Jordan Reacts

these-stickers-need-to-stop-a-hole-design-15 14:42

These Stickers Need To Stop (A** Hole Design ...

1 day ago     32,491 Views    
rip-money-mildly-infuriating-15 14:36

RIP Money (Mildly Infuriating #15)

3 days ago     32,845 Views    
minecraft-scaffolding-irl-osha-4 12:52

Minecraft Scaffolding IRL (OSHA #4)

5 days ago     51,789 Views    
what-the-truck-is-this-sh-y-car-mods-15 17:21

What The Truck Is This (Sh***y Car Mods #15)

1 week ago     32,214 Views    
human-skin-book-atbge-14 17:00

Human Skin Book (ATBGE #14)

1 week ago     77,350 Views    
when-your-backyard-implodes-interesting-as-fork-6 18:00

When Your Backyard Implodes (Interesting As F...

2 weeks ago     47,086 Views    
when-you-get-gum-on-your-shoe-perfectly-oddly-satisfying-11 17:49

When You Get Gum On Your Shoe... Perfectly (O...

2 weeks ago     51,970 Views    
drifting-on-a-tow-truck-seems-safe-idiots-in-cars-12 17:18

Drifting On A Tow Truck Seems Safe (Idiots In...

1 month ago     34,990 Views    
the-original-cybertruck-sh-y-car-mods-14 17:59

The Original Cybertruck (Sh***y Car Mods #14)

1 month ago     28,644 Views    
when-lightning-meets-tree-oddly-satisfying-11 18:17

When Lightning Meets Tree (Oddly Satisfying #11)

1 month ago     223,294 Views    
the-police-of-the-future-software-gore-12 15:48

The Police Of The Future (Software Gore #12)

2 months ago     42,784 Views    
can-t-see-anything-wrong-here-idiots-in-cars-11 16:30

Can't See Anything Wrong Here (Idiots In Cars...

2 months ago     40,710 Views    
the-dumbest-thing-i-have-ever-seen-crappy-design-13 17:12

The Dumbest Thing I Have Ever Seen (Crappy De...

2 months ago     50,322 Views    
the-truck-with-a-pool-sh-y-car-mods-13 16:38

The Truck With A Pool (Sh***y Car Mods #13)

2 months ago     31,842 Views    
my-anaconda-don-t-want-none-nonononoyes-8 16:56

My Anaconda Don't Want None (NONONONOYES #8)

2 months ago     68,403 Views    
lightning-in-a-bottle-black-magic-forkery-13 18:23

Lightning In A Bottle (Black Magic Forkery #13)

2 months ago     53,322 Views    
hydraulic-press-vs-molten-metal-is-insane-oddly-satisfying-10 16:44

Hydraulic Press Vs. Molten Metal Is Insane (O...

2 months ago     162,742 Views    
this-is-melting-my-mind-never-tell-me-the-odds-9 17:16

This Is Melting My Mind (Never Tell Me The Od...

2 months ago     63,831 Views    
robot-gymnastics-seriously-interesting-as-fork-4 17:32

Robot Gymnastics. Seriously. (Interesting As ...

3 months ago     75,967 Views    
sorry-no-legs-allowed-reddit-engrish-4 15:58

Sorry, No Legs Allowed (Reddit Engrish #4)

3 months ago     30,326 Views    


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