-joe-msnbc 18:28

President Donald Trump Lashes Out On Twitter,...

6 days ago     388,118 Views    
joe-john-mccain-proved-his-character-every-day-morning-joe-msnbc 08:34

Joe: John McCain Proved His Character Every D...

6 days ago     118,693 Views    
president-donald-trump-makes-gross-mix-of-nz-condolences-with-border-stunt-rachel-maddow-msnbc 07:09

President Donald Trump Makes Gross Mix Of NZ ...

1 week ago     69,166 Views    
gop-s-transcript-release-gambit-backfires-upon-actual-reading-rachel-maddow-msnbc 09:59

GOP's Transcript Release Gambit Backfires Upo...

1 week ago     307,611 Views    
adam-schiff-growing-evidence-of-trump-obstruction-of-justice-the-last-word-msnbc 17:10

Adam Schiff: Growing Evidence Of Trump Obstru...

1 week ago     241,070 Views    
trump-s-goose-now-cooked-like-al-capone-s-taxes-says-top-lawyer-the-beat-with-ari-melber-msnbc 07:51

Trump’s Goose Now Cooked Like Al Capone’s Tax...

1 week ago     254,624 Views    
an-incoherent-document-president-donald-trump-proposes-record-budget-morning-joe-msnbc 09:56

'An Incoherent Document': President Donald Tr...

1 week ago     170,681 Views    
closer-look-at-paul-manafort-lie-raises-new-questions-about-trump-pac-rachel-maddow-msnbc 25:15

Closer Look At Paul Manafort Lie Raises New Q...

1 week ago     108,681 Views    
white-house-leaks-to-congress-escalate-trouble-for-president-donald-trump-rachel-maddow-msnbc 14:45

White House Leaks To Congress Escalate Troubl...

2 weeks ago     152,483 Views    
trump-s-24-hours-a-resignation-a-prison-sentence-a-weak-jobs-report-the-last-word-msnbc 18:47

Trump's 24 Hours: A Resignation, A Prison Sen...

2 weeks ago     187,964 Views    
judge-s-light-manafort-sentence-undercuts-justice-system-mcquade-rachel-maddow-msnbc 07:54

Judge's Light Manafort Sentence Undercuts Jus...

2 weeks ago     29,575 Views    
wsj-contradicting-testimony-cohen-directed-his-atty-to-ask-about-a-pardon-the-11th-hour-msnbc 02:59

WSJ: Contradicting Testimony, Cohen Directed ...

2 weeks ago     29,246 Views    
cohen-friend-new-revelations-about-trump-just-scratching-the-surface-the-last-word-msnbc 17:11

Cohen Friend: New Revelations About Trump Jus...

2 weeks ago     108,493 Views    


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