Hope For Paws - Official Rescue Channel

marshmello-was-alone-on-the-streets-but-too-afraid-to-ask-for-help 06:05

Marshmello was alone on the streets but too a...

4 days ago     129,461 Views    
once-again-a-hope-for-paws-fan-helps-save-a-life-so-cool-please-share 04:37

Once again, a Hope For Paws fan helps save a ...

2 weeks ago     135,436 Views    
lady-was-left-for-dead-on-the-side-of-the-road-for-24-hours-until-someone-bothered-to-call-for-help 04:55

Lady was left for dead on the side of the roa...

2 weeks ago     147,701 Views    
a-sad-and-scared-dog-almost-got-a-heart-attack-when-he-saw-them 06:30

A sad and scared dog almost got a heart attac...

3 weeks ago     86,203 Views    
valentine-s-day-rescue-of-a-terrified-little-dog-who-was-paralyzed-by-fear 03:45

Valentine's Day Rescue of a terrified little ...

1 month ago     106,444 Views    
hope-for-paws-in-costa-rica-rescues-and-super-special-animals-please-share 14:18

Hope For Paws in Costa Rica - rescues and sup...

1 month ago     46,269 Views    
after-being-used-for-breeding-little-brave-was-abandoned-on-the-streets 04:31

After being used for breeding, little Brave w...

1 month ago     274,842 Views    
hope-for-paws-fans-joined-me-on-a-late-night-rescue-to-save-a-scared-homeless-maltipoo 06:48

Hope For Paws fans joined me on a late night ...

1 month ago     86,544 Views    
surrounded-by-predators-fergie-survived-alone-in-the-mountains 04:31

Surrounded by predators, Fergie survived alon...

1 month ago     85,003 Views    
s-o-s-two-kittens-stranded-down-in-the-l-a-river-with-a-big-storm-approaching 07:23

S.O.S: Two kittens stranded down in the L.A r...

2 months ago     112,319 Views    
a-dog-collapses-and-faints-right-in-front-of-us-i-have-never-seen-anything-like-it 05:00

A dog collapses and faints right in front of ...

2 months ago     104,935 Views    
the-owner-of-this-dog-didn-t-want-him-back-because-he-already-got-a-new-dog 04:14

The owner of this dog didn't want him back be...

2 months ago     146,808 Views    
abandoned-in-a-starbucks-parking-lot-this-little-dog-was-begging-for-food 03:37

Abandoned in a Starbucks parking lot, this li...

2 months ago     113,945 Views    
laying-on-a-pile-of-trash-without-moving-i-feared-something-was-terribly-wrong 03:36

Laying on a pile of trash without moving, I f...

2 months ago     90,041 Views    
christmas-day-rescue-feral-cat-stranded-on-a-tree-and-too-scared-to-come-down 06:01

Christmas Day Rescue - feral cat stranded on ...

2 months ago     130,951 Views    
this-dog-survived-life-by-the-railroad-tracks-but-then-he-had-to-deal-with-1000-more-problems 06:11

This dog survived life by the railroad tracks...

2 months ago     107,444 Views    
holiday-rescue-rescuer-was-bitten-by-two-dogs-but-wouldn-t-let-go 13:30

HOLIDAY RESCUE - rescuer was bitten by TWO DO...

2 months ago     66,813 Views    
seagull-tangled-in-fishing-line-and-a-rubber-around-his-neck-is-rescued 05:27

Seagull tangled in fishing line and a rubber ...

3 months ago     137,744 Views    
labrador-retriever-abandoned-in-the-desert-and-was-too-scared-to-let-us-help-her 04:48

Labrador Retriever abandoned in the desert an...

3 months ago     256,948 Views    
abandoned-in-a-desert-town-and-scared-of-men-but-i-had-a-magical-trick-for-that 03:52

Abandoned in a desert town and scared of men,...

3 months ago     50 Views    


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