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had-to-call-the-police 17:07

Had To Call The POLICE!

11 hours ago     44,794 Views    
at-the-pool-but-no-swimming 10:29

At the Pool But NO Swimming!

1 day ago     15,738 Views    
worse-than-we-thought 11:03

Worse Than We Thought...

2 days ago     143,073 Views    
breaking-screen-time-rules 15:28


6 days ago     24,216 Views    
your-first-kiss-how-old-were-you-mom 12:08

Your FIRST KISS - How OLD Were YOU Mom?

1 week ago     30,563 Views    
opening-presents-in-summer 12:00

Opening Presents In SUMMER!

1 week ago     62,267 Views    
accidental-half-house-tour 12:43

Accidental HALF House TOUR!

2 weeks ago     14,699 Views    
she-s-pregnant 08:46


3 weeks ago     68,937 Views    
thought-he-was-arrested 09:40

Thought He Was ARRESTED!!

3 weeks ago     35,456 Views    
daniell-s-dream-car-is-ruined 09:00

Daniell's Dream Car Is RUINED!!

3 weeks ago     49,215 Views    
can-t-wait-to-take-him-home 09:05

Can't WAIT To Take Him HOME!!

4 weeks ago     105,162 Views    
our-new-house-got-flooded-by-4-year-old-big-trouble 13:27

Our NEW HOUSE Got FLOODED By 4 Year Old! BIG ...

1 month ago     180,328 Views    
move-gone-bad 10:23

Move Gone BAD!

1 month ago     86,050 Views    
i-hope-it-s-not-broken 10:42

I Hope It's NOT Broken!

1 month ago     35,035 Views    
taking-my-iphone-away 14:12

Taking My iPhone AWAY??

1 month ago     25,169 Views    
alexia-teaches-daniell-how-to-drive-her-car 15:56

Alexia Teaches Daniell How To DRIVE Her CAR!

1 month ago     20,813 Views    
i-ve-been-driving-illegally 08:56

I’ve Been Driving ILLEGALLY!!!

1 month ago     26,115 Views    
kids-speak-only-chinese-and-our-son-is-now-our-daughter 10:23

Kids Speak ONLY CHINESE And Our Son Is NOW Ou...

1 month ago     43,905 Views    
210k-people-attended-our-dog-s-funeral 16:06

210K People Attended Our Dog's Funeral!

2 months ago     35,761 Views    
i-can-finally-see-for-the-first-time-sisters-get-new-glasses 10:12

I Can FINALLY See for the FIRST TIME! Sisters...

2 months ago     34,350 Views    


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