PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals)

k-cruelty-peta-investigation-inside-korea-s-largest-horse-slaughterhouse 03:56

K-Cruelty: PETA Investigation Inside Korea’s ...

4 months ago     5,208 Views    
camels-and-horses-forced-to-haul-tourists-in-egypt-with-no-relief 02:04

Camels and Horses Forced to Haul Tourists in ...

5 months ago     12,943 Views    
dogs-endure-pain-isolation-and-neglect-at-iditarod-kennels 05:02

Dogs Endure Pain, Isolation, and Neglect at I...

5 months ago     35,205 Views    
horse-fatality-at-santa-anita-arms-runner-march-31-2019 00:27

Horse fatality at Santa Anita - Arms Runner M...

5 months ago     3,407 Views    
draw-my-life-canada-goose-edition-featuring-sarah-jeffery 06:01

Draw My Life: Canada Goose Edition, Featuring...

5 months ago     40,408 Views    
peta-supporters-stand-up-for-shelter-dogs-outside-westminster-dog-show 01:01

PETA Supporters Stand Up for Shelter Dogs Out...

7 months ago     1,713 Views    
casey-affleck-to-texas-a-stop-cruel-dog-experiments 01:09

Casey Affleck to Texas A: Stop Cruel Dog Expe...

7 months ago     464 Views    
how-animals-killed-for-clothing-are-like-you-only-different 04:22

How Animals Killed for Clothing Are Like You,...

8 months ago     712 Views    
2018-gave-a-new-start-to-these-rescued-animals 01:39

2018 Gave a New Start to These Rescued Animals

8 months ago     2,306 Views    
goats-found-neglected-abused-in-heifer-international-s-service-area 01:18

Goats Found Neglected, Abused in Heifer Inter...

9 months ago     6,416 Views    
lobsters-are-dismembered-alive 02:06

Lobsters Are Dismembered Alive

9 months ago     9,323 Views    
panic-terror-and-near-drowning-the-forced-swim-test 01:53

Panic, Terror, and Near Drowning: The Forced ...

9 months ago     9,648 Views    
how-peta-helps-freezing-dogs-survive-the-long-harsh-winter 02:12

How PETA Helps Freezing Dogs Survive the Long...

9 months ago     5,572 Views    
draw-my-life-coyote-edition 04:06

Draw My Life: Coyote Edition

9 months ago     28,029 Views    
mark-rylance-wherever-you-see-bears-performing-they-re-suffering 02:11

Mark Rylance: 'Wherever You See Bears Perform...

9 months ago     1,525 Views    
the-pregnancy-gun-revolt 01:01

The Pregnancy Gun | REVOLT!

11 months ago     13,027 Views    
loretta-s-story-this-is-why-experiments-on-primates-must-end 04:10

Loretta's Story: This Is Why Experiments on P...

1 year ago     21,594 Views    
5-bears-go-from-abusive-show-to-loving-home-peta-animal-rescues 03:30

5 Bears Go From Abusive Show to Loving Home |...

1 year ago     35,667 Views    
another-look-inside-petsmart-inc-a-peta-eyewitness-expos 05:54

Another Look Inside PetSmart, Inc.: A PETA Ey...

1 year ago     476,747 Views    
this-is-animal-abuse-not-entertainment 00:36

This Is Animal Abuse, Not Entertainment

1 year ago     13,780 Views    


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