let-s-build-a-computer 11:39

Let's build a computer

3 days ago     29,349 Views    
how-to-blow-2-000-on-cyber-monday 29:47

How to blow $2,000 on Cyber Monday

1 week ago     55,076 Views    
why-i-m-returning-the-google-nest-hub-max 11:54

Why I'm returning the Google Nest Hub Max

1 week ago     47,305 Views    
ultimate-aesthetics-guide-to-match-pc-parts-perfectly 23:17

Ultimate AESTHETICS Guide to Match PC Parts P...

1 week ago     46,510 Views    
lyle-strikes-again-amd-slaughters-intel-again 10:52

LYLE STRIKES AGAIN!! AMD slaughters Intel...A...

2 weeks ago     45,765 Views    
an-amazing-card-for-the-rich 09:08

An AMAZING card...for the rich

2 weeks ago     43,481 Views    
her-first-pc-checkup-in-3-years-overheating 14:34

Her first PC checkup in 3 YEARS!! *OVERHEATING*

3 weeks ago     67,100 Views    
the-gaming-build-that-almost-made-me-cry 20:01

The gaming build that ALMOST made me cry...

3 weeks ago     77,110 Views    
tight-pc-budget-build-this 22:25


4 weeks ago     23,464 Views    
making-my-own-acoustic-panels-was-it-worth-it 13:52

Making my own acoustic panels...Was it worth it?

1 month ago     63,254 Views    
can-i-have-a-pc-q-returns 09:17

"cAn i HaVe A pC?" - Q RETURNS!!

1 month ago     34,074 Views    
top-5-scariest-moments-of-building-a-pc 02:17

Top 5 SCARIEST moments of building a PC!

1 month ago     64,412 Views    
well-this-is-awkward-my-golden-sample-9900k-beat-the-9900ks 07:09

Well this is awkward...My golden sample 9900K...

1 month ago     34,600 Views    
that-s-right-a-1440p-gaming-gpu-for-229-gtx-1660-super 06:18

That's right...A 1440p gaming GPU for $229!! ...

1 month ago     34,928 Views    
intel-is-selling-binned-9900ks-core-i9-9900ks-unboxing 06:47

Intel is selling BINNED 9900Ks! Core i9-9900K...

1 month ago     41,439 Views    
i-found-a-use-for-this-massive-monitor-24-7-surveillance-setup 08:09

I found a use for this MASSIVE monitor! 24/7 ...

1 month ago     28,917 Views    
i-duct-taped-my-computer-case-here-s-what-happened 10:53

I duct taped my computer case...Here's what h...

1 month ago     39,541 Views    
protecting-my-loot 12:58


1 month ago     110,002 Views    
wait-till-you-see-these-rgb-strips-powered-on-incredible 09:05

Wait till you see these RGB strips powered on...

1 month ago     81,779 Views    
two-pcs-are-better-than-one-dual-system-streaming 14:08

Two PCs are better than one! - DUAL SYSTEM ST...

2 months ago     78,048 Views    


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