The Roundtable

steven-universe-timeskip-explained-2-years-later-steven-universe-the-movie 06:45

Steven Universe Timeskip Explained! 2 YEARS L...

1 week ago     65,208 Views    
steven-s-new-diamond-base-breakdown-the-future-of-pink-diamond-steven-universe-the-movie 05:06

Steven's New Diamond Base Breakdown! The Futu...

1 week ago     165,188 Views    
the-new-pink-diamond-steven-s-ultimate-enemy-steven-universe-the-movie-theory 06:41

The New Pink Diamond! Steven's Ultimate Enemy...

1 week ago     172,477 Views    
steven-universe-movie-timeskip-confirmed-villain-reveal-red-diamond-sdcc-poster-breakdown 08:03

Steven Universe Movie: TIMESKIP CONFIRMED & V...

1 week ago     193,511 Views    
all-powers-of-the-diamonds-complete-breakdown-steven-universe 19:33

All Powers of the Diamonds COMPLETE Breakdown...

2 weeks ago     54,471 Views    
steven-universe-rewritten 23:51

Steven Universe: Rewritten

3 weeks ago     52,176 Views    
new-stevonnie-short-breakdown-steven-universe 14:05

New Stevonnie Short Breakdown! (Steven Universe)

3 weeks ago     61,162 Views    
steven-universe-season-6-update-new-episodes-peridot-steven-scene 06:47

Steven Universe Season 6 Update! New Episodes...

1 month ago     71,575 Views    
star-vs-the-forces-of-evil-new-season-tv-movie-why-it-could-happen-petition 06:09

Star vs the Forces of Evil NEW Season/TV Movi...

1 month ago     42,495 Views    
why-steven-universe-will-end-at-season-6 10:27

Why Steven Universe Will End At Season 6

1 month ago     49,750 Views    
pink-pearl-missing-eye-breakdown-white-diamond-or-pink-diamond-steven-universe-theory 07:41

Pink Pearl Missing Eye Breakdown! White Diamo...

1 month ago     95,138 Views    
gumball-series-finale-explained-a-bad-ending 06:53

Gumball SERIES FINALE Explained! A Bad Ending?

1 month ago     66,351 Views    
steven-universe-the-movie-alternate-universes-human-gems-evil-gems-theory 05:58

Steven Universe the Movie: ALTERNATE UNIVERSE...

1 month ago     66,576 Views    
20-unanswered-star-vs-the-forces-of-evil-questions-monster-arm-toffee-more 16:00

20 UNANSWERED Star vs the Forces of Evil Ques...

1 month ago     59,873 Views    
how-steven-universe-needs-to-end-final-battle 08:51

How Steven Universe NEEDS To End (Final Battle)

1 month ago     28,799 Views    
steven-universe-season-6-the-main-focus-jasper-redemption-arc 06:23

Steven Universe Season 6: The Main Focus (Jas...

1 month ago     71,277 Views    
everyone-who-died-after-star-destroyed-magic-star-vs-the-forces-of-evil-theory 07:45

Everyone Who Died After Star Destroyed Magic!...

1 month ago     104,411 Views    
rose-quartz-pink-diamond-new-secret-revealed-photograph-theory-steven-universe 06:33

Rose Quartz/Pink Diamond NEW SECRET Revealed?...

2 months ago     108,041 Views    
star-vs-the-forces-of-evil-tv-movie-the-future-of-the-series 07:22

Star vs the Forces of Evil TV MOVIE? The Futu...

2 months ago     72,170 Views    
cleaved-breakdown-star-vs-the-forces-of-evil-series-finale-explained 21:29

Cleaved BREAKDOWN! Star vs the Forces of Evil...

2 months ago     60,067 Views    


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