Weed 'em & Reap

we-re-pretty-sure-this-pig-has-been-pregnant-forever 16:01

We're pretty sure this PIG has been pregnant ...

4 months ago     43,224 Views    
should-we-let-the-buck-breed-the-baby-goats 18:29

Should we let the buck BREED the baby goats?

4 months ago     44,160 Views    
will-prison-bars-protect-the-goats-from-the-neighborhood-coyotes 14:19

Will PRISON BARS protect the GOATS from the n...

5 months ago     66,253 Views    
what-it-s-like-to-milk-goats-before-school 10:01

What it's like to MILK GOATS before school

5 months ago     35,185 Views    
the-happiest-pig-on-earth-gets-her-own-birthing-pen 12:46

The HAPPIEST pig on Earth gets her own BIRTHI...

5 months ago     49,088 Views    
helping-our-goat-pass-her-dead-babies 13:17

Helping our goat pass her dead babies.

5 months ago     39,502 Views    
where-did-all-the-milk-go-our-pregnant-goats-are-drying-up 14:43

Where did all the MILK go?! (our pregnant goa...

5 months ago     42,635 Views    
raise-the-roof-building-our-custom-barn 11:53

RAISE THE ROOF! (building our custom barn)

5 months ago     39,789 Views    
finding-out-how-many-babies-each-mama-will-have-this-year-goat-ultrasound 10:01

Finding out how many BABIES each mama will ha...

5 months ago     43,560 Views    
goodbye-ron-our-favorite-pig-leaves-the-farm 14:20

Goodbye, Ron (our favorite pig leaves the farm)

6 months ago     55,210 Views    
his-goat-invention-is-gonna-make-millions 16:35


6 months ago     48,735 Views    
the-goats-say-goodbye-to-the-breeding-buck 13:44

The goats say goodbye to the Breeding Buck  

6 months ago     40,158 Views    
twins-triplets-quadruplets-goat-ultrasounds 07:14

TWINS, TRIPLETS, & QUADRUPLETS?! (goat ultras...

6 months ago     49,785 Views    
we-re-tearing-it-all-down-new-farm-project-begins 13:00

We're TEARING it ALL DOWN! (new farm project ...

6 months ago     33,334 Views    
a-simple-guide-to-feeding-caring-for-goats-meet-our-goats 08:23

A Simple Guide to Feeding & Caring for Goats ...

6 months ago     40,572 Views    
the-newest-farm-animal-has-arrived 15:41

the NEWEST Farm Animal has arrived!

6 months ago     52,784 Views    
we-didn-t-expect-this-many-piglets-pig-ultrasound-on-our-farm-in-the-city 18:15

We didn't expect THIS many piglets! (pig ultr...

6 months ago     31,094 Views    
we-had-a-tornado-in-arizona-here-s-how-our-farm-survived 11:53

We had a TORNADO in ARIZONA! (here's how our ...

7 months ago     28,098 Views    
it-s-all-fun-games-until-we-have-to-invite-people-over 13:32

It's all FUN & GAMES until we have to INVITE ...

7 months ago     40,128 Views    
time-to-leave-their-mamas-baby-goat-adoption-day 10:24

Time to leave their Mamas! (baby goat adoptio...

1 year ago     29,408 Views    


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