woman-realizes-furniture-is-the-wrong-color-after-years 12:24

Woman Realizes Furniture is the Wrong Color A...

1 day ago     90,060 Views    
off-the-record-tiff-s-loss-school-doesn-t-work-how-simu-liu-started-acting 22:13

Off The Record: Tiff's Loss || School Doesn't...

1 day ago     107,059 Views    
off-the-record-ritesh-rajan-edition 22:20

Off The Record: Ritesh Rajan Edition!

2 days ago     84,394 Views    
off-the-record-steve-interviews-kingsley-hard 21:30

Off The Record: Steve Interviews Kingsley HARD

4 days ago     100,559 Views    
off-the-record-kinjas-choreographing-for-kpop-being-a-superstar-ft-anthony-lee 21:56

Off The Record : Kinjas Choreographing For KP...

6 days ago     118,259 Views    
high-school-teacher-keeps-spreadsheet-of-slang-ft-kingsley 13:04

High School Teacher Keeps Spreadsheet Of Slan...

6 days ago     109,825 Views    
octopus-sucked-onto-vlogger-s-face-during-mukbang-ft-anthony-lee 13:07

Octopus Sucked Onto Vlogger's Face During Muk...

1 week ago     149,986 Views    
samsung-fridge-dating-app-bart-geo-dating-story-ft-motoki-maxted 12:54

Samsung Fridge Dating App || Bart & Geo Datin...

1 week ago     12,399 Views    
off-the-record-game-of-thrones-playboy-mansion-syd-wilder-s-divorce 24:36

Off The Record: Game of Thrones || Playboy Ma...

1 week ago     103,304 Views    
use-these-steps-to-get-your-friends-out-of-a-pyramid-scheme 11:33

Use These Steps to Get Your Friends Out of a ...

1 week ago     99,550 Views    
spa-created-for-exhausted-parents-is-parenting-really-that-hard 13:18

Spa Created for Exhausted Parents || Is Paren...

1 week ago     98,994 Views    
kanye-is-coming-out-with-a-scifi-show-about-himself-ft-ritesh-rajan 11:34

Kanye is Coming Out With a SciFi Show About H...

2 weeks ago     78,305 Views    
off-the-record-kelsey-darragh-edition 21:02

Off The Record: Kelsey Darragh Edition

2 weeks ago     149,128 Views    
woman-sues-astros-after-injury-from-t-shirt-cannon-ft-motoki-maxted 12:00

Woman Sues Astros After Injury from T-Shirt C...

2 weeks ago     113,522 Views    
pizza-robber-gets-beat-up-by-staff-ft-hok-hosted-by-boze 12:30

Pizza Robber Gets Beat Up By Staff (ft. Hok &...

2 weeks ago     141,264 Views    
man-beat-for-spoiling-avengers-endgame-social-media-rumors 12:59

Man Beat for Spoiling Avengers: Endgame || So...

2 weeks ago     102,944 Views    
japan-s-forced-sterilization-what-is-autism-ft-simu-liu 11:25

Japan's Forced Sterilization | What Is Autism...

2 weeks ago     89,768 Views    
video-games-socially-affect-girls-more-than-boys-ft-syd-wilder 11:04

Video Games Socially Affect Girls More Than B...

2 weeks ago     115,730 Views    
off-the-record-how-mike-tornabene-became-dom-mazzetti 20:56

Off The Record: How Mike Tornabene Became Dom...

2 weeks ago     105,519 Views    
instagram-account-calls-out-churches-for-flexing-too-hard-ft-kelsey-darragh 13:13

Instagram Account Calls Out Churches for Flex...

2 weeks ago     95,825 Views    


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