Philip DeFranco

wow-hero-stops-tragedy-caught-on-video-pewdiepie-banned-miley-cyrus-backlash-chile-protests 13:16

WOW! Hero Stops Tragedy Caught On Video, PewD...

8 hours ago     450,581 Views    
who-is-lying-ceasefire-declared-pewdiepie-snub-kim-kardashian-juul-ban-boris-new-brexit 15:27

WHO IS LYING? "Ceasefire" Declared, PewDiePie...

4 days ago     387,266 Views    
why-people-are-freaking-out-on-gina-rodriguez-mia-khalifa-mormon-church-outrage-trump-on-turkey 14:09

Why People Are Freaking Out On Gina Rodriguez...

5 days ago     599,873 Views    
massive-austin-mcbroom-allegations-ace-family-counterclaims-of-extortion-lebron-james-backlash 16:46

MASSIVE Austin McBroom Allegations, Ace Famil...

6 days ago     418,758 Views    
ridiculous-james-harden-cnn-controversy-blippi-ellen-kristen-bell-slammed-turkey-syria-worsens 19:26

RIDICULOUS! James Harden CNN Controversy, Bli...

1 week ago     670,043 Views    
why-people-are-freaking-out-about-dolan-twins-burnout-ecuador-mei-hong-kong-robert-downey-jr 13:20

Why People Are Freaking Out About Dolan Twins...

1 week ago     411,845 Views    
dear-blizzard-nba-you-re-cowards-dobre-brothers-backlash-more 17:44

Dear Blizzard & NBA, YOU'RE COWARDS! Dobre Br...

1 week ago     373,428 Views    
wow-guess-who-is-being-paid-to-repair-saudi-arabia-s-image-mcu-rdj-scorsese-trump-syria-chaos 18:20

WOW! Guess Who Is Being PAID To Repair Saudi ...

2 weeks ago     361,205 Views    
why-people-are-freaking-out-on-demi-lovato-amber-guyger-hug-debate-todd-phillips-more 17:31

Why People Are Freaking Out On Demi Lovato, A...

2 weeks ago     382,224 Views    
controversial-fake-news-law-shane-dawson-ace-family-backlash-harvard-s-huge-ruling-more 14:20

Controversial Fake News Law, Shane Dawson, Ac...

2 weeks ago     606,891 Views    
huge-youtube-allegations-scandal-nerd-city-amber-guyger-guilty-hong-kong-protests-escalate 17:00

HUGE Youtube Allegations Scandal, Nerd City, ...

2 weeks ago     367,150 Views    
woah-fake-crime-exposed-lilly-singh-backlash-carson-king-reporter-fired-tom-holland-more 15:44

WOAH! Fake Crime EXPOSED, Lilly Singh Backlas...

3 weeks ago     474,444 Views    
what-ok-joins-pepe-as-hate-symbol-cancelnyt-whistleblower-complaint-explained-david-dobrik 17:23

WHAT?! "OK" Joins Pepe as Hate Symbol, #Cance...

3 weeks ago     626,498 Views    
whoa-you-won-t-believe-this-new-carson-king-news-shane-dawson-returns-trump-impeachment-update 20:59

WHOA! You Won't Believe this NEW Carson King ...

3 weeks ago     394,122 Views    
uhoh-new-joker-controversy-trump-impeachment-whistleblower-updates-greta-thunberg-mocked 22:03

UHOH! NEW Joker Controversy, Trump Impeachmen...

3 weeks ago     474,852 Views    
seriously-6-year-old-arrested-youtube-s-big-reversal-messy-trump-biden-ukraine-scandal-explained 20:54

SERIOUSLY?! 6 Year Old Arrested, Youtube's Bi...

4 weeks ago     399,728 Views    
dear-youtube-why-huge-e-cigarette-ban-passed-ig-kardashian-crackdown-justin-trudeau-blackface 19:22

Dear Youtube, WHY?! HUGE E-Cigarette Ban Pass...

1 month ago     397,851 Views    
wow-guess-who-finally-got-arrested-liza-koshy-olivia-jade-streaming-wars-israel-election-drama 14:52

WOW! Guess Who Finally Got ARRESTED, Liza Kos...

1 month ago     437,174 Views    
uhoh-shane-gillis-andrew-yang-snl-controversy-lilly-singh-s-mixed-reviews-the-gm-strike 15:41

UHOH! Shane Gillis Andrew Yang SNL Controvers...

1 month ago     550,355 Views    
wow-anti-vaxxer-harassment-campaign-gets-weird-ksi-vs-logan-paul-sputters-bts-still-king-iran 18:21

WOW...Anti-Vaxxer Harassment Campaign Gets We...

1 month ago     444,235 Views    


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