Philip DeFranco

meet-deborah-sue-culwell-she-s-a-monster-britney-spears-explaining-996-censorship-protests 15:50

Meet Deborah Sue Culwell. She's a Monster. Br...

21 hours ago     173,980 Views    
why-france-recognized-lightsaber-dueling-as-an-official-sport 07:55

Why France Recognized Lightsaber Dueling As A...

1 day ago     134,753 Views    
teen-slam-caught-on-cam-ukraine-s-comedian-president-pewdiepie-youtube-ban-sri-lanka 18:01

Teen Slam Caught on Cam, Ukraine's Comedian P...

1 day ago     846,680 Views    
how-kylie-jenner-jeffree-star-social-media-are-massively-changing-the-makeup-industry 12:09

How Kylie Jenner, Jeffree Star, & Social Medi...

5 days ago     604,238 Views    
why-the-trump-white-house-cancelled-must-see-tv 08:07

Why The Trump White House Cancelled "Must-See...

1 week ago     534,733 Views    
consent-condom-backlash-logan-paul-alex-jones-sparks-debate-wikileaks-julian-assange-arrest 15:05

"Consent Condom" Backlash, Logan Paul Alex Jo...

1 week ago     738,886 Views    
wow-nipsey-hussle-scalpers-more-jeffree-star-theft-israel-election-nyc-measles-emergency 14:36

Wow... Nipsey Hussle Scalpers, More Jeffree S...

1 week ago     570,403 Views    
social-media-censorship-college-scam-prison-time-allison-mack-guilty-burgerking-backlash-more 17:07

Social Media Censorship, College Scam Prison ...

2 weeks ago     723,040 Views    
corruption-scandal-libel-now-expulsion-trudeau-s-canadian-implosion-blackpink-much-more 12:18

Corruption, Scandal, Libel & Now Expulsion?! ...

2 weeks ago     735,699 Views    
what-prince-harry-s-fortnite-ban-new-rushed-censorship-law-trump-pulls-back-on-border-more 13:32

WHAT?! Prince Harry's Fortnite Ban, New Rushe...

2 weeks ago     526,711 Views    
conor-mcgregor-backlash-the-jeffree-star-multi-million-dollar-makeup-heist-doj-protects-netflix 14:50

Conor McGregor Backlash, The Jeffree Star Mul...

2 weeks ago     529,940 Views    
why-this-bieber-backlash-is-ridiculous-khashoggi-payoffs-nipsey-hussle-update-brexit 14:56

Why This Bieber Backlash Is Ridiculous, Khash...

3 weeks ago     529,866 Views    
why-a-deadly-virus-spreading-rapidly-in-prisons-has-america-looking-to-netflix-for-the-answer 15:02

Why A Deadly Virus Spreading Rapidly In Priso...

3 weeks ago     407,268 Views    
pewdiepie-s-congratulations-trojan-horse-beyonce-outrage-nipsey-hussle-wild-ukraine-election 14:41

PewDiePie's "Congratulations" Trojan Horse, B...

3 weeks ago     629,318 Views    
who-youtube-s-new-crackdown-is-hurting-why-venezuela-might-get-even-crazier-facebook-s-new-ban 17:27

Who Youtube's New Crackdown Is Hurting, Why V...

3 weeks ago     479,246 Views    
jordan-peele-hates-white-men-clickbait-brunei-is-beacon-of-equality-accidental-article-13-vote 15:45

Jordan Peele Hates White Men Clickbait, Brune...

3 weeks ago     498,466 Views    
the-massive-maternal-mortality-crisis-in-america-explained 22:10

The Massive Maternal Mortality Crisis In Amer...

3 weeks ago     378,031 Views    
why-people-are-freaking-out-about-cardi-b-anti-vax-state-of-emergency-thailand-elections 15:35

Why People Are Freaking Out About Cardi B, An...

3 weeks ago     750,289 Views    
the-jussie-smollett-scandal-s-new-twists-corruption-accusations-pewdiepie-article-13 14:51

The Jussie Smollett Scandal's New Twists & Co...

4 weeks ago     597,507 Views    
the-future-of-augmented-reality-our-data-privacy-problem-how-it-could-change-our-lives 13:03

The Future of Augmented Reality, Our Data Pri...

4 weeks ago     72,318 Views    


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