she-challenged-me-to-a-cable-management-contest-big-mistake 14:47

She challenged me to a CABLE MANAGEMENT CONTE...

23 hours ago     36,963 Views    
rebuilding-my-high-end-pc-8-years-later-does-it-suck-now 15:51

Rebuilding my high-end PC 8 YEARS LATER. Does...

5 days ago     28,980 Views    
best-of-e3-so-far-amd-ryzen-3000-awesome-hardware-0189-a 44:09

BEST OF E3 (so far) & AMD Ryzen 3000 | Awesom...

1 week ago     30,478 Views    
amd-s-new-16-core-ryzen-9-3950x-announced 05:19

AMD's new 16-CORE Ryzen 9 3950X announced!

1 week ago     50,604 Views    
navi-pricing-let-s-recap-amd-s-e3-2019-keynote 34:19

NAVI PRICING!! Let's recap AMD's E3 2019 Keynote

1 week ago     40,837 Views    
a-lian-li-case-under-100-that-might-not-suck 10:18

A Lian Li case under $100 that might not suck

1 week ago     47,481 Views    
the-msi-x570-lineup-is-in-full-force 06:40

The MSI X570 lineup is in full force!

1 week ago     24,808 Views    
the-weirdest-case-at-computex-actually-has-some-potential 11:00

The WEIRDEST case at Computex actually has so...

1 week ago     24,105 Views    
they-found-a-way-to-ditch-the-x570-chipset-fan 05:52

They found a way to ditch the X570 chipset fan!

2 weeks ago     70,912 Views    
would-you-buy-this-ssd 08:57

Would you buy this SSD?

2 weeks ago     84,274 Views    
ek-deserves-all-of-my-money 06:26

EK deserves all of my money

2 weeks ago     58,618 Views    
they-went-full-glass 05:14

They went FULL GLASS

2 weeks ago     39,119 Views    
they-made-their-best-case-better 13:58

They made their best case BETTER

2 weeks ago     57,169 Views    
big-fans-come-in-small-packages 12:47

Big fans come in small packages...

3 weeks ago     34,155 Views    
i-think-phanteks-just-made-a-69-meshify-c-killer 12:13

I think Phanteks just made a $69 Meshify C ki...

3 weeks ago     74,623 Views    
i-hijack-my-brother-youtube-channel-to-build-you-free-pc 06:54

I HIJACK my brother youtube channel to build ...

3 weeks ago     155,727 Views    
how-i-turned-a-7-year-old-pc-into-a-285-console-killer 13:24

How I turned a 7 year old PC into a $285 cons...

3 weeks ago     50,267 Views    
i-built-a-pc-using-only-asus-rog-parts 12:02

I built a PC using ONLY Asus ROG parts

4 weeks ago     112,750 Views    
i-really-crossed-the-line-this-time 11:49

I REALLY crossed the line this time...

1 month ago     73,413 Views    
noctua-killer-chinese-rgb-fan-will-blow-you-away 10:58

NOCTUA KILLER?? Chinese RGB fan will blow you...

1 month ago     80,362 Views    


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