Rob Dahm

4-rotor-chassis-work-and-tube-bending-22-days-until-sema 11:03

4 Rotor Chassis Work and Tube Bending! 22 Day...

1 day ago     65,798 Views    
we-cut-the-front-off-the-awd-4-rotor-rx-7-tube-time 13:22

We cut the Front off the AWD 4 Rotor RX-7! Tu...

4 days ago     76,897 Views    
we-are-going-to-sema-time-to-build-the-chassis 11:32

We are going to SEMA!! Time to build the Chas...

5 days ago     65,561 Views    
my-billet-4-rotor-roars-to-life-it-sounds-amazing 17:03

My Billet 4 Rotor ROARS to Life!! It sounds a...

6 days ago     150,770 Views    
we-build-and-test-fire-the-billet-4-rotor 21:02


1 week ago     79,149 Views    
the-4-rotor-will-have-no-fuses-to-blow-or-relays-to-wire 13:34

The 4 Rotor will have NO FUSES to Blow or REL...

1 week ago     38,441 Views    
my-106mm-turbo-lost-11-pounds-and-reduced-lag 12:49

My 106mm Turbo LOST 11 Pounds and Reduced LAG!

1 week ago     57,369 Views    
the-4-rotor-starts-this-week-ignition-system-finished 15:42

The 4 Rotor STARTS this Week! Ignition system...

2 weeks ago     41,144 Views    
i-can-watch-the-4-rotor-destroy-its-bearings-with-a-see-through-oil-filter-rat-rat-returns 13:34

I can watch the 4 Rotor Destroy its Bearings ...

2 weeks ago     31,004 Views    
half-of-the-4-rotor-makes-more-hp-than-my-3-rotor-fuel-injectors-and-ignition 16:14

HALF of the 4 Rotor makes more HP than my 3 R...

2 weeks ago     60,483 Views    
skyline-gtr-bumper-used-in-fast-and-furious-given-to-me 05:32

Skyline GTR Bumper used in Fast and Furious. ...

3 weeks ago     38,327 Views    
rats-chew-on-my-diablo-and-corvette-while-i-work-on-4-rotor-ignition 14:45

Rats CHEW on my Diablo and Corvette. While I ...

3 weeks ago     56,837 Views    
brushless-pumps-for-the-awd-4-rotor-rx-7-e85-fuel-system-build-time 17:21

BRUSHLESS Pumps for the AWD 4 Rotor RX-7. E85...

3 weeks ago     50,058 Views    
caught-a-catastrophic-failure-on-the-awd-4-rotor-before-installing-the-dry-sump-oil-pan 10:58

Caught a CATASTROPHIC Failure on the AWD 4 Ro...

3 weeks ago     74,657 Views    
unboxing-the-largest-oil-coolers-for-the-4-rotor-it-s-getting-real 14:08

Unboxing the LARGEST Oil Coolers for the 4 Ro...

4 weeks ago     45,240 Views    
everything-is-insanely-custom-on-the-awd-4-rotor-rx-7-it-s-engine-build-time 11:48

Everything is insanely custom on the AWD 4 Ro...

4 weeks ago     67,905 Views    
what-does-1-000-in-spark-plugs-look-like-for-the-4-rotor-rx-7 07:09

What does $1,000 in Spark Plugs look like for...

1 month ago     58,733 Views    
the-widest-billet-oil-pan-is-here-running-the-4-rotor-outside-of-the-awd-chassis 19:13

The WIDEST Billet Oil Pan is Here! Running th...

1 month ago     67,898 Views    
i-spent-20-000-on-a-transmission-sequential-dog-ring-air-shifted-goodness 11:10

I spent $20,000 on a TRANSMISSION. Sequential...

1 month ago     93,317 Views    
designing-the-largest-oil-pan-for-the-4-rotor-it-s-also-the-billet-engine-mounts 10:19

Designing the LARGEST Oil Pan for the 4 Rotor...

1 month ago     194,327 Views    


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