Cleetus McFarland

taking-our-900hp-retired-cop-car-drifting-it-loves-it 16:44

Taking Our 900hp Retired Cop Car Drifting... ...

1 day ago     400,691 Views    
introducing-the-auction-corvette-s-version-3-0-junkyard-sorta-engine-bald-eagle-alert 17:52

Introducing the Auction Corvette's VERSION 3....

3 days ago     191,132 Views    
the-auction-corvette-attempts-an-8-second-pass-with-a-blown-engine-caught-fire 23:06

The Auction Corvette Attempts an 8 SECOND PAS...

5 days ago     349,567 Views    
the-auction-corvette-s-roll-cage-and-parachute-is-complete-jet-camino-update 16:22

The Auction Corvette's Roll Cage and Parachut...

1 week ago     286,960 Views    
leroy-version-2-5-is-insanely-fast-can-the-new-bald-eagles-run-a-seven-second-pass 27:37

Leroy Version 2.5 is INSANELY FAST! Can The N...

1 week ago     473,740 Views    
bald-eagle-alert-leroy-version-2-5-breaks-our-shop-s-dyno-record 30:10

*BALD EAGLE ALERT* Leroy Version 2.5 Breaks O...

1 week ago     291,128 Views    
leroy-version-2-5-comes-to-life-his-new-engine-setup-sounds-amazing-ready-for-big-boost 23:35

Leroy Version 2.5 COMES TO LIFE! His NEW Engi...

2 weeks ago     749,864 Views    
dropping-in-leroy-s-new-version-2-5-freedom-engine-he-s-never-looked-this-good 17:01

Dropping In Leroy's NEW Version 2.5 FREEDOM E...

2 weeks ago     378,906 Views    
introducing-leroy-version-2-5-his-new-engine-is-incredible-bald-eagle-freedom-alert 30:58

Introducing Leroy Version 2.5 - His New Engin...

3 weeks ago     275,574 Views    
our-procharged-corvette-hits-the-dyno-bald-eagles-are-angry 23:45

Our ProCharged Corvette Hits The Dyno... Bald...

3 weeks ago     388,433 Views    
assessing-damage-to-the-auction-corvette-s-third-junkyard-truck-engine 31:15

Assessing Damage to the Auction Corvette's TH...

3 weeks ago     353,540 Views    
the-auction-corvette-attempts-an-8-second-pass-project-neighbor-fire 22:12

The Auction Corvette Attempts an 8 SECOND PAS...

4 weeks ago     246,101 Views    
the-auction-corvette-goes-for-big-power-please-don-t-blow-up 30:53

The Auction Corvette Goes For BIG POWER! Plea...

1 month ago     272,034 Views    
the-auction-corvette-comes-back-to-life-w-new-4-8l-preparing-for-an-8-second-pass 25:35

The Auction Corvette Comes BACK TO LIFE w/NEW...

1 month ago     101,426 Views    
i-was-hired-to-drive-an-import-cleetus-powered-supra-vs-corvette-mustang-and-gtr 27:52

I Was Hired To Drive an Import... Cleetus Pow...

1 month ago     245,519 Views    
the-auction-corvette-s-truck-engine-is-blown-up-again-introducing-junkyard-ripper-version-2-0 25:19

The Auction Corvette's Truck Engine is BLOWN ...

1 month ago     213,662 Views    
we-used-a-supra-s-launch-control-to-burn-our-old-christmas-trees-feat-fire-department 10:23

We Used a Supra's Launch Control to BURN Our ...

1 month ago     342,584 Views    
the-auction-corvette-attempts-a-9-second-pass-first-pass-w-powerglide 20:07

The Auction Corvette Attempts a 9 SECOND PASS...

1 month ago     197,894 Views    
the-auction-corvette-s-new-transmission-is-installed-first-powerglide-rip 26:50

The Auction Corvette's NEW Transmission is IN...

1 month ago     329,095 Views    
introducing-the-mini-bogger-3000-an-off-roading-freedom-machine-almost-100-horsepower 13:40

Introducing the MINI BOGGER 3000... An Off-Ro...

1 month ago     188,411 Views    


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