Derek Gerard

letting-foods-literal-names-decide-what-i-eat-for-24-hours-food-challenge 22:25

Letting Foods LITERAL Names Decide What I Eat...

3 months ago     220,260 Views    
letting-my-for-you-page-decide-what-i-eat-for-24-hours-tik-tok-food-challenge-part-2 22:21

Letting My "For You" Page Decide What i Eat f...

4 months ago     143,126 Views    
letting-my-for-you-page-decide-what-i-eat-for-24-hours-tik-tok-food-challenge 24:53

Letting My "For You" Page Decide What i Eat f...

4 months ago     156,688 Views    
reacting-to-my-long-lost-brothers-tik-tok-viral-tik-tok-challenge 16:43

Reacting to my LONG LOST BROTHERS Tik Tok! (V...

4 months ago     113,422 Views    
letting-instagram-filters-control-my-life-for-24-hours-food-challenge 24:33

Letting INSTAGRAM FILTERS Control My Life for...

4 months ago     240,312 Views    
letting-an-advent-calendar-decide-what-i-eat-for-24-hours-food-challenge 20:36

Letting an ADVENT CALENDAR Decide What i Eat ...

5 months ago     188,052 Views    
only-eating-5-letter-foods-for-24-hours-impossible-food-letter-challenge 19:28


5 months ago     186,849 Views    
separating-all-my-food-for-24-hours-eating-piece-by-piece-food-challenge 22:12

Separating ALL my Food for 24 HOURS! (Eating ...

6 months ago     174,987 Views    
swapping-lives-with-my-13-year-old-self-embarrassing-challenge 24:29

Swapping Lives With My 13 YEAR OLD SELF! (EMB...

6 months ago     239,211 Views    
i-only-said-yes-to-bad-video-ideas-for-24-hours-impossible-food-challenge 21:25

I Only Said YES to BAD VIDEO IDEAS for 24 HOU...

6 months ago     198,559 Views    
only-eating-fast-food-for-a-week-fast-food-meal-prep-challenge 27:21

Only Eating Fast Food FOR A WEEK! *Fast Food ...

7 months ago     172,747 Views    
only-eating-coffee-flavoured-foods-for-24-hours-impossible-food-challenge 20:49

Only Eating COFFEE Flavoured Foods for 24 Hou...

7 months ago     288,636 Views    
who-has-the-best-fries-fast-food-olympics-eating-show-challenge 20:06

Who has the BEST Fries?! Fast Food Olympics (...

7 months ago     211,032 Views    
i-only-ate-food-the-wrong-temperature-for-24-hours-impossible-food-challenge 20:01

I Only Ate Food The WRONG TEMPERATURE for 24 ...

8 months ago     290,175 Views    
eating-everything-i-look-at-for-24-hours-eye-tracker-food-challenge 21:52

Eating EVERYTHING I Look at for 24 Hours! (EY...

8 months ago     138,964 Views    
selling-my-bald-spot-to-brands-it-worked-impossible-challenge 22:01

Selling my BALD SPOT To Brands! *IT WORKED* (...

1 year ago     158,229 Views    
i-let-my-mom-edit-this-video-reacting-to-strangers-edit-this-video 21:02

I Let My Mom Edit This Video... (REACTING TO ...

1 year ago     192,953 Views    
i-found-my-teachers-tik-tok-reacting-to-teachers-on-tik-tok-memes 18:42

I Found My Teachers Tik Tok... Reacting to TE...

1 year ago     178,321 Views    
i-faked-meeting-ariana-grande-and-pranked-instagram 35:15

I FAKED Meeting Ariana Grande and PRANKED INS...

1 year ago     113,497 Views    
eye-tracker-on-belle-delphines-instagram-eye-tracker-challenge-fail 21:02


1 year ago     253,133 Views    


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