Philip DeFranco

why-people-are-freaking-out-about-margot-robbie-bloombergisracist-audio-roger-stone-more 17:21

Why People Are Freaking Out About Margot Robb...

5 months ago     574,806 Views    
wow-parasite-oscar-win-freakout-how-logan-paul-did-it-twitter-smacks-down-nancy-pelosi-more 14:19

WOW! Parasite Oscar Win FREAKOUT, How Logan P...

5 months ago     365,589 Views    
gayle-king-kobe-bryant-backlash-traitor-allegations-more-idk-everyone-seems-to-hate-each-other 14:44

Gayle King Kobe Bryant BACKLASH & "Traitor" A...

5 months ago     389,236 Views    
disgusting-coronavirus-prank-michelle-khare-polarizing-sotu-final-vote-trump-acquitted 17:51

DISGUSTING! Coronavirus Prank, Michelle Khare...

5 months ago     324,828 Views    
wow-leaked-johnny-depp-amber-heard-audio-sparks-outrage-iowa-caucus-confusion-coronavirus-news 18:58

WOW! LEAKED Johnny Depp Amber Heard Audio Spa...

5 months ago     410,410 Views    
what-this-new-coronavirus-news-really-means-lil-nas-x-rant-response-american-dirt-controversy 16:12

What This NEW Coronavirus News REALLY Means, ...

6 months ago     405,447 Views    
wow-nikkietutorials-shocking-blackmail-gus-johnson-kobe-bryant-washington-post-tweet-backlash 14:06

WOW! NikkieTutorials Shocking BLACKMAIL, Gus ...

6 months ago     446,161 Views    
ridiculous-this-dua-lipa-scandal-is-idiotic-frozen-embryo-debate-new-middle-east-peace-plan 12:37

RIDICULOUS! This Dua Lipa "Scandal" Is Idioti...

6 months ago     803,291 Views    
onision-s-strange-messy-legal-dismissal-kobe-bryant-s-heartbreaking-helicopter-crash-more 21:44

Onision's STRANGE & Messy Legal Dismissal, Ko...

6 months ago     423,827 Views    
wow-joe-rogan-robert-downey-jr-controversy-backlash-virginia-protests-bills-brexit-is-law 13:11

WOW! Joe Rogan Robert Downey Jr. CONTROVERSY ...

6 months ago     419,685 Views    
horrifying-new-phone-hack-claims-tulsi-gabbard-sues-hillary-clinton-for-50-million-jeff-bezos 16:27

HORRIFYING! New Phone HACK Claims, Tulsi Gabb...

6 months ago     354,407 Views    
the-disturbing-onision-problem-updates-clinton-bashes-bernie-coronavirus-australia-iran-more 17:15

The DISTURBING Onision Problem UPDATES, Clint...

6 months ago     599,821 Views    
wow-i-can-t-believe-this-is-still-a-thing 04:08

WOW! I Can’t Believe This Is Still A Thing...

6 months ago     367,841 Views    
uhoh-camila-cabello-s-new-backlash-controversy-youtube-money-revealed-goodbye-for-a-bit 20:06

UHOH! Camila Cabello's NEW BACKLASH & Controv...

7 months ago     568,387 Views    
wow-huge-faceapp-security-controversy-baby-shark-vs-homeless-people-the-trump-aoc-pelosi-mess 18:28

Wow! HUGE FaceApp Security Controversy, Baby ...

1 year ago     447,265 Views    
money-politics-and-fake-news-how-the-doj-is-using-an-obscure-law-to-fight-back 12:23

Money, Politics, and Fake News: How the DOJ i...

1 year ago     504,951 Views    
libya-facing-huge-crisis-following-civil-war-and-renegade-general-haftar-s-takeover-attempt 13:14

Libya Facing HUGE Crisis Following Civil War ...

1 year ago     310,960 Views    
james-charles-controversy-fallout-gains-the-alabama-ban-what-happens-next-explained-more 13:43

James Charles Controversy $$ Fallout & Gains,...

1 year ago     1,150,437 Views    
what-doctors-and-the-fda-aren-t-telling-you-about-the-dangers-of-breast-implants 25:51

What Doctors and the FDA Aren’t Telling You A...

1 year ago     609,821 Views    
ridiculous-tom-ford-melania-trump-fake-news-can-google-stadia-defeat-input-lag-russian-censors 12:19

RIDICULOUS Tom Ford Melania Trump Fake News, ...

1 year ago     706,664 Views    


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