B is for Build

painting-and-raptor-lining-the-totalled-raptor-its-done 19:11

Painting and Raptor Lining the Totalled Rapto...

2 days ago     39,120 Views    
got-my-salvaged-raptor-all-fixed-up 16:09

Got my Salvaged Raptor All Fixed Up!

5 days ago     35,546 Views    
driving-the-supercharged-raptor-for-the-first-time 15:48

Driving The Supercharged Raptor For The First...

1 week ago     45,608 Views    
painting-the-salvaged-huracan-the-right-way 10:49

Painting The Salvaged Huracan (The Right Way...)

2 weeks ago     37,953 Views    
2019-bifb-garage-tour-240z-gtr-huracan-evora-more 15:37

2019 BIFB Garage Tour! 240z, GTR, Huracan, Ev...

2 weeks ago     125,219 Views    
should-we-facelift-the-raptor-gen-1-gen-2-front-end-conversion 14:25

Should We Facelift The Raptor? Gen 1 ➡ Gen 2 ...

3 weeks ago     129,339 Views    
tearing-down-my-salvaged-raptor-to-find-all-the-damage 15:29

Tearing down my Salvaged Raptor to find all t...

3 weeks ago     31,683 Views    
i-bought-a-raptor-at-auction-with-a-big-secret-no-one-saw 15:46

I Bought A Raptor at Auction with a BIG Secre...

1 month ago     451,514 Views    
testing-the-lamborghini-paint-match-and-installing-a-turbine-spraying-system 13:20

Testing the Lamborghini Paint Match and Insta...

1 month ago     42,840 Views    
we-built-the-ultimate-diy-paint-booth-for-the-lamborghini-huracan 16:45

We Built The Ultimate DIY Paint Booth for the...

1 month ago     86,484 Views    
test-driving-my-multi-colored-lamborghini-huracan 16:22

Test Driving My Multi-Colored Lamborghini Hur...

1 month ago     192,683 Views    
we-fixed-the-salvage-lamborghini-huracan-soft-top 15:23

We Fixed the Salvage Lamborghini Huracan Soft...

1 month ago     125,485 Views    
auction-lamborghini-huracan-parts-are-in-and-pop-ups-are-out 23:06

Auction Lamborghini Huracan Parts Are In!! An...

1 month ago     188,274 Views    
damage-inspection-on-the-auction-lamborghini-huracan-lead-to-one-big-question 18:48

Damage Inspection on the Auction Lamborghini ...

1 month ago     184,307 Views    
i-bought-a-totaled-lamborghini-huracan-from-a-salvage-auction-i-m-going-to-rebuild-it 14:26

I Bought a Totaled Lamborghini Huracan from a...

2 months ago     199,543 Views    
will-the-gtr-make-it-1-000-miles-to-disneyland 12:09

Will the GTR Make it 1,000 Miles to Disneyland?

2 months ago     69,844 Views    
driving-the-gtr-on-the-road-for-the-first-time 20:22

Driving the GTR on the Road for the First Time!!

2 months ago     139,888 Views    
the-gtr-gets-a-carbon-fiber-wing-and-some-new-wheels 23:26

The GTR gets a Carbon Fiber Wing and Some New...

2 months ago     140,632 Views    
installing-liberty-walk-wide-body-kit-on-the-gtr 19:16

Installing Liberty Walk Wide Body Kit on the GTR

2 months ago     139,004 Views    
the-totalled-gtr-gets-a-front-end-makeover-front-lip-headlight-restoration-and-bumper-mods 17:32

The Totalled GTR gets a Front End Makeover, F...

2 months ago     117,890 Views    


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