John Iadarola

geraldo-destroys-donald-trump 05:52

Geraldo DESTROYS Donald Trump

5 months ago     150,598 Views    
trump-cut-from-home-alone-magas-go-berserk 10:31

Trump Cut From Home Alone, MAGAs Go Berserk

6 months ago     167,813 Views    
eddie-murphy-s-snl-return-triggers-bill-cosby 05:59

Eddie Murphy's SNL Return TRIGGERS Bill Cosby

6 months ago     39,488 Views    
squad-wannabes-make-their-fox-news-debut 06:26

Squad Wannabes Make Their Fox News Debut

6 months ago     15,670 Views    
tucker-carlson-s-trash-attack-on-aoc 07:32

Tucker Carlson's TRASH Attack On AOC

6 months ago     23,376 Views    
breaking-kamala-harris-drops-out-of-2020-race 06:08

BREAKING: Kamala Harris Drops Out of 2020 Race

7 months ago     15,178 Views    
lisa-page-breaks-silence-on-trump-s-disgusting-behavior 08:40

Lisa Page Breaks Silence On Trump's DISGUSTIN...

7 months ago     127,144 Views    
devin-nunes-cow-case-just-got-super-embarrassing 06:15

Devin Nunes' Cow Case Just Got SUPER Embarras...

7 months ago     74,631 Views    
pete-buttigieg-s-race-record-just-got-much-worse 05:09

Pete Buttigieg's Race Record Just Got MUCH Worse

7 months ago     18,842 Views    
trump-s-massive-corruption-scheme-revealed 20:26

Trump's Massive Corruption Scheme Revealed

7 months ago     75,269 Views    
top-10-issues-with-elizabeth-warren-s-candidacy 14:42

Top 10 Issues With Elizabeth Warren's Candidacy

9 months ago     3,650 Views    
trump-feud-with-fox-gets-worse 06:35

Trump Feud With Fox Gets WORSE

9 months ago     104,019 Views    
aoc-makes-migrant-center-ceo-cry 07:59

AOC Makes Migrant Center CEO Cry

10 months ago     61,103 Views    
ice-official-runs-over-civilians 09:06

ICE Official Runs Over Civilians

10 months ago     37,939 Views    
aoc-schools-fox-news-on-business 10:29

AOC Schools Fox News On Business

11 months ago     110,843 Views    
trump-facing-new-rape-allegations 10:55

Trump Facing New Rape Allegations

1 year ago     49,152 Views    
tom-perez-says-logic-isn-t-practical 07:38

Tom Perez Says Logic Isn't "Practical"

1 year ago     9,686 Views    
billionaire-speaker-gives-best-graduation-present-ever 07:14

Billionaire Speaker Gives Best Graduation Pre...

1 year ago     3,640 Views    
200-countries-sign-anti-plastic-treaty 04:41

200 Countries Sign Anti-Plastic Treaty

1 year ago     7,760 Views    
exposed-trump-s-tax-heist 09:09

EXPOSED: Trump's Tax Heist

1 year ago     91,973 Views    


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