i-hired-pro-builders-to-recreate-the-season-1-fortnite-battle-royale-map 12:04

I hired pro builders to recreate the Season 1...

18 hours ago     173,532 Views    
this-faze-member-started-crying-when-i-joined-his-game-shocking 10:58

this FaZe member started crying when I joined...

2 days ago     170,599 Views    
i-met-a-rare-skin-that-was-terrible-at-fortnite-fake-wonder-skin 10:18

I met a RARE SKIN that was TERRIBLE at Fortni...

1 week ago     112,164 Views    
i-exposed-my-random-duos-stats-before-every-game-shocking 10:27

i EXPOSED my Random DUOS stats before every g...

1 week ago     180,195 Views    
i-actually-spectated-a-mixer-streamer-and-this-happened 11:00

i actually SPECTATED a Mixer Streamer and thi...

1 week ago     181,429 Views    
we-tried-out-a-new-fortnite-battle-royale-map-ft-randumb-razz 10:14

we tried out a NEW Fortnite Battle Royale Map...

1 week ago     266,508 Views    
i-offered-faze-lg-pro-players-1000-if-they-could-do-this-in-season-x-of-fortnite 12:58

I offered FaZe & LG Pro Players $1000 if they...

2 weeks ago     168,575 Views    
i-found-a-better-creative-builder-than-faze-sway-the-best-creative-player 10:37

i found a better creative builder than FaZe S...

2 weeks ago     126,733 Views    
the-best-lg-squad-plays-the-floor-is-lava-kiwiz-formula-nicks 11:25

THE BEST LG SQUAD plays the Floor is Lava! - ...

2 weeks ago     103,935 Views    
i-ve-never-spectated-someone-get-this-many-kills-new-record 10:09

I've NEVER spectated someone get this MANY KI...

2 weeks ago     224,290 Views    
i-accidentally-got-into-a-game-with-formula-and-he-killed-me-i-m-angry 11:13

I accidentally got into a game with FORMULA a...

2 weeks ago     108,107 Views    
i-decided-to-start-training-for-fortnite-world-cup-2-0-this-is-intense 11:11

I decided to start training for Fortnite WORL...

3 weeks ago     106,747 Views    
i-spectated-a-way-to-cheat-with-the-new-mech-robot-in-season-10 11:10

i spectated a way to cheat with the new MECH ...

3 weeks ago     177,430 Views    
rip-dusty-divot-completely-gone-in-season-10 12:51

RIP DUSTY DIVOT.... (completely gone in seaso...

3 weeks ago     385,057 Views    
so-i-went-on-a-fortnite-date-with-a-girl 17:29

so i went on a fortnite date with a girl...

3 weeks ago     396,588 Views    
i-exposed-everyone-s-stats-that-i-spectated-insanely-good 10:57

I exposed EVERYONE'S stats that I spectated.....

4 weeks ago     336,555 Views    
i-m-not-allowed-to-use-guns-in-a-3-000-point-arena-game-bad-idea 10:38

I'm not ALLOWED to use Guns in a 3,000 point ...

4 weeks ago     358,622 Views    
i-offered-1000-to-random-players-if-they-could-do-this-on-fortnite-he-s-insane 14:00

I offered $1000 to Random Players if they cou...

1 month ago     302,430 Views    
so-i-tried-trickshotting-with-the-new-sniper-first-time-since-season-1 12:26

so i tried trickshotting with the new sniper....

1 month ago     418,786 Views    
so-i-might-be-leaving-my-fortnite-clan-because-of-this 10:01

so I might be leaving my fortnite clan becaus...

1 month ago     376,710 Views    


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