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this-puppy-becomes-viral-sensation-because-of-her-sleeping-position 01:49

This Puppy Becomes Viral Sensation Because of...

2 days ago     61,763 Views    
abandoned-kitten-found-barely-able-to-walk-with-makeshift-casts 02:02

Abandoned Kitten Found Barely Able To Walk Wi...

4 days ago     45,203 Views    
this-cat-with-ehlers-danlos-syndrome-finally-finds-forever-home 02:18

This Cat With Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome Finally ...

1 week ago     48,341 Views    
kittens-can-t-stop-cuddling-with-the-police-officer-who-saved-them 01:48

Kittens Can't Stop Cuddling With The Police O...

1 week ago     127,286 Views    
this-dog-has-cutest-reaction-after-accidentally-ripping-up-his-favorite-pillow 01:47

This Dog Has Cutest Reaction After Accidental...

2 weeks ago     48,139 Views    
cat-accidentally-presses-button-on-her-mom-laptop-then-wins-something-special 01:57

Cat Accidentally Presses Button on Her Mom La...

3 weeks ago     38,169 Views    
dog-ends-up-alone-at-the-shelter-after-every-other-dog-is-adopted 01:52

Dog Ends Up Alone At The Shelter After Every ...

3 weeks ago     11,394 Views    
woman-receives-a-note-from-stranger-discovers-her-cat-has-a-secret-admirer 01:48

Woman Receives A Note From Stranger, Discover...

4 weeks ago     39,903 Views    
stray-kitten-walks-up-to-a-woman-with-a-dog-and-meowing-for-love 01:41

Stray Kitten Walks Up To A Woman With a Dog A...

4 weeks ago     31,958 Views    
paralyzed-dog-abandoned-on-street-with-broken-wheelchair-and-a-note 02:38

Paralyzed Dog Abandoned On Street With Broken...

1 month ago     301,814 Views    
this-kitten-can-t-stop-smiling-after-she-gets-rescued 02:27

This Kitten Can't Stop Smiling After She Gets...

1 month ago     44,910 Views    
a-cat-destroys-owner-s-earphones-and-brings-back-a-snake-to-apologise 01:34

A Cat Destroys Owner's Earphones And Brings B...

1 month ago     72,129 Views    
this-cat-is-going-viral-for-being-the-most-dramatic-reactions 02:03

This Cat Is Going Viral for Being the Most Dr...

1 month ago     50,625 Views    
cat-who-lived-in-cardboard-box-finally-finds-someone-that-loves-her 01:59

Cat Who Lived In Cardboard Box, Finally Finds...

1 month ago     35,684 Views    
cats-see-each-other-every-day-through-window-and-became-best-friends 01:39

Cats See Each Other Every Day Through Window ...

1 month ago     31,080 Views    
man-is-suprised-when-his-dead-cat-returns-home-alive-hours-after-funeral 02:04

Man Is Suprised When His Dead Cat Returns Hom...

1 month ago     64,310 Views    
a-woman-suprised-after-she-found-out-her-man-was-building-a-bed-for-their-cat-not-for-them 02:33

A Woman Suprised After She Found Out Her Man ...

1 month ago     78,662 Views    
man-recovering-from-surgery-wakes-up-finds-a-strange-cat-snuggling-him 01:31

Man Recovering From Surgery Wakes Up Finds A ...

1 month ago     28,700 Views    
stray-kitten-wanders-into-someone-s-apartment-and-finds-his-new-family 01:29

Stray Kitten Wanders Into Someone’s Apartment...

1 month ago     52,716 Views    
a-dying-puppy-walked-up-to-a-man-hoping-he-will-be-the-one-to-save-his-life 02:18

A Dying Puppy Walked Up To A Man Hoping He Wi...

2 months ago     48,711 Views    


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