Senza Tempo Cane Corso

our-new-addition-has-been-chosen 14:20

Our new addition has been chosen !

5 days ago     17,091 Views    
oso-is-back-for-a-visit-and-cashmere-has-not-forgot-him 13:44

Oso is back for a visit and Cashmere has not ...

3 weeks ago     19,314 Views    
my-dogs-get-into-an-argument-over-parenting 16:38

My dogs get into an argument over parenting

3 weeks ago     15,120 Views    
letting-midnight-say-goodbye-to-blondie 19:40

Letting Midnight say goodbye to Blondie

1 month ago     17,682 Views    
saying-goodbye-to-midnight 10:21

Saying goodbye to Midnight

1 month ago     16,273 Views    
my-alpha-male-preacher-disciplines-battista-for-being-rude 15:37

My alpha Male "Preacher" disciplines Battista...

1 month ago     23,718 Views    
introducing-our-highly-anticipated-new-stud-from-scandifio-cane-corso 20:16

Introducing our highly anticipated new Stud f...

1 month ago     17,875 Views    
important-message-for-my-subscribers-regarding-midnight 11:12

Important message for my subscribers regardin...

1 month ago     18,781 Views    
pupdate-12-i-have-good-news-and-some-bad-news 19:31

Pupdate #12: I have good news and some bad n...

1 month ago     22,791 Views    
introducing-our-newest-pack-member-belladonna 10:21

Introducing our Newest Pack Member Belladonna

3 months ago     15,959 Views    
meeting-up-with-preachers-other-huge-son 15:50

Meeting up with Preachers other huge son!!

3 months ago     21,710 Views    
cashmere-disciplines-liberty-for-pushing-boundaries 10:13

Cashmere disciplines Liberty for pushing boun...

3 months ago     21,109 Views    
bishop-is-finally-off-leash-with-the-pack-and-being-a-good-boy 15:38

Bishop is finally off leash with the pack and...

3 months ago     17,616 Views    
cashmere-disciplines-her-son-bishop-for-being-disrespectful 17:46

Cashmere disciplines her son bishop for being...

3 months ago     29,439 Views    
how-my-pack-responds-to-the-alpha-male-cheating 06:02

How my pack responds to the alpha male "cheat...

4 months ago     20,208 Views    
puppies-first-raw-feeding 31:58

Puppies first raw feeding!!

6 months ago     105 Views    
surprise-live-stream-test-while-vaccinating-puppies 11:26

Surprise Live Stream Test While Vaccinating P...

6 months ago     359 Views    
update-on-the-puppies-and-napoleon 14:35

Update on the puppies and Napoleon

6 months ago     51 Views    
preachers-first-akc-show-results-and-the-girls-discipline-napoleon 10:00

Preachers first AKC show results and the girl...

6 months ago     50 Views    
midnight-gets-disciplined-for-being-too-aggressive-during-play 10:00

Midnight gets disciplined for being too aggre...

6 months ago     125 Views    


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