John Iadarola

alexandria-ocasio-cortez-to-endorse 04:26

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez To Endorse...

1 day ago     37,855 Views    
remembering-sarah-huckabee-sanders-worst-lies 10:28

Remembering Sarah Huckabee Sanders' WORST Lies

2 days ago     19,082 Views    
jared-kushner-s-corruption-scandal 06:47

Jared Kushner's Corruption SCANDAL

6 days ago     40,535 Views    
trump-lawyer-exposed-in-secret-tapes 09:26

Trump Lawyer EXPOSED In Secret Tapes

1 week ago     43,691 Views    
jared-kushner-speechless-after-reporter-s-question 06:51

Jared Kushner SPEECHLESS After Reporter's Que...

1 week ago     81,155 Views    
the-view-goes-nuts-for-elizabeth-warren 06:55

The View Goes Nuts For Elizabeth Warren

2 weeks ago     21,537 Views    
alexandria-ocasio-cortez-brilliantly-traps-ben-carson 03:59

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Brilliantly Traps Be...

3 weeks ago     223,760 Views    
billionaire-speaker-gives-best-graduation-present-ever 07:14

Billionaire Speaker Gives Best Graduation Pre...

3 weeks ago     3,640 Views    
200-countries-sign-anti-plastic-treaty 04:41

200 Countries Sign Anti-Plastic Treaty

4 weeks ago     7,760 Views    
exposed-trump-s-tax-heist 09:09

EXPOSED: Trump's Tax Heist

4 weeks ago     91,973 Views    
trump-to-his-voters-stop-complaining-about-me 06:24

Trump To His Voters: Stop Complaining About Me!

4 weeks ago     68,431 Views    
trump-s-team-falls-into-chaos 09:33

Trump's Team Falls Into Chaos

4 weeks ago     109,379 Views    
crowd-gets-deplorable-at-trump-rally 09:13

Crowd Gets DEPLORABLE At Trump Rally

1 month ago     87,165 Views    
the-view-erupts-over-bernie-sanders 08:36

"The View" Erupts Over Bernie Sanders

1 month ago     111,063 Views    
trump-ignores-black-athlete-to-congratulate-white-one 07:11

Trump Ignores Black Athlete To Congratulate W...

1 month ago     38,357 Views    
kellyanne-conway-s-deplorable-alexandria-ocasio-cortez-attack-backfires 05:11

Kellyanne Conway's Deplorable Alexandria Ocas...

1 month ago     103,442 Views    
meghan-mccain-blames-ilhan-omar-for-synagogue-shooting 06:17

Meghan McCain Blames Ilhan Omar For Synagogue...

1 month ago     37,822 Views    
this-tucker-carlson-clip-will-creep-you-out 07:06

This Tucker Carlson Clip Will Creep You Out

1 month ago     25,870 Views    
kirstjen-nielsen-s-resignation-explained 08:17

Kirstjen Nielsen's Resignation EXPLAINED

2 months ago     59,125 Views    
alexandria-ocasio-cortez-tweets-brilliant-comeback-to-trump 03:16

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Tweets Brilliant Com...

2 months ago     57,786 Views    


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