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how-long-would-we-have-to-live-if-the-sun-went-out 09:26

How Long Would We Have to Live if the Sun Wen...

6 hours ago     61,761 Views    
employee-missing-for-10-years-found-inside-supermarket 07:20

Employee Missing for 10 Years Found Inside Su...

17 hours ago     313,338 Views    
tiger-with-436-k-d 10:02

Tiger With 436 K/D

1 day ago     52,158 Views    
spending-1-billion-dollars-in-24-hours 2:51:17

Spending $1 Billion Dollars In 24 Hours

2 days ago     29,807 Views    
a-boy-ate-nothing-but-junk-food-this-is-what-happened-to-him 08:24

A Boy Ate Nothing But Junk Food! This Is What...

2 days ago     115,243 Views    
fbi-interrogation-techniques-you-can-actually-use 11:11

FBI Interrogation Techniques You Can ACTUALLY...

4 days ago     161,478 Views    
how-rich-was-hitler-where-did-all-his-money-come-from 07:18

How Rich Was Hitler (Where Did All His Money ...

4 days ago     118,364 Views    
what-happens-to-you-just-before-you-die 09:26

What Happens To You Just Before You Die

5 days ago     121,231 Views    
worst-plagues-in-history-of-mankind 11:40

Worst Plagues in History Of Mankind

5 days ago     244,032 Views    
highest-paying-jobs-you-can-do-from-your-bedroom 10:03

Highest Paying Jobs You Can Do From Your Bedroom

6 days ago     97,537 Views    
everything-you-know-about-sleep-dreaming-is-wrong-tips-and-tricks-to-sleep-and-dream-better 1:07:13

Everything You Know About Sleep & Dreaming Is...

6 days ago     39,487 Views    
how-can-a-cheap-submarine-sink-an-expensive-military-aircraft-carrier 10:33

How Can a Cheap Submarine Sink an Expensive M...

1 week ago     94,119 Views    
man-forced-into-crazy-human-hunting-game-true-survival-story 10:13

Man Forced Into Crazy Human Hunting Game (Tru...

1 week ago     144,973 Views    
scientists-have-just-made-their-own-brain-wow 06:49

Scientists Have Just Made Their Own Brain (WOW)

1 week ago     72,738 Views    
new-deadly-mosquitoes-virus-has-scientists-freaking-out 10:41

New Deadly Mosquitoes Virus Has Scientists Fr...

1 week ago     141,036 Views    
bazooka-charlie-pilot-who-attached-a-bazooka-to-plane 10:41

Bazooka Charlie - Pilot Who Attached A Bazook...

1 week ago     278,156 Views    
most-epic-fails-of-the-witness-protection-program 10:15

Most Epic Fails of the Witness Protection Pro...

1 week ago     386,523 Views    
white-death-vs-white-feather-who-would-win-sniper-showdown 11:06


1 week ago     179,457 Views    
you-vs-herobrine-who-would-win-minecraft 05:32


2 weeks ago     71,056 Views    
crazy-ways-people-have-tried-to-use-radiation 19:33

Crazy Ways People Have Tried to Use Radiation

2 weeks ago     254,393 Views    


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