Jordan Reacts

excuse-me-fork-you-never-tell-me-the-odds-8 17:20

Excuse Me, Fork You (Never Tell Me The Odds #8)

9 hours ago     75,205 Views    
this-house-has-a-portal-mildly-interesting-12 17:27

This House Has A Portal (Mildly Interesting #12)

5 days ago     42,355 Views    
how-to-demonetize-yourself-idiots-in-cars-9 17:28

How To Demonetize Yourself (Idiots In Cars #9)

1 week ago     96,813 Views    
these-new-pokemon-are-wild-software-gore-10 16:55

These New Pokemon Are Wild (Software Gore #10)

1 week ago     39,729 Views    
if-you-do-this-you-are-human-trash-mildly-infuriating-11 17:30

If You Do This You Are Human Trash (Mildly In...

2 weeks ago     55,889 Views    
your-light-switch-is-leaking-osha-2 15:31

Your Light Switch Is Leaking (OSHA #2)

3 weeks ago     72,105 Views    
it-is-everything-we-feared-sh-y-car-mods-11 17:10

It Is Everything We Feared (Sh***y Car Mods #11)

3 weeks ago     13,928 Views    
dude-where-s-my-phone-nonononoyes-6 17:30

Dude Where's My Phone? (NONONONOYES #6)

4 weeks ago     73,786 Views    
photo-taken-moments-before-disaster-never-tell-me-the-odds-7 17:23

Photo Taken Moments Before Disaster (Never Te...

1 month ago     158,336 Views    
my-bathroom-is-on-reddit-mildly-interesting-11 17:16

My Bathroom Is On Reddit (Mildly Interesting ...

1 month ago     132,758 Views    
i-spotted-an-idiot-in-the-wild-idiots-in-cars-8 17:18

I Spotted An Idiot In the Wild! (Idiots In Ca...

1 month ago     102,128 Views    
guess-the-cost-of-this-weight-diwhy-10 17:30

Guess The Cost Of This Weight (DiWHY #10)

1 month ago     103,610 Views    
minecraft-storage-irl-oddly-satisfying-8 17:12

Minecraft Storage IRL (Oddly Satisfying #8)

1 month ago     51,346 Views    
something-seems-wrong-here-crappy-off-brands-7 16:44

Something Seems Wrong Here (Crappy Off Brands...

1 month ago     69,093 Views    
how-to-make-airplanes-even-worse-a-hole-design-10 16:48

How To Make Airplanes Even Worse (A** Hole De...

1 month ago     58,178 Views    
get-out-of-the-way-lady-mildly-infuriating-10 16:20

Get Out Of The Way, Lady (Mildly Infuriating ...

1 month ago     98,492 Views    
step-back-from-that-ledge-my-friend-sweaty-palms-9 17:25

Step Back From That Ledge, My Friend (Sweaty...

1 month ago     77,051 Views    
these-balls-are-the-same-color-black-magic-forkery-10 17:02

These Balls Are The Same Color (Black Magic F...

2 months ago     82,572 Views    
elephant-vs-car-nonononoyes-5 16:12

Elephant Vs. Car (NONONONOYES #5)

2 months ago     73,664 Views    
epic-gamer-moment-never-tell-me-the-odds-6 15:55

Epic Gamer Moment (Never Tell Me The Odds #6)

2 months ago     50,648 Views    


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