gender-pay-talks-break-down-report-says-women-s-soccer-lost-27-5m 13:48

Gender Pay Talks Break Down, Report Says Wome...

2 days ago     234,271 Views    
far-left-democrat-calls-for-boycott-of-bill-maher-the-left-is-in-full-civil-war 14:52

Far Left Democrat Calls For Boycott Of Bill M...

2 days ago     112,506 Views    
proud-boys-won-a-pr-victory-in-portland-while-antifa-beat-random-people 12:30

Proud Boys Won A PR Victory In Portland While...

2 days ago     163,968 Views    
katy-perry-is-getting-metoo-d-bad-another-accuser-comes-forward 12:15

Katy Perry Is Getting MeToo'd BAD, ANOTHER Ac...

4 days ago     154,996 Views    
first-it-was-fredo-now-a-cnn-reporter-gets-journalist-removed-from-event-by-force 11:47

First It Was Fredo, Now A CNN Reporter Gets J...

5 days ago     113,769 Views    
epstein-had-broken-bones-in-neck-journalist-warned-to-drop-story-whats-happening 15:01

Epstein Had Broken Bones In Neck, Journalist ...

5 days ago     152,150 Views    
blaire-white-allegedly-doxxed-by-wax-the-balls-jessica-yaniv 10:33

Blaire White Allegedly DOXXED by 'Wax The Bal...

6 days ago     126,814 Views    
one-person-injured-after-someone-shoots-up-ice-office-s-ice-blames-leftist-rhetoric 10:37

One Person Injured After Someone Shoots Up IC...

6 days ago     159,085 Views    
youtube-is-being-sued-for-unlawful-speech-discrimination-and-censorship 10:59

Youtube Is Being SUED For "Unlawful" Speech D...

6 days ago     92,126 Views    
carlos-maza-may-have-just-been-fired-from-vox-nypost-reports-hes-out 16:59

Carlos Maza May Have Just Been Fired From Vox...

6 days ago     125,850 Views    
someone-leaked-epstein-info-to-4chan-conspiracy-theories-run-rampant 11:44

Someone Leaked Epstein Info To 4chan, Conspir...

1 week ago     122,053 Views    
far-leftists-blaming-memes-and-jokes-for-far-right-radicalization 16:03

Far leftists Blaming MEMES And Jokes For "Far...

1 week ago     86,472 Views    
katy-perry-accused-of-sexual-misconduct-again-why-the-metoo-double-standard 11:08

Katy Perry Accused Of Sexual Misconduct Again...

1 week ago     111,497 Views    
shrieking-heard-from-epstein-s-cell-and-one-of-the-guards-wasnt-actually-a-prison-guard 14:26

Shrieking Heard From Epstein's Cell And One O...

1 week ago     123,931 Views    
sarah-silverman-fired-over-offensive-joke-from-2007-it-will-only-get-worse-for-her 18:10

Sarah Silverman FIRED Over Offensive Joke Fro...

1 week ago     199,641 Views    
around-eight-wal-marts-have-been-threatened-this-week-are-people-going-insane 10:51

Around EIGHT Wal Marts Have Been Threatened T...

1 week ago     129,084 Views    
ex-youtube-staff-exposes-corporate-and-star-favoritism-for-rule-breaking 11:54

Ex Youtube Staff Exposes Corporate And Star F...

1 week ago     62,354 Views    
leaked-fbi-docs-show-they-view-black-identity-extremism-as-a-growing-threat 14:32

Leaked FBI Docs Show They View "Black Identit...

1 week ago     175,056 Views    
leftist-media-praises-jordan-peterson-pulls-a-complete-180-on-past-rhetoric-on-helping-young-men 12:38

Leftist Media Praises Jordan Peterson, Pulls ...

1 week ago     153,283 Views    
socialists-tend-to-be-privilege-lazy-elites-who-know-better-than-you-why-is-that 10:53

Socialists Tend To Be Privilege Lazy Elites W...

1 week ago     94,562 Views    


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