Brick Experiment Channel

making-a-drone-with-lego-motors-and-propellers 12:25

Making a Drone with Lego Motors and Propellers

2 months ago     116,273 Views    
100-wheel-lego-vehicle 04:42

100 Wheel Lego Vehicle

5 months ago     42,597 Views    
building-and-testing-a-lego-powered-submarine 13:30

Building and Testing a Lego-powered Submarine

8 months ago     379,951 Views    
shredding-paper-with-lego-gears 07:31

Shredding Paper with Lego Gears

10 months ago     50,547 Views    
testing-a-lego-compatible-steel-axle 06:17

Testing a Lego-compatible Steel Axle

1 year ago     98,623 Views    
lego-press-vs-barbie-head-and-other-things 04:18

Lego Press vs Barbie Head and Other Things

1 year ago     86 Views    
building-and-testing-a-lego-press 06:13

Building and Testing a Lego Press

1 year ago     3,078,386 Views    
2-5-hours-developing-a-lego-mechanical-press-no-talking-asmr-ish 2:38:13

2.5 Hours Developing a Lego Mechanical Press ...

1 year ago     89 Views    
spinning-contest-with-10-lego-wheels 05:03

Spinning Contest with 10 Lego Wheels

1 year ago     111 Views    
testing-lego-worm-gear-high-torque-performance 06:13

Testing Lego Worm Gear HIGH TORQUE Performance

1 year ago     50 Views    
spinning-a-lego-wheel-faster 05:18

Spinning a Lego Wheel FASTER

1 year ago     4,116,804 Views    
testing-lego-gear-and-pulley-systems-part-2 08:54

Testing Lego gear and pulley systems - part 2

1 year ago     73 Views    
spinning-a-lego-wheel-fast 02:46

Spinning a Lego Wheel FAST

1 year ago     33 Views    
what-happens-if-you-twist-lego-axle-hard 03:05

What Happens If You TWIST Lego Axle HARD?

1 year ago     7 Views    


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