The Roundtable

5-steven-universe-episodes-we-need-to-see 11:23

5 Steven Universe Episodes We NEED To See!

4 days ago     39,819 Views    
homeworld-white-diamond-s-new-purpose-steven-universe-theory 10:47

Homeworld & White Diamond's NEW Purpose! (Ste...

1 week ago     92,460 Views    
topaz-aquamarine-the-harmony-core-steven-universe 13:51

Topaz, Aquamarine & The Harmony Core (Steven ...

2 weeks ago     80,713 Views    
steven-universe-season-6-update-timeskip-deconfirmed 04:49

Steven Universe Season 6 UPDATE! Timeskip Dec...

2 weeks ago     84,482 Views    
top-10-wtf-avatar-the-last-airbender-moments 18:23

Top 10 WTF Avatar: The Last Airbender Moments

2 weeks ago     158,192 Views    
lars-off-colors-future-revealed-steven-universe-comic-explained 09:10

Lars & Off-Colors' Future REVEALED? (Steven U...

2 weeks ago     45,391 Views    
pink-pearl-s-new-role-on-homeworld-steven-universe 06:08

Pink Pearl's New Role On Homeworld! (Steven U...

3 weeks ago     75,370 Views    
lapidot-fusion-arc-potential-explained-steven-universe 12:09

Lapidot Fusion & Arc Potential EXPLAINED! (St...

3 weeks ago     38,005 Views    
jasper-s-new-form-full-design-breakdown-steven-universe 05:45

Jasper's New Form FULL DESIGN BREAKDOWN! (Ste...

1 month ago     75,268 Views    
lars-powers-confirmed-and-explained-steven-universe 08:01

Lars' Powers CONFIRMED And Explained! (Steven...

1 month ago     158,153 Views    
20-facts-about-steven-universe-change-your-mind-only-fans-know 14:21

20 Facts About Steven Universe: Change Your M...

1 month ago     128,912 Views    
steven-s-organic-fusions-explained-lars-fusion-steven-universe-theory 08:06

Steven's Organic Fusions EXPLAINED! (Lars Fus...

1 month ago     84,169 Views    
diamond-gem-color-theory-confirmed-steven-universe 04:33

Diamond/Gem Color Theory CONFIRMED! (Steven U...

1 month ago     92,677 Views    
super-bowl-baits-destroys-spongebob-fans-for-half-time-show-sweet-victory 05:41

Super Bowl Baits & Destroys SpongeBob Fans Fo...

1 month ago     42,834 Views    
steven-universe-new-villains-potential-explained 08:59

Steven Universe NEW VILLAINS Potential Explai...

1 month ago     124,815 Views    
pink-steven-form-breakdown-the-ultimate-diamond-steven-universe-change-your-mind 07:46

Pink Steven Form BREAKDOWN! The ULTIMATE Diam...

1 month ago     89,883 Views    
all-new-steven-fusions-breakdown-rainbow-quartz-2-0-sunstone-obsidian-change-your-mind 10:18


1 month ago     103,892 Views    
20-unresolved-steven-universe-questions-lion-s-chest-barn-gem 10:34


1 month ago     134,731 Views    
all-crystal-gem-new-forms-breakdown-steven-universe-change-your-mind 09:31

ALL Crystal Gem NEW FORMS BREAKDOWN! Steven U...

1 month ago     374,662 Views    
steven-universe-timeskip-what-s-next-for-the-series 06:05

Steven Universe TIMESKIP! What's Next For The...

1 month ago     179,807 Views    


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