Anton Petrov

we-learned-the-cause-of-a-huge-mass-extinction-space-dust 11:56

We Learned the Cause of a Huge Mass Extinctio...

1 week ago     62,706 Views    
we-just-took-the-first-ever-picture-of-the-cosmic-web 10:02

We Just Took The First Ever Picture of the Co...

1 week ago     19,880 Views    
turns-out-radiation-on-mars-will-dramatically-change-our-brains-and-behavior 10:24

Turns Out, Radiation on Mars Will Dramaticall...

1 month ago     23,158 Views    
nasa-launched-a-mission-to-find-out-if-we-can-mine-with-bacteria 07:47

NASA Launched a Mission to Find Out If We Can...

1 month ago     26,963 Views    
scientists-detect-repeated-deep-space-radio-signal-frb-180814 10:43

Scientists Detect Repeated Deep Space Radio S...

9 months ago     53,599 Views    
this-may-be-the-best-xmas-gift-for-a-space-lover-in-2018 06:44

This May Be The Best Xmas Gift for a Space Lo...

10 months ago     50 Views    
this-black-hole-just-created-a-new-mystery-science-can-t-explain-v404-cygni 08:29

This Black Hole Just Created a New Mystery Sc...

10 months ago     162 Views    
another-unexplained-dimming-star-discovered-vvv-wit-07 10:33

Another Unexplained Dimming Star Discovered -...

10 months ago     107 Views    
what-if-two-massive-quasars-collided 09:48

What If Two Massive Quasars Collided?

10 months ago     77 Views    
hawking-radiation-and-blackhole-evaporation-in-simple-terms 12:09

Hawking Radiation and Blackhole Evaporation i...

10 months ago     79 Views    
media-says-huge-asteroid-will-hit-earth-before-2023-clickbait-part-2 10:07

Media Says: HUGE Asteroid Will Hit Earth Befo...

10 months ago     177 Views    
newly-found-rogue-planet-is-a-super-powerful-magnet 08:42

Newly Found Rogue Planet is a Super Powerful ...

10 months ago     104 Views    
mars-insight-is-this-the-most-boring-mission-to-mars 09:00

Mars InSight - Is This The Most Boring Missio...

10 months ago     97 Views    
science-can-t-explain-recently-discovered-ancient-population-iii-star 08:13

Science Can't Explain Recently Discovered Anc...

10 months ago     154 Views    
circinus-galaxy-active-galactic-giant-next-door-council-of-giants 11:25

Circinus Galaxy - Active Galactic Giant Next ...

10 months ago     54 Views    
gw170817-kilonova-update-massive-magnetar-from-neutron-star-merger 08:56

GW170817 Kilonova Update - Massive Magnetar F...

10 months ago     92 Views    
what-are-earth-sized-blackholes 09:56

What Are Earth Sized Blackholes?

11 months ago     78 Views    
cosmic-cannonball-one-of-the-fastest-objects-in-the-galaxy 09:11

Cosmic Cannonball - One of the Fastest Object...

11 months ago     53 Views    
how-to-create-microquasar-in-universe-sandbox-2 05:06

How To Create Microquasar in Universe Sandbox 2

11 months ago     55 Views    
microquasar-super-bright-blackhole-of-ridiculous-power 08:43

Microquasar - Super Bright Blackhole of Ridic...

11 months ago     64 Views    


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