Jessii Vee

these-strange-photos-keep-appearing-on-people-s-phones 10:40

These Strange Photos Keep Appearing On People...

1 day ago     91,914 Views    
please-stay-far-away-from-this-arcade-game 10:02

Please STAY FAR AWAY From This Arcade Game

5 days ago     71,870 Views    
make-sure-you-never-read-your-child-this-book 14:27

Make Sure You Never Read Your Child This Book

1 week ago     131,625 Views    
photos-that-prove-you-have-trypophobia 11:20

Photos That PROVE You Have Trypophobia

3 weeks ago     42,528 Views    
throw-out-your-old-play-doh-before-this-happens 11:38

THROW OUT Your Old Play-Doh Before This Happens!

1 month ago     201,369 Views    
coraline-doors-people-found-in-real-life 14:56

Coraline Doors People Found In Real Life

3 months ago     59,895 Views    
bird-box-challenge-staying-blindfolded 12:23


6 months ago     68,567 Views    
i-m-going-to-have-a-mysterious-skype-call 13:54

I'm Going To Have A Mysterious Skype Call...

6 months ago     34,649 Views    
i-bought-a-fart-in-a-box-from-ebay-unboxing 10:49

I Bought A Fart In A Box From Ebay | Unboxing

7 months ago     948 Views    
following-a-bob-ross-painting-tutorial-with-only-audio 13:17

Following A Bob Ross Painting Tutorial With O...

7 months ago     46 Views    
disturbing-things-we-found-in-christmas-movies 12:20

DISTURBING Things We Found In Christmas Movies

7 months ago     48 Views    
i-can-t-stop-crying 13:40

I Can't Stop Crying

7 months ago     4,496 Views    
i-had-the-world-s-worst-phone-call-skit 10:15

I Had The World's Worst Phone Call | SKIT

8 months ago     36,631 Views    
previous-owners-explain-basement-drawings-attic-man-update 14:38

Previous Owners Explain Basement Drawings | A...

8 months ago     63,342 Views    
something-happened-to-winnii-and-we-need-to-talk-about-it-storytime 24:11

Something Happened To Winnii And We Need To T...

8 months ago     77,262 Views    
trying-on-wedding-dresses-i-chose-one 13:17

Trying On Wedding Dresses (I CHOSE ONE)

8 months ago     1,881 Views    
reacting-to-scary-tik-tok-videos 11:28

Reacting To SCARY Tik Tok Videos

8 months ago     50 Views    
previous-owners-of-my-house-revealed-this-attic-man-update 12:43

Previous Owners Of My House Revealed THIS.. |...

8 months ago     1,005 Views    
unexplainable-handprint-on-my-bed-sheets-mysterious-photos 11:45

Unexplainable Handprint On My Bed Sheets | My...

8 months ago     48 Views    
mother-saw-this-on-her-nanny-cam 14:20

Mother Saw THIS On Her Nanny Cam...

8 months ago     1,945 Views    


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