800-extreme-bang-for-the-buck-gaming-pc-buildthis 24:21

$800 Extreme bang-for-the-buck gaming PC #bui...

4 months ago     46,559 Views    
brutally-honest-man-answers-21-questions-trigger-warning 05:37

Brutally honest man answers 21 questions (Tri...

4 months ago     147,342 Views    
she-finally-snapped 12:12

She finally snapped

5 months ago     38,189 Views    
reacting-to-tech-youtuber-s-most-viewed-videos-ltt-jayztwocents-gamersnexus-more 21:06

Reacting to tech YouTuber's MOST VIEWED video...

5 months ago     56,060 Views    
these-rgb-cables-are-breathtaking-but-i-have-some-critiques 10:39

These RGB cables are breathtaking (but I have...

5 months ago     82,564 Views    
reacting-to-the-worst-pc-builds-on-the-internet 11:40

Reacting to the worst PC builds on the Internet

5 months ago     100,307 Views    
rumors-about-fry-s-electronics-sent-us-on-a-wild-journey-to-find-the-truth 10:31

Rumors about Fry's Electronics sent us on a w...

5 months ago     76,044 Views    
call-911-the-rx-5600-xt-just-murdered-the-gtx-1660-ti 12:00

Call 911! The RX 5600 XT just murdered the GT...

5 months ago     52,990 Views    
my-pc-is-idling-at-100-c-for-one-stupid-reason 11:14

My PC is idling at 100°C (for one stupid reason)

5 months ago     90,451 Views    
my-3990x-dream-build-that-might-happen-10-000-budget 19:03

My 3990X dream build that MIGHT happen ($10,0...

5 months ago     44,295 Views    
12-31-2019-do-not-upload-mp4 11:31

(12-31-2019) do-NOT-upload.mp4

6 months ago     81,311 Views    
girlfriend-needs-a-new-computer-now-it-s-bad 10:02

Girlfriend needs a new computer NOW (it's bad)

6 months ago     96,160 Views    
wife-almost-rage-quits-building-a-computer-scary 19:50

Wife almost RAGE QUITS building a computer (S...

6 months ago     58,780 Views    
i-was-unsure-how-this-would-turn-out-but-wow 10:04

I was unsure how this would turn out but WOW

6 months ago     34,519 Views    
the-weirdest-flex-i-ve-ever-seen-arquus-rgb-hdmi-cable 07:08

The weirdest flex I've ever seen - Arquus RGB...

6 months ago     22,378 Views    
building-a-computer-with-drunk-goggles-ft-rx-5500-xt 17:02

Building a computer with DRUNK GOGGLES! - ft....

6 months ago     32,490 Views    
neglect-your-watercooling-loop-pay-the-price 06:21

Neglect your watercooling loop? Pay the price.

6 months ago     28,175 Views    
let-s-build-a-computer 11:39

Let's build a computer

7 months ago     29,349 Views    
how-to-blow-2-000-on-cyber-monday 29:47

How to blow $2,000 on Cyber Monday

7 months ago     42,549 Views    
why-i-m-returning-the-google-nest-hub-max 11:54

Why I'm returning the Google Nest Hub Max

7 months ago     47,305 Views    


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