grandma-catches-tech-scammer-lying-he-can-t-recover 17:40

Grandma Catches Tech Scammer Lying & He Can't...

4 days ago     41,920 Views    
angry-refund-scammers-vs-fake-bank-account 29:00

Angry Refund Scammers VS Fake Bank Account

6 days ago     18,166 Views    
roku-scammer-finds-network-infections-everywhere 15:55

Roku Scammer Finds Network Infections Everywhere

1 week ago     18,610 Views    
dating-support-scammer-completely-fails 13:43

Dating Support Scammer Completely Fails

1 week ago     25,284 Views    
fake-federal-grant-scammer-loses-her-cool 19:01

Fake Federal Grant Scammer Loses Her Cool

2 weeks ago     21,046 Views    
scammer-pretends-he-s-a-pizza-company-from-space 10:09

Scammer Pretends He's A Pizza Company (From S...

2 weeks ago     17,265 Views    
tech-scammers-struggle-with-basic-math 14:06

Tech Scammers Struggle With Basic Math

3 weeks ago     54,575 Views    
tech-scammer-rages-after-wasting-one-hour-with-granny 06:36

Tech Scammer Rages After Wasting One Hour Wit...

3 weeks ago     26,270 Views    
scammers-discover-my-fake-bank-lose-their-minds 07:50

Scammers Discover My Fake Bank & Lose Their M...

3 weeks ago     502,363 Views    
crafty-tech-scammer-keeps-spewing-lies 22:37

Crafty Tech Scammer Keeps Spewing Lies

1 month ago     38,911 Views    
sad-tech-scammer-can-t-defrag-windows-pc 24:02

Sad Tech Scammer Can't Defrag Windows PC

1 month ago     17,580 Views    
fake-geek-squad-tech-support-scammers-exposed-full-call 44:50

Fake Geek Squad Tech Support Scammers Exposed...

1 month ago     21,340 Views    
unhappy-tech-scammer-meets-grant-scammer-highlight 11:52

Unhappy Tech Scammer Meets Grant Scammer [Hi...

1 month ago     27,245 Views    
angry-zero-interest-credit-card-scammer-won-t-relax 21:02

Angry Zero Interest Credit Card Scammer Won't...

1 month ago     19,171 Views    
tech-scammer-gives-up-scamming-grandma-full-call 48:12

Tech Scammer Gives Up Scamming "Grandma" [Ful...

1 month ago     17,548 Views    
marriage-proposal-during-tech-support-scam 38:57

Marriage Proposal During Tech Support Scam

1 month ago     18,930 Views    
tech-support-scammer-gets-angry-with-fake-bank 39:16

Tech Support Scammer Gets Angry With Fake Bank

1 month ago     34,345 Views    
are-all-tech-scammers-named-jerry 18:23

Are All Tech Scammers Named Jerry?

2 months ago     23,652 Views    
old-lady-makes-tech-scammer-lose-her-mind 13:26

Old Lady Makes Tech Scammer Lose Her Mind

2 months ago     24,406 Views    
tech-scammers-fighting-each-other-for-500-ep-3 22:51

Tech Scammers Fighting Each Other For $500 (E...

2 months ago     19,754 Views    


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