Weed 'em & Reap

the-biggest-algae-eating-fish-have-arrived 18:53

The BIGGEST Algae-Eating Fish have arrived!

1 day ago     33,772 Views    
she-was-determined-to-save-their-lives 17:37

She was determined to save their lives!

4 days ago     92,693 Views    
mama-turkey-defends-her-chicks-more-than-i-expected 14:03

Mama Turkey defends her chicks -- more than I...

6 days ago     35,737 Views    
we-let-our-goat-choose-her-boyfriend 15:10

We Let Our Goat Choose Her Boyfriend

1 week ago     32,100 Views    
saying-goodbye-to-our-pet-turkey 12:03

Saying goodbye to our pet turkey.

2 weeks ago     42,102 Views    
raising-these-baby-goats-we-hope-we-made-the-right-choice 10:32

Raising these baby goats -- we HOPE we made t...

2 weeks ago     19,880 Views    
mama-turkey-hatching-out-a-load-of-baby-chicks 11:30

Mama Turkey hatching out a load of Baby Chicks

3 weeks ago     48,994 Views    
flying-our-baby-goat-3000-miles 06:38

Flying our BABY GOAT 3000 miles ✈️

3 weeks ago     35,447 Views    
we-made-everything-you-could-possibly-make-from-goat-s-milk 11:04

We made EVERYTHING you could possibly make fr...

4 weeks ago     33,351 Views    
we-go-dr-pimple-popper-on-our-goat 06:46

We go Dr. Pimple Popper on our GOAT

1 month ago     66,865 Views    
time-to-leave-their-mamas-baby-goat-adoption-day 10:24

Time to leave their Mamas! (baby goat adoptio...

1 month ago     29,408 Views    
this-little-buckling-is-in-love-with-his-sister-willow 12:22

This little buckling is in LOVE ❤️(with his s...

1 month ago     22,794 Views    
the-nubian-queen-of-the-goats-is-back 10:23

The Nubian Queen of the goats is BACK!

1 month ago     30,071 Views    
he-s-not-happy-about-this-farmhouse-project 10:16

He's NOT happy about this Farmhouse Project

1 month ago     31,047 Views    
they-ditched-me-guess-who-s-gotta-do-all-the-farm-chores 15:19

They DITCHED me... guess who's gotta do all t...

1 month ago     44,121 Views    
the-countdown-to-baby-turkeys-begins 11:29

The countdown to baby turkeys BEGINS!

1 month ago     24,607 Views    
it-took-a-lot-of-goats-to-make-this 13:53

It took a lot of goats to make this.

1 month ago     34,036 Views    
we-let-the-baby-goats-out-and-they-loved-it 14:00

We let the baby goats out and they LOVED it.

1 month ago     25,576 Views    
the-bite-attack-training-is-totally-working 16:59

the bite attack training is totally working

1 month ago     34,739 Views    
today-s-pond-catch-can-you-eat-goldfish 16:00

Today’s pond catch! Can you eat goldfish?

2 months ago     30,548 Views    


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