Weed 'em & Reap

saying-goodbye-to-our-animals 09:19

Saying Goodbye to our Animals

2 days ago     46,251 Views    
breeding-our-miniature-goat-with-artificial-insemination 12:51

Breeding our MINIATURE goat (with Artificial ...

6 days ago     48,681 Views    
what-happens-when-a-big-small-goat-fall-in-love 06:18

What happens when a BIG & SMALL goat fall in ...

1 week ago     78,586 Views    
our-emu-was-too-young-to-die 14:34

our Emu was too young to die

1 week ago     119,337 Views    
our-turkey-just-hatched-rare-peacock-eggs 14:16

Our Turkey just hatched RARE peacock eggs!

2 weeks ago     96,612 Views    
saving-baby-ducks-from-drowning-in-a-pool 07:31


2 weeks ago     52,560 Views    
what-it-s-like-living-with-100-s-of-scorpions 12:38

What it's like living with 100's of SCORPIONS

2 weeks ago     97,788 Views    
are-these-fish-too-dangerous-for-the-swimming-pond 14:51

Are these fish TOO DANGEROUS for the swimming...

3 weeks ago     60,784 Views    
our-tiny-goat-is-finally-old-enough-to-have-babies 06:13

Our TINY goat is FINALLY old enough to have b...

3 weeks ago     27,349 Views    
somebody-gifted-us-a-baby-emu 12:57

Somebody gifted us a baby Emu

3 weeks ago     76,495 Views    
let-s-see-what-s-inside-these-peacock-hatching-eggs 10:50

Let's see what's inside these Peacock hatchin...

4 weeks ago     38,881 Views    
you-guys-he-got-more-pigs 13:20

You guys, he got MORE PIGS.

1 month ago     27,872 Views    
tear-it-down-these-spoiled-chickens-deserve-a-chicken-coop-palace 12:46

Tear it down! These spoiled chickens deserve ...

1 month ago     43,109 Views    
let-s-sneak-these-peacock-eggs-under-our-turkey 12:20

Let's sneak these Peacock eggs under our Turkey!

1 month ago     51,585 Views    
the-chick-that-thinks-he-s-a-kitten 12:29

The Chick that thinks he's a Kitten.

1 month ago     36,241 Views    
tour-our-one-acre-farm-in-the-city 13:57

Tour our ONE ACRE FARM in the City!

1 month ago     30,590 Views    
not-again-this-turkey-will-not-stop-hatching-eggs 16:29

NOT AGAIN! This turkey will not stop hatching...

1 month ago     23,335 Views    
these-rescue-kittens-won-t-stop 11:02

These rescue kittens won’t STOP!

1 month ago     32,083 Views    
time-to-break-out-the-chainsaw 15:44

Time to break out the CHAINSAW

2 months ago     90,467 Views    
the-hardest-part-about-raising-newborn-kittens 22:28

The hardest part about raising newborn kittens.

2 months ago     50,539 Views    


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