Rob Dahm

4-rotor-sounds-and-feels-better-than-ever-dyno-tuning-next 10:19

4 Rotor Sounds and Feels Better Than Ever! Dy...

1 month ago     81,381 Views    
the-4-rotor-fires-up-first-try-power-steering-and-brakes 14:38

The 4 Rotor FIRES up first try! Power Steeri...

1 month ago     60,621 Views    
rebuilding-the-awd-billet-4-rotor-shes-ready-for-boost 14:32

Rebuilding the AWD Billet 4 Rotor! Shes ready...

1 month ago     53,981 Views    
aluminum-damage-everywhere-billet-4-rotor-fixed-in-3-days 23:17

Aluminum DAMAGE everywhere! Billet 4 Rotor fi...

1 month ago     58,693 Views    
we-teardown-my-55k-billet-4-rotor-secrets-of-how-to-make-hp 14:08

We TEARDOWN my $55K Billet 4 Rotor! Secrets o...

1 month ago     57,005 Views    
billet-4-rotor-lost-compression-it-ate-aluminum 18:31

Billet 4 Rotor Lost Compression. It ate Alumi...

2 months ago     81,543 Views    
the-awd-4-rotor-didn-t-like-8000-rpm-zero-pounds-of-boost 16:09

The AWD 4 Rotor didn't like 8000 RPM. Zero Po...

2 months ago     121,990 Views    
first-awd-rx-7-test-drive-wheels-finally-spin-the-same-speed 11:11

First AWD RX-7 Test Drive. Wheels finally spi...

2 months ago     82,849 Views    
first-time-a-turbo-4-rotor-has-powered-4-wheels-awd-test-passed 17:17

First Time a Turbo 4 Rotor has powered 4 Whee...

2 months ago     86,284 Views    
found-my-stolen-clutch-for-sale 05:33

Found my STOLEN Clutch For Sale!

2 months ago     28,728 Views    
how-i-built-a-real-time-awd-rx-7-push-of-a-button-attesa 13:34

How I Built a REAL TIME AWD RX-7. Push of a B...

3 months ago     19,089 Views    
the-4-rotor-turbo-manifold-is-epic-modular-for-power-upgrades 13:26

The 4 Rotor Turbo Manifold is EPIC! Modular f...

3 months ago     55,820 Views    
6-rotor-shaft-paid-for-exactly-5-years-after-the-4-rotor-on-my-birthday 15:35

6 Rotor Shaft paid for EXACTLY 5 Years after ...

3 months ago     36,585 Views    
getting-ready-for-the-awd-4-rotor-burnout-and-dyno-even-more-fuel 19:28

Getting ready for the AWD 4 Rotor Burnout and...

3 months ago     77,546 Views    
we-begin-the-first-billet-turbo-6-rotor-what-should-we-put-it-in 08:42

We begin the FIRST BILLET TURBO 6 ROTOR. Wha...

3 months ago     88,621 Views    
4-rotor-rx-7-first-passenger-test-drive-i-take-my-dad-on-the-maiden-voyage 04:21

4 Rotor RX-7 First Passenger Test Drive! I ta...

3 months ago     80,699 Views    
someone-stole-my-spare-quad-plate-clutch-out-of-my-insight 11:33

Someone Stole my Spare Quad Plate Clutch. Out...

4 months ago     186,011 Views    
first-shakedown-in-the-awd-4-rotor-rx-7-heavenly-rotary-noises 10:20

First Shakedown in the AWD 4 Rotor RX-7! Heav...

4 months ago     79,473 Views    
i-thought-i-destroyed-my-60k-engine-i-was-devastated 18:20

I thought I destroyed my $60k Engine. I was d...

4 months ago     120,743 Views    
i-drive-the-awd-4-rotor-rx-7-for-the-first-time-a-couple-feet-before-it-has-issues-lol 10:39

I DRIVE the AWD 4 Rotor RX-7 for the first ti...

4 months ago     126,669 Views    


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