scam-backfires-when-i-redeem-1-000-in-gift-cards 29:16

Scam Backfires When I Redeem $1,000 In Gift C...

6 days ago     277,424 Views    
i-was-accidentally-sent-40-000-so-i-played-along 37:10

I Was "Accidentally" Sent $40,000 - So I Play...

1 week ago     125,765 Views    
sketchy-airline-scam-sells-flights-over-area-51 14:23

Sketchy Airline Scam Sells Flights Over Area 51

2 weeks ago     70,379 Views    
tinder-scammers-can-disable-left-swiping-on-my-profile 33:14

Tinder Scammers Can Disable Left Swiping On M...

2 weeks ago     34,662 Views    
scammer-plays-simon-says-thinking-i-m-80-years-old 20:01

Scammer Plays "Simon Says" Thinking I'm 80+ Y...

2 weeks ago     20,416 Views    
angry-refund-scammer-can-t-keep-his-cool 34:04

Angry Refund Scammer Can't Keep His Cool

3 weeks ago     103,662 Views    
imagine-spending-2-hours-stealing-from-a-fake-bank 47:49

Imagine Spending 2 Hours Stealing From A Fake...

1 month ago     176,728 Views    
52-hackers-were-found-on-my-network-by-scammers 23:59

52 Hackers Were Found On My Network (by scamm...

1 month ago     38,261 Views    
what-happens-when-you-hire-a-dark-web-hacker 23:06

What Happens When You Hire A "Dark Web" Hacker?

1 month ago     68,730 Views    
what-happens-when-a-40-000-scam-goes-wrong 20:02

What Happens When A $40,000 Scam Goes Wrong?

1 month ago     136,998 Views    
tech-scammer-shares-his-fake-life-in-california 26:10

Tech Scammer Shares His (Fake) Life In Califo...

1 month ago     33,681 Views    
what-happens-when-you-trick-google-scammers 24:24

What Happens When You Trick Google Scammers

1 month ago     71,713 Views    
furious-tech-scammer-rages-over-fake-bank 14:19

Furious Tech Scammer Rages Over Fake Bank

1 month ago     36,509 Views    
i-ve-never-been-this-embarrassed-before-reddit-scam 20:58

I've Never Been This Embarrassed Before (Redd...

2 months ago     12,710 Views    
scammers-thought-they-were-talking-to-a-real-bank 34:18

Scammers Thought They Were Talking To A Real ...

2 months ago     45,796 Views    
binary-option-scammers-owe-me-103-000 13:26

Binary Option Scammers Owe Me $103,000

2 months ago     20,310 Views    
new-google-cold-call-scam-exposed 12:11

New Google Cold Call Scam Exposed

2 months ago     65,525 Views    
these-tech-scammers-can-t-figure-out-what-to-say 22:58

These Tech Scammers Can't Figure Out What To Say

2 months ago     16,835 Views    
taking-social-security-scammers-to-court 21:34

Taking Social Security Scammers To Court

2 months ago     72,387 Views    
how-to-outsmart-angry-refund-scammers 19:06

How To Outsmart Angry Refund Scammers

2 months ago     37,717 Views    


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