attack-of-savage-puppies 02:23

Attack of Savage Puppies

1 day ago     39,451 Views    
oh-no-is-shiro-sick 03:09

Oh no, is Shiro sick?

2 days ago     105,698 Views    
life-with-kids-be-like 02:51

Life with Kids be like:

3 days ago     62,015 Views    
my-dog-doesn-t-like-to-be-handled-he-gets-amgery 02:37

My dog doesn't like to be handled he gets AMGERY

5 days ago     37,928 Views    
suki-exe-b-a-m-b-o-o-z-l-e-d 01:50

Suki.exe B A M B O O Z L E D

1 week ago     37,524 Views    
wot-dis 02:05


1 week ago     51,343 Views    
daddo-demands-respecc 02:05

Daddo demands Respecc

1 week ago     45,877 Views    
hooman-is-amgery-at-shiro 01:39

Hooman is AMGERY at Shiro

2 weeks ago     55,814 Views    
i-n-s-o-l-e-n-c-e 02:41


2 weeks ago     50,455 Views    
daddo-ate-his-puppies-yummies-he-is-in-trouble 01:33

Daddo Ate His Puppies Yummies & He Is In Trou...

2 weeks ago     28,564 Views    
will-shiro-finally-accept-his-puppies 02:41

Will Shiro Finally Accept his Puppies?

3 weeks ago     39,920 Views    
puppies-react-to-butterfly-aka-skybuggo 02:40

Puppies React to Butterfly (aka Skybuggo)!

3 weeks ago     40,712 Views    
kenzo-absolute-c-h-a-o-s 02:50

Kenzo = absolute C H A O S !

3 weeks ago     53,493 Views    
kai-got-sad 01:49

Kai got sad =(

3 weeks ago     32,276 Views    
potat-got-spooked-x-files-edition 03:07

Potat got spooked! X-files edition

4 weeks ago     47,673 Views    
daddo-is-improving-his-relationship-with-potats 01:34

Daddo is Improving his Relationship with Potats

1 month ago     41,760 Views    
shiro-is-gud-husbun-but-bad-fatho 03:08

Shiro is gud husbun but bad fatho

1 month ago     60,575 Views    
shiro-on-the-phone 00:49

Shiro on the Phone

1 month ago     37,145 Views    
potats-react-to-sold-food 02:57

Potats react to sold food

1 month ago     43,345 Views    
potats-disrespecc-mom 03:47

Potats disrespecc Mom

1 month ago     58,137 Views    


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