Philip DeFranco

how-esports-became-a-1-1-billion-industry-sold-out-stadiums-huge-prize-twitch-more 16:40

How ESPORTS Became a $1.1 Billion Industry: S...

2 days ago     120,840 Views    
wow-jessica-biel-definitely-not-anti-vaxxer-wink-wink-chernobyl-influencer-fact-check-memphis 14:23

WOW! Jessica Biel Definitely NOT Anti-Vaxxer ...

3 days ago     572,819 Views    
dr-disrespect-s-illegal-bathroom-stream-gender-swap-filter-arrest-hong-kong-extradition-protest 17:10

Dr DisRespect's "Illegal Bathroom Stream", Ge...

4 days ago     770,388 Views    
why-people-are-freaking-out-about-jaclyn-hill-jojo-siwa-an-alabama-law-controversy-russia 15:33

Why People Are Freaking Out About Jaclyn Hill...

5 days ago     736,640 Views    
my-response-to-nyt-making-of-a-youtube-radical-front-page-detroit-pride-controversy-bieber 13:14

My Response To NYT "Making Of A Youtube Radic...

6 days ago     266,666 Views    
how-markiplier-bear-grylls-kimmy-schmidt-and-the-fine-bros-are-changing-the-future-of-television 14:05

How Markiplier, Bear Grylls, Kimmy Schmidt, a...

1 week ago     145,564 Views    
why-people-are-freaking-out-on-miley-cyrus-vox-walkout-the-horrible-sudan-crackdown-more 19:12

Why People Are Freaking Out On Miley Cyrus, V...

1 week ago     1,055,726 Views    
woah-is-the-new-adpocalypse-here-vox-crowder-chaos-trump-republican-tariff-tussle-more 23:13

Woah...Is The New Adpocalypse Here?! VOX Crow...

1 week ago     700,749 Views    
wow-pride-month-bishop-controversy-brings-out-h3h3-others-starbucks-coffee-cancer-ruling-more 11:17

WOW! Pride Month Bishop Controversy Brings Ou...

1 week ago     527,756 Views    
censorship-or-harassment-crackdown-steven-crowder-vs-carlos-maza-oreo-toothpaste-prank-more 14:55

CENSORSHIP or HARASSMENT Crackdown? Steven Cr...

1 week ago     488,127 Views    
no-the-influencer-bubble-is-not-bursting-israel-election-chaos-disney-georgia-cardi-b 18:11

NO! The "Influencer Bubble" Is Not BURSTING, ...

2 weeks ago     426,248 Views    
what-did-mueller-really-say-today-gamers-arrested-for-playing-pubg-tomi-lahren-vs-gillette 14:26

What Did Mueller REALLY Say Today, Gamers Arr...

2 weeks ago     677,887 Views    
the-iggy-azalea-nude-leak-and-lawsuit-threat-netflix-picks-side-in-georgia-boycott-mt-everest 14:14

The Iggy Azalea Nude Leak and Lawsuit Threat,...

2 weeks ago     489,255 Views    
why-people-are-freaking-out-about-jake-paul-s-intern-eu-election-results-memorial-day-more 15:43

Why People Are Freaking Out About Jake Paul's...

2 weeks ago     813,535 Views    
how-giant-african-rats-are-sniffing-out-landmines-and-saving-lives 13:25

How Giant African Rats Are Sniffing Out Landm...

3 weeks ago     183,738 Views    
silicon-valley-bezos-more-why-patagonia-is-causing-tech-and-finance-bros-to-panic 10:15

Silicon Valley, Bezos & More! Why Patagonia I...

3 weeks ago     402,974 Views    
wow-leaked-trash-contract-exposes-a-lot-tfue-faze-what-india-s-election-results-mean-more 16:07

WOW! Leaked "TRASH CONTRACT" Exposes A Lot, T...

3 weeks ago     768,712 Views    
parents-poisoning-their-children-to-cure-autism-part-of-youtube-cancel-culture-being-canceled 15:08

Parents Poisoning Their Children To "Cure" Au...

3 weeks ago     823,443 Views    
the-tfue-faze-clan-lawsuit-could-massively-change-the-future-of-entertainment-scam-alert-more 16:44

The Tfue FaZe Clan Lawsuit Could Massively Ch...

3 weeks ago     959,651 Views    
the-james-charles-controversy-being-swept-under-the-rug-is-strange-and-troubling-got-finale-more 15:46

The James Charles Controversy Being Swept Und...

3 weeks ago     664,898 Views    


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