man-s-apple-watch-saved-his-life-ft-boze-silent-mike 11:02

Man's Apple Watch Saved His Life! (ft. Boze &...

2 days ago     40,852 Views    
off-the-record-getting-to-know-mia-khalifa 23:31

Off The Record: Getting to Know Mia Khalifa!

6 days ago     186,876 Views    
youtuber-accused-of-louis-vuitton-giveaway-scam-ft-mike-bow 11:57

YouTuber Accused of Louis Vuitton Giveaway Sc...

6 days ago     97,523 Views    
trisha-paytas-gets-backlash-over-announcement-ft-mike-bow 12:54

Trisha Paytas Gets Backlash Over Announcement...

1 week ago     169,997 Views    
grandmother-upset-by-unnecessary-arrest-of-her-granddaughter-ft-boze-silent-mike 12:18

Grandmother Upset by Unnecessary Arrest of He...

1 week ago     84,524 Views    
youtuber-mrbeast-accused-of-bullying-by-former-editor-ft-mia-khalifa 12:32

YouTuber MrBeast Accused of Bullying by Forme...

1 week ago     101,314 Views    
off-the-record-gilbert-got-beat-up-for-wearing-fubu 24:31

Off The Record: Gilbert Got Beat Up for Weari...

1 week ago     136,364 Views    
woman-found-out-what-really-happened-with-her-head-injury-ft-hok 11:12

Woman Found Out What Really Happened with Her...

1 week ago     89,493 Views    
this-school-completely-banned-relationships-ft-hok 11:47

This School Completely Banned Relationships!?...

1 week ago     109,902 Views    
father-passes-after-wife-locks-him-in-a-shed 11:29

Father Passes After Wife Locks Him in a Shed

1 week ago     85,528 Views    
david-chang-says-the-ethnic-food-aisles-in-grocery-stores-are-bad-ft-hok 13:21

David Chang Says the 'Ethnic Food' Aisles in ...

1 week ago     79,201 Views    
poor-family-feeds-their-baby-coffee-every-day-ft-boze-cris-sosa 11:56

Poor Family Feeds Their Baby Coffee Every Day...

2 weeks ago     114,876 Views    
nanny-shaming-has-sparked-an-uproar-with-baby-sitters-ft-boze-cris-sosa 12:57

'Nanny Shaming' Has Sparked an Uproar with Ba...

2 weeks ago     82,541 Views    
off-the-record-joe-is-still-a-lonely-boy-authenticity-on-camera 20:46

Off The Record: Joe is Still a Lonely Boy + A...

2 weeks ago     142,561 Views    
parents-of-adopted-child-say-she-s-actually-an-adult-sociopath-ft-boze-cris-sosa 17:36

Parents of Adopted Child Say She's Actually a...

3 weeks ago     209,083 Views    
storm-area-51-event-didn-t-quite-live-up-to-expectations-ft-boze-cris-sosa 12:38

"Storm Area 51" Event Didn't Quite Live Up to...

3 weeks ago     135,851 Views    
russian-billionaire-gave-school-a-fairy-tale-makeover-ft-tahir-moore 11:53

Russian Billionaire Gave School a Fairy Tale ...

3 weeks ago     67,961 Views    
air-canada-fined-for-not-using-french-ft-kevonstage 12:37

Air Canada Fined for Not Using French (ft. Ke...

3 weeks ago     76,714 Views    
thousands-try-to-play-hide-and-seek-in-ikea-ft-tahir-moore 12:16

Thousands Try to Play 'Hide And Seek' in Ikea...

3 weeks ago     105,015 Views    
felicity-huffman-gets-only-14-days-in-jail-for-college-cheating 12:32

Felicity Huffman Gets Only 14 Days in Jail fo...

4 weeks ago     114,295 Views    


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