we-told-him-this-pc-was-for-a-client-then-reveal-it-s-for-him 09:40

We told him this PC was for a "client"...then...

1 day ago     63,350 Views    
i-ve-always-wanted-to-do-this-and-i-did 10:39

I've always wanted to do this...AND I DID!

6 days ago     191,923 Views    
i-really-don-t-have-time-for-this-emergency-pc-build 13:59

I REALLY don't have time for this - *EMERGENC...

1 week ago     53,830 Views    
this-is-what-doing-laundry-looks-like-in-2019 05:27

This is what doing LAUNDRY looks like in 2019

2 weeks ago     87,716 Views    
the-gpu-upgrade-of-his-dreams 03:02

The GPU upgrade of his DREAMS

2 weeks ago     100,212 Views    
we-haven-t-bought-this-many-toys-in-years 13:35

We haven't bought this many toys in years!

3 weeks ago     160,059 Views    
i-built-a-pc-for-20 14:28

I built a PC for $20

4 weeks ago     79,073 Views    
the-navi-card-we-deserve 10:22

The Navi card we deserve

1 month ago     84,444 Views    
they-destroyed-our-house 13:04

They destroyed our house

1 month ago     100,987 Views    
building-my-friend-s-pc-to-perfection 12:09

Building my friend's PC to perfection!

1 month ago     67,797 Views    
here-s-what-a-2-000-pc-looks-like-in-2019 09:42

Here's what a $2,000 PC looks like in 2019

1 month ago     132,521 Views    
ltx-proves-linus-is-useless 07:53

LTX proves Linus is useless

1 month ago     73,550 Views    
threadripper-s-last-chance-12-core-war-at-same-clock-speeds 10:04

Threadripper's last chance - 12-core war at s...

1 month ago     91,113 Views    
world-s-first-rtx-2080-super-build-the-terminator 10:31

World's first RTX 2080 Super build - The Term...

1 month ago     122,413 Views    
this-improved-my-wifi-by-nearly-300 11:37

This improved my WiFi by nearly 300%

2 months ago     195,074 Views    
here-s-the-deal-ryzen-3900x-3700x-9900k-9700k-benchmarks 21:07

Here's the deal (Ryzen 3900X, 3700X, 9900K, 9...

2 months ago     132,124 Views    
the-worst-video-i-ve-ever-made-not-clickbait 03:21

The worst video I've ever made (not clickbait)

2 months ago     103,554 Views    
don-t-let-intel-overclock-your-processor 11:07

Don't let Intel overclock your processor

2 months ago     112,510 Views    
buying-all-my-pc-parts-at-best-buy 12:50

Buying all my PC parts at Best Buy

2 months ago     164,025 Views    
what-did-we-do-to-deserve-this 12:22


2 months ago     166,328 Views    


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