shiro-breaks-his-haart-shiba-inu-puppies-with-captions 03:47

Shiro breaks his haart Shiba Inu puppies (wi...

1 week ago     53,543 Views    
the-origin-of-potats-shiba-inu-puppies-with-captions 02:57

The origin of Potats! Shiba Inu puppies (with...

1 week ago     85,153 Views    
hungriness-consums-me-shiba-inu-puppies-with-captions 01:48

Hungriness consums me - Shiba Inu puppies (wi...

1 week ago     67,178 Views    
puppy-annoys-dad-shiba-inu-puppies-with-captions 01:52

Puppy annoys dad - Shiba Inu puppies (with ca...

1 week ago     56,985 Views    
adorable-moment-between-mom-potat-shiba-inu-puppies-with-captions 02:17

Adorable moment between mom & potat / Shiba I...

1 week ago     98,287 Views    
potat-henlo-daddo-shiro-insolent 03:25

Potat: henlo daddo, Shiro: Insolent

2 weeks ago     55,891 Views    
the-other-side-of-shiro-loving-a-potat-shiba-inu-puppies-with-captions 03:23

The other side of Shiro - loving a potat! Shi...

2 weeks ago     77,077 Views    
potat-manages-to-pee-pee-on-d-carpet-shiba-inu-puppies-with-captions 01:37

Potat manages to pee pee on d carpet! Shiba I...

2 weeks ago     30,217 Views    
amgery-daddo-the-return-ep12-shiba-inu-puppies-with-captions 01:48

AMGERY daddo - the return Ep12 / Shiba Inu pu...

2 weeks ago     42,343 Views    
mom-got-amgery-shiba-inu-puppies-with-captions 02:12

Mom got AMGERY / Shiba Inu puppies (with capt...

2 weeks ago     50,567 Views    
dey-disguise-der-insolence-wit-hooman-shiro-2019-shiba-inu-puppies-with-captions 04:25

Dey disguise der insolence wit hooman ~ Shiro...

2 weeks ago     55,617 Views    
daddo-is-having-a-moment-shiba-inu-puppies-with-captions 02:10

Daddo is having a moment / Shiba Inu puppies ...

3 weeks ago     56,908 Views    
dey-stincc-dey-stalcc-as-dey-do-der-wobbly-walcc-shiba-inu-puppies-with-captions 03:03

Dey stincc dey stalcc as dey do der wobbly wa...

3 weeks ago     43,955 Views    
potats-crackin-jokes-about-daddo-shiba-inu-puppies-with-captions 02:00

Potats crackin jokes about Daddo / Shiba Inu ...

3 weeks ago     86,622 Views    
hooman-is-ded-again-hecc-shiba-inu-puppies 03:09

Hooman is ded ...again. Hecc / Shiba Inu puppies

3 weeks ago     49,398 Views    
he-clever-as-hecc-shiba-inu-puppies-with-captions 02:22

He clever as hecc / Shiba Inu puppies (with c...

3 weeks ago     30,527 Views    
potats-meets-water-for-the-1st-time-shiba-inu-puppies-with-captions 02:16

Potats meets water for the 1st time. Shiba In...

3 weeks ago     44,916 Views    
mom-pley-ded-with-potats-shiba-inu-puppies-with-captions 02:59

Mom pley ded with potats - Shiba Inu puppies ...

4 weeks ago     77,999 Views    
happy-4th-birthday-suki-watch-till-the-end-shiba-inu 14:20

Happy 4th birthday SUKI (watch till the end!)...

1 month ago     73,766 Views    
demonicc-kenzo-actibated-shiba-inu-puppies-with-captions 01:48

*Demonicc Kenzo actibated* Shiba Inu puppies ...

1 month ago     53,033 Views    


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