Origins Explained

craziest-spiders-with-amazing-superpowers 11:08

Craziest Spiders With AMAZING Superpowers!

1 week ago     12,759 Views    
craziest-times-nature-ended-human-conflict 12:07

CRAZIEST Times Nature Ended Human Conflict!

1 week ago     15,719 Views    
strangest-animals-in-the-world 11:18

STRANGEST Animals In The World!

1 week ago     25,793 Views    
deadliest-monsters-from-mythology 10:31

DEADLIEST Monsters From Mythology!

2 weeks ago     32,573 Views    
scariest-creatures-that-bugged-the-dinosaurs 10:27

SCARIEST Creatures That Bugged The Dinosaurs!

2 weeks ago     34,085 Views    
most-unbelievable-dinosaur-fossil-discoveries 10:39

Most UNBELIEVABLE Dinosaur Fossil Discoveries!

4 weeks ago     27,684 Views    
craziest-recent-discoveries-made-in-nature 10:37

CRAZIEST Recent Discoveries Made In Nature!

1 month ago     30,960 Views    
archaeologists-found-the-biggest-rock-carving-ever-made 11:06

Archaeologists Found The BIGGEST Rock Carving...

1 month ago     21,693 Views    
craziest-facts-about-the-megalodon-shark 11:03


1 month ago     14,444 Views    
most-mysterious-creatures-spotted-on-google-earth 10:13

Most MYSTERIOUS Creatures Spotted On Google E...

1 month ago     57,843 Views    
biggest-sharks-in-the-world 11:29

BIGGEST Sharks In The World!

1 month ago     39,734 Views    
most-amazing-recent-discoveries-about-sharks 12:35

Most AMAZING Recent Discoveries About Sharks!

1 month ago     38,388 Views    
most-insane-gadgets-that-will-give-you-superpowers 10:02

Most INSANE Gadgets That Will Give You SUPERP...

1 month ago     9,728 Views    
giant-extinct-versions-of-modern-day-creatures 10:12

GIANT Extinct Versions Of Modern-Day Creatures!

2 months ago     24,445 Views    
dinosaur-mysteries-science-still-has-no-answer-for 11:11

Dinosaur MYSTERIES Science Still Has No Answe...

2 months ago     28,509 Views    
most-efficient-predators-in-the-world 10:57

Most EFFICIENT Predators In The World!

2 months ago     18,573 Views    
most-amazing-snakes-in-the-world 10:38

Most AMAZING Snakes In The World!

2 months ago     29,853 Views    
most-mysterious-treasures-found-in-the-ocean 11:55

Most MYSTERIOUS Treasures Found In The Ocean!

3 months ago     24,210 Views    
wild-animals-that-saved-human-lives 10:02

Wild Animals That SAVED Human Lives!

3 months ago     28,765 Views    
most-mysterious-animals-found-living-inside-volcanoes 10:52

Most MYSTERIOUS Animals Found Living INSIDE V...

3 months ago     25,175 Views    


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