so-tight-it-barely-fits 16:48

So tight it barely fits

3 days ago     68,054 Views    
building-our-new-set 10:57

Building our new set

1 week ago     67,806 Views    
my-wife-reviews-the-gtx-1660 08:19

My wife reviews the GTX 1660

1 week ago     128,933 Views    
cable-management 10:53

Cable management

1 week ago     77,606 Views    
these-are-the-best-tube-bends-i-ve-ever-done-hotline2 08:20

THESE are the best tube bends I've ever done ...

2 weeks ago     51,977 Views    
they-sent-me-way-too-much-of-this 11:36

They sent me WAY TOO MUCH of this

2 weeks ago     158,428 Views    
saying-goodbye 10:41

Saying goodbye

3 weeks ago     301,298 Views    
he-never-expected-his-new-pc-to-look-like-this-pimpmyrig-pmr-episode4 16:31

He never expected his new PC to look like THI...

3 weeks ago     96,949 Views    
this-gaming-monitor-helps-you-cheat 10:47

This gaming monitor helps you CHEAT

1 month ago     80,493 Views    
extended-pimpmypc-epic-mail-time-more-awesome-hardware-0177-a 54:58

Extended #PimpMyPC, Epic Mail Time & More! Aw...

1 month ago     49,773 Views    
the-worst-customer-service-i-ve-ever-seen 13:26

The WORST customer service I've ever seen

1 month ago     53,467 Views    
i-ve-never-seen-glasses-like-this-before 07:26

I've never seen glasses like this before

1 month ago     50,598 Views    
this-is-what-we-waited-for 10:15

This is what we waited for?

1 month ago     53,722 Views    
amd-s-new-weapon-is-here 07:43

AMD's new weapon is here

1 month ago     54,165 Views    
why-is-this-video-card-1600 08:07

Why is this video card $1600?!

1 month ago     75,322 Views    
my-personal-dream-build-is-coming-true-hotline2-buildlog 08:54

My personal DREAM BUILD is coming true #hotli...

1 month ago     109,566 Views    
lyle-exposes-my-web-browsing-history-unforgivable 06:07


1 month ago     72,238 Views    
i-waited-three-months-to-open-this-box 12:29

I waited three months to open this box

2 months ago     97,821 Views    
bitwit-or-nitwit-celebrity-edition-ces2019 14:47

Bitwit or Nitwit CELEBRITY EDITION #CES2019

2 months ago     37,419 Views    
i-ve-outdone-myself-yet-again 08:17

I've outdone myself yet again

2 months ago     55,369 Views    


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