John Iadarola

trump-gets-owned-by-the-nra 09:36

Trump Gets OWNED By the NRA

5 days ago     18,304 Views    
trump-freak-out-cancels-blockbuster 05:13

Trump FREAK OUT Cancels Blockbuster

1 week ago     117,440 Views    
epstein-mystery-takes-tragic-turn 10:07

Epstein Mystery Takes TRAGIC Turn

1 week ago     26,322 Views    
john-iadarola-challenges-tomi-lahren 03:38

John Iadarola Challenges Tomi Lahren

2 weeks ago     23,331 Views    
trump-makes-fool-of-himself-over-mass-shooting 04:51

Trump Makes Fool of Himself Over Mass Shooting

2 weeks ago     150,910 Views    
trump-contradicts-himself-after-mass-shootings 07:26

Trump Contradicts Himself After Mass Shootings

2 weeks ago     17,504 Views    
trump-s-racism-gets-much-worse 07:24

Trump's Racism Gets MUCH Worse

4 weeks ago     130,460 Views    
video-caught-racist-attack-in-nc 06:15

Video Caught Racist Attack In NC

4 weeks ago     20,147 Views    
alexandria-ocasio-cortez-and-squad-call-in-backup 05:27

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Squad Call in Ba...

1 month ago     32,491 Views    
aoc-grills-homeland-security-chief 10:54

AOC GRILLS Homeland Security Chief

1 month ago     21,293 Views    
fox-news-livid-over-team-usa-win 11:59

Fox News LIVID Over Team USA Win

1 month ago     102,173 Views    
aoc-demolishes-kellyanne-conway 08:47

AOC DEMOLISHES Kellyanne Conway

1 month ago     308,988 Views    
aoc-confronts-protesters-at-border 06:56

AOC Confronts Protesters At Border

1 month ago     106,853 Views    
chuck-todd-s-massive-trump-fail 07:38

Chuck Todd's MASSIVE Trump Fail

2 months ago     28,760 Views    
trump-facing-new-rape-allegations 10:55

Trump Facing New Rape Allegations

2 months ago     49,152 Views    
meghan-mccain-shocked-by-who-was-at-trump-rally 06:17

Meghan McCain SHOCKED By Who Was At Trump Rally

2 months ago     61,006 Views    
alexandria-ocasio-cortez-dunks-on-trump-over-lies 08:03

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Dunks on Trump Over ...

2 months ago     67,359 Views    
alexandria-ocasio-cortez-to-endorse 04:26

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez To Endorse...

2 months ago     37,855 Views    
remembering-sarah-huckabee-sanders-worst-lies 10:28

Remembering Sarah Huckabee Sanders' WORST Lies

2 months ago     19,082 Views    
jared-kushner-s-corruption-scandal 06:47

Jared Kushner's Corruption SCANDAL

2 months ago     40,535 Views    


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