i-plugged-my-controller-into-my-pc-and-it-turned-me-into-this-shocking 12:35

I plugged my controller into my PC and it TUR...

1 day ago     107,351 Views    
i-killed-ninja-and-he-said-this-about-me-on-stream 15:37

I killed NINJA and he said THIS about ME... (...

1 week ago     95,445 Views    
i-bullied-my-friend-on-fortnite-and-he-quit-streaming-after-this-happened 12:15

I BULLIED my friend on Fortnite and he QUIT S...

1 week ago     88,634 Views    
i-played-tilted-towers-in-chapter-2 15:46

I played TILTED TOWERS in Chapter 2...

1 week ago     89,851 Views    
i-made-a-new-account-and-spectated-the-biggest-noobs-in-fortnite-so-bad 14:25

I made a new account and spectated the bigges...

2 weeks ago     175,225 Views    
the-best-and-worst-player-ive-ever-spectated 12:54


2 weeks ago     103,052 Views    
i-confronted-randumb-about-our-fight-he-said-this 12:58

i confronted Randumb about our fight... (he s...

2 weeks ago     90,359 Views    
i-bought-mongraal-s-keyboard-and-it-turned-me-into-this-insane 16:19

I bought Mongraal's keyboard and it turned me...

2 weeks ago     48,454 Views    
randumb-and-i-got-into-a-huge-fight-after-he-said-this-not-good 12:12

Randumb and I got into a HUGE FIGHT after he ...

2 weeks ago     65,683 Views    
i-switched-from-controller-to-keyboard-and-mouse-after-every-kill 10:36

I switched from CONTROLLER to KEYBOARD and MO...

3 weeks ago     80,105 Views    
i-switched-to-a-new-keyboard-and-mouse-every-kill-on-fortnite 12:56

I switched to a NEW KEYBOARD and MOUSE every ...

3 weeks ago     129,482 Views    
i-joined-solid-gold-squad-fill-and-carried-pro-players-to-wins 10:02

I joined SOLID GOLD squad fill and carried PR...

3 weeks ago     106,907 Views    
legendary-pump-shotgun-vs-legendary-tactical-shotgun-testing-which-is-better 12:02


3 weeks ago     105,239 Views    
formula-spectates-my-highest-kill-game-1000th-win-on-fortnite-insane 12:39

Formula spectates my HIGHEST KILL Game & 1000...

4 weeks ago     54,280 Views    
i-spectated-a-pro-player-bought-him-everything-in-the-item-shop 13:03

I spectated a PRO PLAYER & Bought him EVERYTH...

4 weeks ago     87,061 Views    
i-faze-sway-cranked-to-max-height-spectated-these-insane-players 10:01

I FaZe Sway CRANKED to MAX HEIGHT & spectated...

1 month ago     62,200 Views    
i-donated-to-the-most-underrated-facebook-fortnite-streamer-made-his-day 12:39

I donated to the MOST Underrated Facebook For...

1 month ago     89,203 Views    
i-spectated-xbox-vs-ps4-players-who-s-better 14:35

I spectated XBOX vs. PS4 Players! (who's bett...

1 month ago     85,871 Views    
i-sent-a-friend-request-to-everyone-i-spectated-on-fortnite 15:28

I sent a FRIEND REQUEST to EVERYONE I spectat...

1 month ago     42,004 Views    
i-died-and-spectated-hacker-using-aimbot-he-got-banned 11:43

I died and spectated hacker using aimbot... (...

1 month ago     155,975 Views    


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