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razor-wire-almost-kills-a-siamese-cat-who-was-hanging-upside-down-by-her-tail 10:03

Razor wire almost kills a Siamese cat who was...

3 days ago     75,341 Views    
it-s-unbelievable-how-this-mom-kept-her-babies-alive-we-would-love-your-comments-hopeforpawssum 11:56

It's UNBELIEVABLE how this mom kept her babie...

1 week ago     65,394 Views    
homeless-labrador-mom-tried-to-trick-us-but-found-all-her-puppies-please-share 19:08

Homeless Labrador mom tried to trick us, but ...

2 weeks ago     153,991 Views    
superhero-mom-tells-me-to-back-off-but-her-kittens-were-so-cute 07:07

Superhero mom tells me to BACK OFF!!! (But he...

3 weeks ago     58,746 Views    
this-rescue-was-unbelievable-i-m-so-happy-i-caught-it-on-camera 08:44

This rescue was unbelievable - I'm so happy I...

1 month ago     91,188 Views    
lion-kings-and-queens-born-in-a-storm-drain-rescuer-leaves-screaming 09:37

Lion kings and queens born in a storm drain -...

1 month ago     117,250 Views    
a-young-girl-donates-her-cheeseburger-to-help-us-save-a-homeless-dog 10:25

A young girl donates her cheeseburger to help...

1 month ago     167,295 Views    
a-cat-with-no-ears-no-teeth-and-no-home-needs-your-help 05:06

A cat with no ears, no teeth and no home need...

1 month ago     101,633 Views    
a-stray-dog-walked-into-a-yard-and-gave-birth-to-9-puppies-watch-for-the-pig-at-the-end 05:54

A stray dog walked into a yard and gave birth...

1 month ago     85,878 Views    
kittens-under-a-bungalow-waited-for-their-mom-but-she-never-came-back 05:19

Kittens under a bungalow waited for their mom...

1 month ago     77,208 Views    
scared-dog-gets-hit-by-a-car-in-hollywood-the-artist-who-found-her-did-something-special-for-us 06:21

Scared dog gets hit by a car in Hollywood - t...

2 months ago     82,628 Views    
bunny-rescue-under-fire-works-please-keep-your-pets-safe-this-4th-of-july 10:37

Bunny rescue under fire(works) - Please keep ...

2 months ago     63,450 Views    
rescue-on-the-roof-requires-causing-some-damage-but-it-all-works-out 10:22

Rescue on the roof requires causing some dama...

2 months ago     61,229 Views    
an-unexpected-rescue-of-prince-harry 04:34

An unexpected rescue of Prince Harry!

2 months ago     70,376 Views    
poodle-saved-a-kitten-s-life-from-a-terrible-death 07:41

Poodle saved a kitten's life from a terrible ...

3 months ago     76,363 Views    
sewer-rescue-under-the-city-of-los-angeles-you-don-t-want-to-miss-this-one 07:44

Sewer rescue UNDER the city of Los Angeles! ♥...

3 months ago     78,012 Views    
tbt-homeless-poodle-needed-help-but-was-too-scared-to-ask-watch-the-amazing-transformation 04:28

TBT: Homeless poodle needed help, but was too...

3 months ago     102,284 Views    
abandoned-pit-bull-was-so-excited-to-get-the-medical-care-she-needed 03:03

Abandoned Pit Bull was so excited to get the ...

3 months ago     183,794 Views    
little-tiger-kittens-born-in-a-box-and-needed-our-help-they-are-now-ready-for-adoption 04:56

Little tiger kittens born in a box and needed...

3 months ago     53,837 Views    
tiny-kittens-born-in-an-attic-their-mom-was-watching-closely-as-we-pulled-them-one-by-one 06:08

Tiny kittens born in an attic - their mom was...

3 months ago     82,687 Views    


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