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is-linux-finally-beating-windows-microsoft-windows-vs-linux-os-battle 09:29

Is Linux Finally Beating Windows? (Microsoft ...

1 day ago     35,569 Views    
aircraft-carrier-of-the-future 10:43

Aircraft Carrier of the Future?

1 day ago     75,135 Views    
the-coder-who-became-a-criminal-mastermind-paul-le-roux 19:55

The Coder Who Became A Criminal Mastermind - ...

1 day ago     243,121 Views    
why-the-black-death-the-plague-is-the-worst-thing-that-can-happen-to-you-i-am-channel-teaser 10:01

Why The Black Death (The Plague) Is The Worst...

2 days ago     123,504 Views    
stranded-at-the-top-of-mt-everest-mount-everest-disaster 13:17

Stranded At The Top of Mt. Everest - Mount Ev...

4 days ago     95,232 Views    
what-actually-happens-when-you-call-911 05:01

What Actually Happens When You Call 911?

4 days ago     168,072 Views    
you-vs-pazuzu-could-you-defeat-and-survive-pazuzu-the-exorcist-movie-funny-animation-challenge 10:04

YOU vs PAZUZU Could You Defeat and Survive Pa...

5 days ago     81,003 Views    
are-you-playing-the-losing-game-fortnite-vs-apex-vs-pubg-battle-royale-2019 08:01

Are You Playing The Losing Game: Fortnite vs ...

5 days ago     99,128 Views    
plane-mysteriously-vanishes-during-its-first-combat-mission-you-won-t-believe-where-it-was-found 08:58

Plane Mysteriously Vanishes During Its First ...

6 days ago     18,581 Views    
what-made-hikers-take-clothes-off-in-below-freezing-temps-the-dyatlov-pass-mystery 14:45

What Made Hikers Take Clothes Off In Below Fr...

1 week ago     119,125 Views    
you-will-be-surprised-how-much-these-items-cost-in-prison 09:32

You Will Be Surprised How Much These Items Co...

1 week ago     75,951 Views    
why-prisoner-proven-innocent-can-t-be-released 09:04

Why Prisoner Proven Innocent Can't Be Released

1 week ago     295,699 Views    
why-you-should-wake-up-at-5-30-am-every-day 08:40

Why You Should Wake Up At 5:30 AM Every Day

1 week ago     49,900 Views    
you-vs-freddy-fazbear-could-you-defeat-and-survive-him-five-nights-at-freddy-s-fnaf-video-game 08:19

YOU vs FREDDY FAZBEAR - Could You Defeat And ...

1 week ago     66,248 Views    
the-cruise-missile-from-hell 10:51

The Cruise Missile From Hell

1 week ago     95,089 Views    
who-actually-owns-antarctica 11:10

Who Actually Owns Antarctica?

1 week ago     21,770 Views    
smallest-crimes-that-will-get-you-the-biggest-punishments-around-the-world 06:50

Smallest Crimes That Will Get You the Biggest...

1 week ago     184,495 Views    
how-did-an-11-year-old-survive-a-plane-crash-and-climb-down-a-mountain 07:35

How Did An 11-Year-Old Survive a Plane Crash ...

1 week ago     85,566 Views    
what-will-happen-if-everyone-in-the-world-goes-blind-for-10-seconds 10:01

What Will Happen If Everyone In The World Goe...

1 week ago     127,812 Views    
she-fell-10-000-feet-and-survived-11-days-in-the-amazon-rainforest 10:49

She Fell 10,000 Feet And Survived 11 Days in ...

2 weeks ago     102,355 Views    


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