Jimmy Oakes

i-finally-bought-my-own-truck 12:30


1 day ago     37,727 Views    
hitting-the-dyno-after-ls1-big-cam-built-head-install 14:56

Hitting the dyno after LS1 BIG cam & BUILT he...

2 days ago     26,161 Views    
ls1-z32-first-start-with-big-cam 14:23


4 days ago     27,338 Views    
my-ls1-300zx-finally-gets-the-upgrades-it-deserves 16:09

My LS1 300ZX finally gets the upgrades it des...

5 days ago     34,200 Views    
i-can-t-believe-i-just-bought-this 16:35

I can’t believe I just bought this..

1 week ago     43,220 Views    
selling-a-car-i-didn-t-think-i-d-ever-get-rid-of 17:26

Selling a car I didn’t think I’d EVER get rid...

1 week ago     29,105 Views    
driving-a-new-track-favorite-one-yet 17:04

Driving a new track - FAVORITE ONE YET?!

1 week ago     37,065 Views    
new-big-change-for-the-drift-car 18:20

New BIG CHANGE for the drift car!

1 week ago     17,435 Views    
ripping-apart-my-e36-big-things-coming 12:15

Ripping apart my e36, big things coming!

2 weeks ago     28,596 Views    
putting-the-m3-to-the-test-off-with-my-old-drivetrain 14:37

Putting the m3 to the test!! + off with my ol...

2 weeks ago     31,183 Views    
i-cannot-believe-this-took-so-long 17:57

I CANNOT believe this took so long.

2 weeks ago     27,146 Views    
trying-to-start-my-bmw-m3-for-the-first-time 14:50

Trying to start my bmw m3 for the first time!

3 weeks ago     35,685 Views    
my-girlfriend-sent-her-car-off-the-highway 19:40

My girlfriend sent her car off the highway!

3 weeks ago     32,561 Views    
making-progress-with-the-m3 17:26

Making progress with the M3!

3 weeks ago     19,135 Views    
bmw-m3-gets-its-full-transplant 13:34

Bmw M3 gets its full transplant!

4 weeks ago     31,393 Views    
restoring-old-japanese-wheel-faces-i-can-t-believe-it 13:55

Restoring old Japanese wheel faces - I can’t ...

4 weeks ago     22,984 Views    
i-entered-my-first-drifting-competition 17:01

I entered my FIRST drifting COMPETITION!

1 month ago     22,984 Views    
i-can-t-believe-how-well-this-works 17:40

I can’t believe how well this works!!

1 month ago     33,615 Views    
boosted-on-a-budget-surprises-us-all 14:07

Boosted on a budget - Surprises us all!

1 month ago     33,190 Views    
first-start-up-after-four-year-project 20:13

First start up after FOUR YEAR PROJECT!!

1 month ago     36,790 Views    


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