this-video-card-is-not-for-the-faint-of-heart 15:23

This Video Card is NOT for the faint of heart...

16 hours ago     87,882 Views    
construction-has-begun-new-studio-part-1 11:43

Construction has begun! - New Studio Part 1

3 days ago     66,277 Views    
gaming-on-a-laptop-in-2019-razer-blade-15 16:10

Gaming on a Laptop in 2019 - Razer Blade 15

5 days ago     56,057 Views    
pc-gimmicks-vs-features-what-do-you-really-need 15:14

PC Gimmicks vs Features... What do you REALLY...

1 week ago     148,097 Views    
welcome-to-the-new-jayztwocents-hq 10:23

Welcome to the NEW JayzTwoCents HQ!

1 week ago     122,670 Views    
how-to-un-build-a-computer 16:12

How to UN-Build a Computer

2 weeks ago     70,653 Views    
how-to-install-a-pc-kill-switch 13:56

How to install a PC KILL SWITCH!

2 weeks ago     87,745 Views    
this-laptop-wouldn-t-post-here-is-how-i-fixed-it 07:54

This laptop wouldn't post... here is how I fi...

2 weeks ago     74,493 Views    
this-pc-wouldn-t-boot-you-ll-never-guess-why 12:56

This PC wouldn’t boot... you’ll never guess why!

2 weeks ago     156,693 Views    
is-nvidia-even-trying-anymore 12:10

Is NVIDIA even trying anymore?

3 weeks ago     182,327 Views    
this-is-how-i-plan-my-watercooled-builds 13:34

This is how I plan my watercooled builds!

3 weeks ago     67,722 Views    
we-ln2-cooled-an-air-cooler-don-t-try-this 09:15

We LN2 cooled an Air Cooler?! Don’t try this!

3 weeks ago     73,665 Views    
here-s-what-bottlenecking-really-looks-like 15:10

Here's what Bottlenecking REALLY looks like!

1 month ago     503,848 Views    
are-budget-builds-actually-worth-it 13:48

Are Budget builds ACTUALLY worth it?

1 month ago     37,721 Views    
computers-arent-my-only-passion 08:04

Computers arent my only passion!

1 month ago     45,480 Views    
this-laptop-is-ridiculously-fast 16:14

This laptop is RIDICULOUSLY fast!

1 month ago     81,360 Views    
ekwb-made-a-gaming-pc 14:37

EKWB made a Gaming PC??

1 month ago     120,693 Views    
amd-radeon-vii-waterblock-installed-and-overclocked 09:47

AMD Radeon VII Waterblock Installed and OVERC...

1 month ago     130,257 Views    
it-was-a-stupid-idea-but-it-worked 11:06

It was a STUPID idea... but it worked!

1 month ago     123,490 Views    
fixing-my-noob-mistake-don-t-do-this 10:28

Fixing my NOOB mistake! Don't do this...

1 month ago     69,760 Views    


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