Applied Science

drill-through-anything-conductive-with-electrical-discharge-machining 24:20

Drill through anything (conductive) with Elec...

1 week ago     40,837 Views    
testing-uv-absorption-eyewear-and-sunscreen-with-a-deuterium-light-source 20:16

Testing UV absorption eyewear and sunscreen w...

1 month ago     60,298 Views    
high-resolution-screen-printing-demystified 23:27

High-resolution screen printing demystified

1 month ago     30,068 Views    
laser-diode-self-mixing-range-finding-and-sub-micron-vibration-measurement 27:46

Laser diode self-mixing: Range-finding and su...

3 months ago     76,692 Views    
electroluminescent-paint-and-multi-channel-control-circuit 21:47

Electroluminescent paint and multi-channel co...

3 months ago     22,711 Views    
mems-oscillator-sensitivity-to-helium-helium-kills-iphones 20:43

MEMs oscillator sensitivity to helium (helium...

4 months ago     98,285 Views    
dry-water-and-burning-ice-all-about-gas-hydrates 15:49

Dry water and Burning ice: all about gas hydr...

5 months ago     49 Views    
candle-flame-is-repelled-by-magnets-and-zeeman-follow-up 09:24

Candle flame is repelled by magnets (and Zeem...

8 months ago     96 Views    
zeeman-effect-control-light-with-magnetic-fields 12:03

Zeeman Effect - Control light with magnetic f...

8 months ago     50 Views    
3d-print-your-brain-timelapse-high-res-microfluidics-custom-colors 15:02

3D print your brain, timelapse, high-res micr...

9 months ago     88 Views    
glowing-plasma-created-by-a-high-speed-jet-of-water 10:50

Glowing plasma created by a high speed jet of...

11 months ago     145 Views    
making-ybco-superconductor 19:37

Making YBCO superconductor

1 year ago     51 Views    
flashing-light-prize-2018-sunscreen-uv-and-neon 03:25

Flashing Light Prize 2018 - Sunscreen, UV, an...

1 year ago     50 Views    
glass-engineering-designing-and-making-photochromic-glass 38:18

Glass engineering - designing and making phot...

1 year ago     21,970 Views    
e-paper-hacking-fastest-possible-refresh-rate 27:55

E-paper hacking: fastest possible refresh rate

1 year ago     14,204 Views    
making-diy-gecko-tape-work-in-progress 16:49

Making DIY gecko tape - work in progress

3 years ago     103,787 Views    
high-pressure-gas-cylinder-transfer 03:55

High pressure gas cylinder transfer

4 years ago     48,007 Views    
two-laps-at-24-hours-of-lemons-sears-pointless-2013 05:15

Two laps at 24 Hours of Lemons (Sears Pointle...

5 years ago     15,150 Views    


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