it-s-time-to-choose-a-side 06:33

It's time to CHOOSE A SIDE.

1 day ago     301,601 Views    
streaming-is-the-future 06:18

Streaming is the FUTURE...

3 days ago     137,779 Views    
android-is-vulnerable 05:37

Android is VULNERABLE!?

5 days ago     77,141 Views    
so-amd-does-have-ray-tracing-sort-of 06:46

So AMD DOES have Ray Tracing... (sort of)

1 week ago     177,769 Views    
what-is-microsoft-thinking 06:16

What is Microsoft THINKING?

1 week ago     194,512 Views    
this-is-google-s-controller 08:28

THIS is Google's Controller!?

1 week ago     303,800 Views    
nvidia-rich-gamers-are-better 06:38

Nvidia: RICH Gamers are BETTER!?

2 weeks ago     152,990 Views    
it-s-good-to-be-an-amd-fan 07:05

It's good to be an AMD fan...

2 weeks ago     199,721 Views    
now-ea-s-killing-playstations 07:54

Now EA's KILLING Playstations...

2 weeks ago     376,531 Views    
no-more-youtube-comments 06:07


3 weeks ago     162,321 Views    
they-just-keep-getting-dumber 08:19

They just keep getting DUMBER...

3 weeks ago     244,484 Views    
a-better-folding-phone 07:21

A BETTER Folding Phone??

3 weeks ago     154,725 Views    
halo-on-nintendo-switch 07:12

Halo on Nintendo Switch!?

4 weeks ago     135,416 Views    
it-s-here-and-it-s-2k 07:18

It's here, and it's $2K...

1 month ago     199,658 Views    
so-huawei-is-spying 06:17

So Huawei IS spying!

1 month ago     229,404 Views    
i-m-almost-sad-for-apple 07:30

I'm ALMOST sad for Apple...

1 month ago     229,225 Views    
your-antivirus-is-useless 06:06

Your Antivirus is Useless.

1 month ago     199,715 Views    
how-did-amd-forget-this 06:24

How did AMD forget this!?

1 month ago     176,897 Views    
at-must-think-you-re-stupid 08:42

AT MUST think you're STUPID...

1 month ago     104,720 Views    
who-needs-an-ultrawide-phone 06:13

Who Needs an Ultrawide Phone!?

1 month ago     162,524 Views    


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