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russian-family-who-had-never-seen-another-human 11:35

Russian Family Who Had Never Seen Another Human

6 hours ago     71,107 Views    
world-s-worst-teachers-9-insane-things-that-got-them-fired 10:12

World's Worst Teachers - 9 Insane Things That...

18 hours ago     106,912 Views    
the-brazen-bull-worst-punishment-in-the-history-of-mankind 06:53

The Brazen Bull (Worst Punishment in the Hist...

1 day ago     232,226 Views    
scientists-now-know-which-came-first-the-chicken-or-the-egg 06:56

Scientists Now Know Which Came First: The Chi...

3 days ago     57,664 Views    
the-weird-secret-rules-the-royal-family-has-to-follow 10:48

The Weird Secret Rules The Royal Family Has T...

4 days ago     61,163 Views    
how-i-survived-actual-military-combat 17:47

How I Survived Actual Military Combat

5 days ago     23,366 Views    
why-can-t-you-punch-hard-or-run-fast-in-dreams 10:12

Why Can’t You Punch Hard or Run Fast in Dreams

6 days ago     95,424 Views    
how-to-actually-survive-a-free-falling-elevator 10:48

How To ACTUALLY Survive A Free Falling Elevator

6 days ago     105,920 Views    
what-happens-if-you-dodge-the-army-draft 06:45

What Happens If You Dodge the Army Draft?

6 days ago     256,208 Views    
what-actually-happened-to-prisoners-sent-to-australia 10:25

What Actually Happened To Prisoners Sent To A...

1 week ago     84,374 Views    
what-is-actually-inside-a-pimple-and-why-you-should-never-pop-one 10:32

What Is Actually Inside A Pimple and Why You ...

1 week ago     186,281 Views    
i-was-swarmed-by-fire-ants-and-survived-true-story 13:24

I Was Swarmed By Fire Ants And Survived (True...

1 week ago     107,995 Views    
the-man-who-ate-an-airplane 09:12

The Man Who Ate An Airplane

1 week ago     63,851 Views    
what-if-you-used-100-of-your-brain-at-the-same-time 09:43

What If You Used 100% Of Your Brain At The Sa...

1 week ago     80,831 Views    
you-vs-boomer 11:53


1 week ago     81,940 Views    
did-the-us-navy-actually-teleport-a-ship 09:49

Did the US Navy Actually Teleport a Ship?

1 week ago     60,031 Views    
most-wanted-americans-by-interpol-2019 08:43

Most Wanted Americans by Interpol (2019)

1 week ago     159,975 Views    
why-ussr-had-no-serial-killers 11:04

Why USSR Had No Serial Killers

2 weeks ago     99,155 Views    
why-2020-will-be-a-horrible-year 11:19

Why 2020 Will Be a Horrible Year

2 weeks ago     231,753 Views    
how-long-would-we-have-to-live-if-the-sun-went-out 09:26

How Long Would We Have to Live if the Sun Wen...

2 weeks ago     61,761 Views    


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