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this-tucker-carlson-clip-will-creep-you-out 07:06

This Tucker Carlson Clip Will Creep You Out

6 days ago     25,870 Views    
kirstjen-nielsen-s-resignation-explained 08:17

Kirstjen Nielsen's Resignation EXPLAINED

2 weeks ago     59,125 Views    
alexandria-ocasio-cortez-tweets-brilliant-comeback-to-trump 03:16

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Tweets Brilliant Com...

2 weeks ago     57,786 Views    
alexandria-ocasio-cortez-claps-back-at-tucker-carlson 04:24

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Claps Back At Tucker...

3 weeks ago     18,405 Views    
alexandria-ocasio-cortez-is-on-fire-on-the-green-new-deal 07:34

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is On Fire On the Gr...

3 weeks ago     17,623 Views    
tucker-carlson-doesn-t-know-how-capitalism-works 06:18

Tucker Carlson Doesn't Know How Capitalism Works

1 month ago     28,766 Views    
trump-spends-weekend-attacking-john-mccain-s-ghost 08:05

Trump Spends Weekend Attacking John McCain's ...

1 month ago     27,473 Views    
teen-eggs-politician-for-his-hateful-comments-video 04:38

Teen Eggs Politician For His Hateful Comments...

1 month ago     52,286 Views    
alexandria-ocasio-cortez-grills-trump-stooge 09:14

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez GRILLS Trump Stooge

1 month ago     21,220 Views    
mosque-shooter-praises-trump-trump-reacts 06:48

Mosque Shooter Praises Trump, Trump Reacts

1 month ago     196,656 Views    
alexandria-ocasio-cortez-slams-entitled-rich-people 09:02

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Slams Entitled Rich ...

1 month ago     31,772 Views    
jeanine-pirro-spews-hatred-at-ilhan-omar 06:57

Jeanine Pirro Spews Hatred At Ilhan Omar

1 month ago     26,205 Views    
presidential-candidate-has-best-response-to-pence-question 04:27

Presidential Candidate Has Best Response To P...

1 month ago     25,979 Views    
jerry-falwell-jr-threatens-alexandria-ocasio-cortez 05:18

Jerry Falwell Jr. Threatens Alexandria Ocasio...

1 month ago     79,144 Views    
democrat-repeatedly-dunks-on-meghan-mccain 08:52

Democrat Repeatedly Dunks On Meghan McCain

1 month ago     20,815 Views    
alexandria-ocasio-cortez-exposes-total-scam 06:21

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Exposes Total Scam

1 month ago     46,423 Views    
kamala-harris-dodges-bernie-bait 09:20

Kamala Harris Dodges Bernie Bait

1 month ago     36,066 Views    
tucker-carlson-curses-out-guest-video 09:26

Tucker Carlson Curses Out Guest (VIDEO)

2 months ago     19,396 Views    
alexandria-ocasio-cortez-to-endorse-bernie 03:00

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez To Endorse Bernie?

2 months ago     22,040 Views    
democrats-cave-on-wall 07:17

Democrats Cave On Wall?

2 months ago     19,005 Views    


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