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man-recovering-from-surgery-wakes-up-finds-a-strange-cat-snuggling-him 01:31

Man Recovering From Surgery Wakes Up Finds A ...

1 day ago     28,700 Views    
stray-kitten-wanders-into-someone-s-apartment-and-finds-his-new-family 01:29

Stray Kitten Wanders Into Someone’s Apartment...

3 days ago     52,716 Views    
a-dying-puppy-walked-up-to-a-man-hoping-he-will-be-the-one-to-save-his-life 02:18

A Dying Puppy Walked Up To A Man Hoping He Wi...

5 days ago     48,711 Views    
this-kitten-still-keeps-protecting-his-brother-after-rescued-from-wildfires 02:02

This Kitten Still Keeps Protecting His Brothe...

1 week ago     35,394 Views    
this-cat-decides-to-go-live-in-the-sink-when-his-owner-fosters-a-dog 01:37

This Cat Decides To Go Live In The Sink When ...

2 weeks ago     37,356 Views    
blind-golden-retriever-gets-a-seeing-eye-puppy-after-losing-his-sight 01:54

Blind Golden Retriever Gets A 'Seeing-Eye' Pu...

2 weeks ago     28,961 Views    
man-hated-cats-until-he-accidentally-met-a-kitten-it-changed-his-life 02:49

Man Hated Cats Until He Accidentally Met A Ki...

2 weeks ago     55,386 Views    
a-dog-with-separation-anxiety-has-found-the-funniest-replacement-when-his-dad-is-away 02:07

A Dog With Separation Anxiety Has Found The F...

2 weeks ago     36,255 Views    
rescued-dog-always-leaves-half-of-his-food-for-this-heartbreaking-reason 01:43

Rescued Dog Always Leaves Half of his Food fo...

3 weeks ago     29,916 Views    
this-cat-dad-builds-epic-tree-house-to-keep-his-indoor-cats-safe 02:01

This Cat Dad Builds Epic Tree House To Keep H...

3 weeks ago     29,563 Views    
overweight-cat-returned-to-shelter-four-times-finally-finds-forever-home 02:14

Overweight Cat Returned to Shelter Four Times...

4 weeks ago     32,678 Views    
after-losing-his-best-friends-this-dog-decided-to-bring-home-a-stray-kitten 02:21

After Losing His Best Friends, This Dog Decid...

1 month ago     63,118 Views    
a-man-falls-asleep-outside-wakes-up-with-a-stray-kitten-on-his-lap 01:30

A Man Falls Asleep Outside, Wakes Up With A S...

1 month ago     91,478 Views    
kitten-found-stuck-in-snow-clings-to-rescuer-s-shoulder-and-won-t-let-go 01:53

Kitten Found Stuck In Snow, Clings to Rescuer...

1 month ago     72,101 Views    
a-kitten-refuses-to-eat-when-rescued-until-she-met-her-new-best-friend 01:56

A Kitten Refuses to Eat When Rescued, Until S...

1 month ago     58,494 Views    
cat-owner-sees-her-cat-comes-home-with-a-secret-note-attached-to-his-collar 02:12

Cat Owner Sees Her Cat Comes Home With A Secr...

1 month ago     36,415 Views    
giant-wolfdog-abandoned-at-kill-shelter-gets-second-chance-in-life 02:59

Giant Wolfdog Abandoned At 'Kill Shelter' Get...

1 month ago     50,917 Views    
a-cat-comforting-anxious-dog-every-day-while-their-owners-are-at-work 01:52

A Cat Comforting Anxious Dog Every Day While ...

1 month ago     32,312 Views    
woman-s-yard-is-littered-with-stolen-paper-and-finally-she-knew-who-was-behind-it 01:31

Woman's Yard Is Littered With Stolen Paper an...

1 month ago     32,347 Views    
homeless-cat-found-during-house-inspection-gets-adopted-doesn-t-look-impressed 01:29

Homeless Cat Found During House Inspection Ge...

1 month ago     29,397 Views    


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