back-in-canada-so-much-has-changed 10:13

Back in Canada So Much has Changed

2 months ago     35,867 Views    
i-stayed-at-the-best-airbnb-in-tokyo-vlogmas-day-3 11:45

I Stayed at the BEST AirBnb in Tokyo Vlogmas...

3 months ago     22,466 Views    
day-in-kamakura-japan-s-street-food-heaven 13:18

Day in Kamakura Japan's Street Food Heaven

4 months ago     41,148 Views    
i-m-in-korea 18:19

I'm in Korea

6 months ago     17,681 Views    
it-s-been-a-tough-month 13:29

It's Been a Tough Month

8 months ago     90,769 Views    
what-it-s-like-taking-the-japanese-bullet-train-to-work 11:29

What it's Like Taking the Japanese Bullet Tra...

9 months ago     80,284 Views    
my-new-job-in-tokyo 10:47

My New Job in Tokyo

1 year ago     86,278 Views    
why-i-m-moving-back-to-japan 10:31

Why I'm Moving Back to Japan

1 year ago     230,669 Views    
10-reasons-not-to-go-to-tokyo 16:49


1 year ago     23,968 Views    
japanese-arcade-games-from-the-future 08:00

Japanese Arcade Games FROM THE FUTURE

1 year ago     21,673 Views    
why-i-m-back-in-japan 17:00

Why I'm Back in Japan

1 year ago     42,510 Views    
day-in-my-life-vancouver-edition 16:13

DAY IN MY LIFE | Vancouver Edition

1 year ago     50,715 Views    
japanese-ear-wax-cleaning-salon-full-experience 10:04

Japanese Ear Wax Cleaning Salon: FULL EXPERIENCE

1 year ago     49 Views    
typical-day-in-my-life-in-korea 20:41

Typical Day in My Life in Korea

1 year ago     49 Views    
live-what-we-love-about-living-in-korea 1:05:44

LIVE: What We Love About Living in Korea

1 year ago     6,859 Views    
responding-to-your-comments-about-my-husband 10:23

Responding to Your Comments About my Husband

1 year ago     29 Views    
finally-showing-my-husband-s-face 10:41

Finally Showing My Husband's Face ❤️

1 year ago     39,894 Views    
huge-costume-party-in-gangnam-seoul-um-yes-plz 12:39

HUGE Costume Party in Gangnam, Seoul?? Um yes...

1 year ago     48 Views    
korean-loft-apartment-tour-what-i-bought-with-my-birthday-money 12:40

Korean Loft Apartment Tour + What I Bought wi...

1 year ago     82,608 Views    
a-spring-day-at-seokchon-lake-봄날 16:24

A Spring Day at Seokchon Lake 봄날

1 year ago     50 Views    


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