Joana Ceddia

run-a-track-workout-with-me 10:42

Run a track workout with me

4 months ago     253,770 Views    
i-was-nocturnal-for-an-entire-week 11:50

I was nocturnal for an entire week

5 months ago     310,656 Views    
happy-birthday-mother-goose 11:48

Happy Birthday Mother Goose

5 months ago     242,406 Views    
a-deep-dive-into-the-kpop-phenomenon 20:08

A Deep Dive into the Kpop Phenomenon

5 months ago     281,974 Views    
it-is-exam-season-once-again 13:54


6 months ago     251,741 Views    
paint-with-me-ft-christmas-chaos 10:27

Paint with me ft. Christmas Chaos

6 months ago     211,455 Views    
i-ran-away-from-home-lol 10:52

I ran away from home lol

7 months ago     364,181 Views    
here-s-what-i-did-over-the-weekend 09:16

Here's what I did over the weekend

1 year ago     227,704 Views    
come-with-me-to-a-swim-meet 11:03

Come with me to a swim meet

1 year ago     334,696 Views    
meanwhile-in-canada 06:02

Meanwhile, in Canada

1 year ago     392,600 Views    
i-painted-a-starry-starry-night 09:01

I painted A Starry Starry Night

1 year ago     258,491 Views    
someone-sent-me-their-underwear-adventures-in-fanmail 11:59

Someone sent me their underwear - Adventures ...

1 year ago     687,366 Views    
24-hour-transformation-shrek-edition 09:13

24 Hour Transformation: Shrek Edition

1 year ago     725,867 Views    
dear-mom-give-me-a-dog 06:49

Dear Mom, give me a dog

1 year ago     405,486 Views    
it-is-exam-season 08:50

It is exam season.

1 year ago     315,204 Views    
the-history-of-john-cena 14:21

The History of John Cena

1 year ago     290,096 Views    
following-a-rob-boss-painting-tutorial-birdbox-edition 09:41

Following a Rob Boss painting tutorial: BIRDB...

1 year ago     296,533 Views    
a-hot-and-spicy-q 13:28


1 year ago     274,356 Views    
i-painted-the-mona-lisa 10:52

I painted the Mona Lisa

1 year ago     533,505 Views    
merry-chrystler-from-the-ceddia-family 13:11

Merry Chrystler from the Ceddia Family

1 year ago     314,045 Views    


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