youtube-drops-new-rules-already-major-creators-are-getting-strikes 10:47

Youtube Drops NEW RULES, Already Major Creato...

1 day ago     108,985 Views    
families-brought-children-to-active-volcano-volcano-erupts-vaporizing-tourists 17:43

Families Brought CHILDREN To Active Volcano??...

2 days ago     93,810 Views    
conservatives-and-libertarians-at-war-over-adult-online-content-legality 17:40

Conservatives And Libertarians AT WAR Over "A...

3 days ago     100,126 Views    
social-justice-leftists-outraged-over-new-ghostbusters-trailer-say-nothing-over-epic-ww84-trailer 14:39

Social Justice Leftists OUTRAGED Over New Gho...

3 days ago     73,581 Views    
trump-now-beats-all-democrats-in-latest-poll-showing-impeachment-has-cost-all-candidates-their-lead 15:01

Trump Now Beats ALL DEMOCRATS In Latest Poll ...

3 days ago     184,135 Views    
china-creates-first-pig-monkey-hybrids-rumors-of-human-monkey-hybrids-reported 12:50

China Creates FIRST Pig-Monkey Hybrids, Rumor...

5 days ago     124,428 Views    
climate-extremists-like-great-thunberg-cause-massive-civil-unrest-france-still-rocked-by-protests 17:13

Climate Extremists Like Great Thunberg Cause ...

5 days ago     107,533 Views    
impeachment-s-huge-backfire-trump-s-approval-is-up-cnn-ratings-three-year-low-gotta-hurt 18:19

Impeachment's HUGE BACKFIRE, Trump's Approval...

6 days ago     79,179 Views    
lefitst-censorship-backfired-in-the-most-hilarious-way-china-bans-the-victims-instead 15:49

Lefitst Censorship BACKFIRED In The Most HILA...

1 week ago     172,864 Views    
kamala-harris-campaign-failed-she-dropped-out-the-memes-are-hilarious-tho 10:56

Kamala Harris Campaign FAILED, She DROPPED OU...

1 week ago     93,813 Views    
millennial-women-at-30-hit-with-midlife-crisis-after-realizing-career-is-a-deadend 17:08

Millennial Women At 30 Hit With Midlife Crisi...

1 week ago     129,512 Views    
famous-millionaire-celebrity-decries-capitalism-calls-for-socialism-great-you-first 11:27

Famous Millionaire Celebrity DECRIES Capitali...

1 week ago     118,966 Views    
colin-kaepernick-passed-over-again-but-this-is-on-purpose-he-wants-to-be-a-martyr 15:46

Colin Kaepernick PASSED Over AGAIN, But This ...

1 week ago     116,392 Views    
greta-thunberg-says-its-not-about-the-environment-its-about-ending-patriarchy-and-colonialism 19:21

Greta Thunberg Says Its NOT About The Environ...

1 week ago     134,746 Views    
comedian-fined-35-000-over-offensive-joke-refuses-to-pay 14:20

Comedian FINED $35,000 Over Offensive Joke, R...

1 week ago     156,811 Views    
remember-that-story-of-women-attacked-on-a-bus-in-london-yup-fake-news 11:56

Remember That Story Of Women Attacked On A Bu...

1 week ago     75,009 Views    
breaking-london-terror-incident-thwarted-several-injured-bridge-on-lockdown 11:19

BREAKING London Terror Incident Thwarted, Sev...

1 week ago     83,861 Views    
trump-s-epic-troll-trifecta-complete-after-media-writes-fake-news-about-trump-on-thanksgiving 18:40

Trump's Epic Troll Trifecta Complete After Me...

1 week ago     86,494 Views    
trump-is-the-greatest-troll-of-our-generation-media-shocked-after-he-posts-doctored-meme 11:09

Trump Is The Greatest Troll of Our Generation...

2 weeks ago     170,378 Views    
new-star-wars-clips-proves-its-over-canon-is-broken-and-it-looks-cringe-af 11:29

New Star Wars Clips Proves ITS OVER, Canon Is...

2 weeks ago     98,963 Views    


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