The Roundtable

steven-universe-future-character-death-confirmed-future-villain-connection 07:19

Steven Universe Future Character DEATH Confir...

11 hours ago     121,899 Views    
white-diamond-s-off-color-crisis-the-other-failed-diamonds-steven-universe-future-theory 10:05

White Diamond's Off Color Crisis! The Other F...

3 days ago     140,066 Views    
how-spinel-poofed-got-the-injector-confirmed-gem-self-poof-explained-steven-universe-the-movie 09:07

How Spinel Poofed & Got the Injector CONFIRME...

6 days ago     57,120 Views    
the-creator-of-the-diamonds-sneeple-steven-universe-future-final-villain-theory 13:54

The Creator of the Diamonds! SNEEPLE? Steven ...

1 week ago     49,568 Views    
steven-gets-corrupted-how-and-why-steven-universe-future-final-villain-theory 16:51

Steven Gets CORRUPTED?! How and Why! Steven U...

1 week ago     71,341 Views    
malachite-2-0-homeworld-azurite-fusion-theory-steven-universe-future 10:50

MALACHITE 2.0? Homeworld Azurite Fusion Theor...

1 week ago     146,581 Views    
lapis-lazuli-s-homeworld-rivals-jasper-s-true-origins-revealed-steven-universe-future-theory 08:34

Lapis Lazuli's Homeworld Rivals! Jasper's Tru...

1 week ago     49,180 Views    
if-the-other-diamonds-could-bring-people-back-to-life-steven-universe-future-theory 10:21

If The Other Diamonds Could Bring People Back...

1 week ago     133,682 Views    
steven-universe-future-confirmed-plotlines-pink-pearl-bubbled-rose-quartzes-explained 08:21

Steven Universe Future CONFIRMED Plotlines! (...

1 week ago     161,186 Views    
steven-universe-future-new-villains-breakdown-aquamarine-and-ruby-fusion-theory 21:06

Steven Universe Future NEW VILLAINS Breakdown...

2 weeks ago     162,047 Views    
steven-universe-future-new-opening-breakdown-spinel-easter-egg-details-you-missed 10:16

Steven Universe: Future NEW OPENING BREAKDOWN...

2 weeks ago     120,440 Views    
steven-universe-future-final-season-explained-everything-you-need-to-know 05:49

Steven Universe: Future FINAL SEASON Explaine...

2 weeks ago     112,664 Views    
steven-universe-season-6-update-spinel-jasper-arc-confirmed-more 06:54

Steven Universe Season 6 Update! Spinel, Jasp...

2 weeks ago     243,146 Views    
steven-universe-timeskip-complete-breakdown-new-designs-changes-explained 11:28

Steven Universe Timeskip COMPLETE Breakdown! ...

3 weeks ago     162,312 Views    
how-did-spinel-poof-reform-steven-universe-the-movie-theory 10:04

How Did Spinel Poof & Reform? (Steven Univers...

3 weeks ago     141,406 Views    
if-pink-diamond-never-abandoned-spinel-crystal-gem-spinel-steven-universe-the-movie-theory 10:23

If Pink Diamond Never Abandoned Spinel! Cryst...

4 weeks ago     136,339 Views    
spinel-s-adventure-time-connection-drift-away-song-breakdown-steven-universe-the-movie 10:48

Spinel's ADVENTURE TIME Connection! Drift Awa...

1 month ago     129,161 Views    
why-pink-pearl-was-replaced-by-spinel-and-pearl-steven-universe-the-movie-theory 11:15

Why Pink Pearl Was Replaced By Spinel and Pea...

1 month ago     155,584 Views    
pink-diamond-is-kind-of-a-bad-person 10:13

Pink Diamond is Kind of a Bad Person

1 month ago     141,994 Views    
steven-universe-season-6-first-look-storyboard-flashbacks-confirmed 07:44

Steven Universe Season 6 First Look Storyboar...

1 month ago     105,846 Views    


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