Senza Tempo Cane Corso

pupdate-2-plus-a-funny-story-from-the-vet-office-today 14:24

Pupdate #2: Plus a Funny Story from the Vet O...

2 days ago     14,329 Views    
pupdate-1-the-cutness-begins 19:17

Pupdate #1: The Cutness Begins

3 days ago     19,649 Views    
it-s-a-boy 05:01

It's a boy!

4 days ago     15,207 Views    
blondie-update 11:26

Blondie Update

4 days ago     14,487 Views    
blondie-puppies-being-born-part-2 3:33:56

Blondie Puppies Being Born Part 2

4 days ago     18,277 Views    
blondie-puppies-being-born 2:40:40

Blondie Puppies Being Born!

4 days ago     22,498 Views    
we-are-officially-on-puppy-watch-plus-cashmere-s-test-results-are-back 10:57

We are officially on puppy watch! Plus Cashme...

6 days ago     16,656 Views    
update-on-blondie-and-cashmere 12:42

Update on Blondie and Cashmere ❤

1 week ago     15,638 Views    
mother-dog-gives-a-hard-correction-to-her-hyper-daughter 19:09

Mother Dog Gives a Hard Correction to her Hyp...

3 weeks ago     17,109 Views    
we-have-a-new-omega-in-the-pack 12:17

We Have a New Omega in the Pack

1 month ago     17,830 Views    
i-bought-something-i-thought-i-would-never-need 19:49

I bought something I thought I would never need

1 month ago     17,454 Views    
my-cane-corso-battista-gets-a-correction-from-the-alpha-s-of-the-pack-for-being-stubborn 15:35

My Cane Corso Battista gets a Correction from...

1 month ago     20,122 Views    
a-tragic-loss-to-the-senza-tempo-cane-corso-family 13:07

A Tragic Loss to the Senza Tempo Cane Corso F...

2 months ago     17,503 Views    
letting-the-queen-corso-out-to-play 10:41

Letting the Queen Corso out to play

2 months ago     16,401 Views    
introducing-my-new-female-atari-from-valencia-cane-corso 13:21

Introducing My New Female Atari from Valencia...

2 months ago     17,656 Views    
update-on-cashmere 09:36

Update on Cashmere

2 months ago     14,230 Views    
huge-announcement-for-the-channel-and-my-kennel 11:53

Huge Announcement for the Channel and My Kenn...

3 months ago     16,025 Views    
admiral-and-battista-learn-some-manners-today 20:21

Admiral and Battista Learn Some Manners Today

3 months ago     16,620 Views    
update-on-the-import-female 09:56

Update on the Import Female

3 months ago     16,645 Views    
come-meet-my-new-import-puppy-with-my-pack 39:07

Come Meet My New Import Puppy with my Pack!

3 months ago     18,087 Views    


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